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NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mel. i loved you! WHY??!!

if you watched GOT yesterday, you'll know what im talking about lol.
I'd like to watch game of thrones, but I got turned off from it because I'm not trying to watch a medieval porno (for a lack of better words). So if anyone would be so kind, could you tell me which season do they stop having those graphic sex scenes and possibly give me a summary of everything from the seasons before that season?
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you want me to spoil the seasons for you???

Yes. I look at spoilers before I watch anything anyway. Lol. The only thing I know is that A lot of Starks got killed, a kid got push off of the castle building, and that in last season's finale Jon Snow...yeah.
well a whole lot has happened and alot of people have died. not just Starks.

in season 1 the hand of the king Jon Arryn is murdered and Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark try to find proof that he was murdered. The 5 Stark boys and Jon Snow all find direwolves so they keep them as their pets. Jamie Lannister pushes Bran Stark out a window and Bran survives but is now a cripple. Ned finds out that Jamie fathered Joffery and not Robert, therefore making Stannis the rightful king by blood after Robert died of his wounds from a boar while hunting. Ned is arrested and then says Joffery is the rightful king and is executed anyway and Aria leaves Kings Landing. Kal Drogo is wounded and Daenarys mercy kills him to end his suffering and then she puts her dragon eggs in a fire....and a witch lady and Kal Drogo's body too. She walks in the fire and after the fire is gone Daenarys is still there unharmed and the 3 dragons are hatched and alive.

in season 2 Stannis' men came to Kings Landing but Tywin's men showed up and Stannis was defeated and he left. also there was a pat where all these ships in the water blew up killing lots of Stannis' men including Davos' son. not much happened in the finale. Theon takes over Winterfell and kills these random people and says its Bran and Rickon but they escape with Osha and Hodor. Daenarys goes to Qarth and her dragons are stolen but she gets them back and imprisons the 2 responsible to their deaths and takes their gold and gets a ship at the end. Also at the end there was white walkers and Sam hid behind a rock and the white walkers just past him.

in season 3 Jon snow is brought to the wildlings' home and meets Mance Rayder. The hound sorta captures Arya when she escapes from those guys that captured her. Theon is tortured by Ramsay. Robb Stark and his men have to cross a place that only the Freys would let them. without spoiling too much, there was a wedding and Walder Frey and his men killed all of Robb's men at the wedding and killed Robb's wife. Roose Bolton betrayed and killed Robb then one of Frey's men killed Catelyn Stark. Melisandre also captures Gendry but Davos helps him escape and Gendry hasnt been on the show since then. and at the end Jon retuns to the nights watch.

in season 4 the first few episodes not alot happens. but then Joffery marries Margaey Tyrell and at the wedding Joffery is poisoned and dies. Cersie tells the guards to arrest Tyrion. Sansa leaves kings Landing in a hurry and meets up with Littlefinger on a boat. Tyrion is trialed for the murder of Joffery even when he didnt do it. Tyrion demands a trial by combat. Oberyn fights for Tyrion and the mountain fights for Cersie. Mountain kills Oberyn by crushing his face. Tywin sentances Tyrin to death, but before he can execute Tyrion, Jamie frees Tyrion and Tyrion finds Shae is sleeping with Tywin and Tyrion chokes her to death then Tyrion kills Tywin by shooting him with 2 crossbow bolts then Varys put Tyrion on a ship so he can escape and go to Deanarys. there was also a big battle at Castle Black. the wildlings attacked. lots of the nights watch people and wildlings died. Olly shot Ygritte and killed her. Olly was mad at the wildlings for killing his family. Jorah is banished by Daenarys for betraying her. Brienne finds Aria and the hound and the hound fought Brienne and Brienne hit the hound off a cliff and he was left to die. Arya leaves to go to Bravos to become a facless man.

in season 5 the Harpies kill Berristan and injure Grey Worm. the harpies kill lots of the unsullied men. Jorah captures Tyrion and intends to bring him to Daenarys in Mareen. He ends up fighting in the fighting pits for Daenarys and gives her Tyrion and gets banished again. Stannis plans to attack the Boltons at Winterfell. Cersie, King Tommen, and Queen Margaery are all jailed for ther "sins" by the high sparrow. Cersie is freed for confessing and has to do a walk of shame. when she returns to the castle the mountain is awake again. Ramsay Bolton destroys Stannis' seige weapons and food/supplies without being seen. ok you ready for this... Stannis orders his own daughters execution and they burn Shireen alive. his wife hangs herself the next day. Stannis still marches to Winterfell and his army is defeated and Brienne shows up and kills him. Theon and Sansa escape the Boltons. and at the last part Jon Snow is betrayed and killed by Thorne and other nights watch members including Olly who stabs him last.

i havent watched seasons 1,2, and 3 in a while. im forgetting some stuff from those.
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Melisandre like to burn people with fire and bring people back to life. i have come to a conclusion. Melisandre is an arch vile.