OFFICIAL GameCube MKD Thread

It had been a while since i had played mortal kombat, (last inception i played was MK4), and i hadn't planned on getting 'deception' until a buddy at work gave it to me. Now my MK hunger is ravenous. And i agree with everyone else. I like the gamecube!
The game is great. I played on PS2 once and I loved it. But I love my GC, and I really don't care that much about online playing anyway... I'm really happy with the GC version of the game. In other words, I'm glad they did a good version of the game for my console.
I have it, fun game. They also fixed some problems that were in the PS2 and Xbox versions plus hehe Nintendo got Goro and Kahn : )

My only wish was that it was online : (
I'm having A LOT of trouble with the fatalities on MD for the the cube. If the move is something like forward,forward,down and A does that mean I press down and A at the same time or down and then A. Also, is there an easy way that I can tell if I'm standing in the right place?

Tap the last direction, then tap the button. It might work if you press 'em at the same time, I can't remember, but generally there should be a delay in between.

As for distances, using TRMK's own guide as a reference, they should translate to something like this:

Close - right next to your opponent
Sweep - roughly the distance between the two fighters when the match first starts
Far away - a full screen between you and your opponent (about twice what sweep range is, I think)

Remember to switch into Fatality stance too. That helps a lot.
I'm sorry, but I'm still having a lot of trouble getting fatalities to work, even the "close" ones that should be easy. I've played every MK from 1-Armageddon and have never had such a hard time. Is this normal for Deception, or do I just suck? When imputing the moves, do you guys use the stick or the smaller cross thing under it? I can get Kobra's heart rip to work sometimes, but really that is about it. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. For the most part the special moves work great, but I just can't get a fatality to work at all. Please help if you can.

It should be easier to use the D-pad than the analog stick, especially for inputting fatalities. Honestly, I've only played the Xbox version, but I can't say I ever had any problems with this in Deception. It's possible that you're just inputting the moves too slow, or even too fast. Try a different pace.
I don't know, but I've tried and tried to get them to work. I pull one off now and then, but can't really make it happen. Oh well, still a good game and def worth the $9. Still, MK without fatalities doesn't seem right.