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Three Weeks ago, I dropped another fanfiction. This time, it's a Mass Effect fanfic known as "Mass Effect: Starlight Darkness." It is currently three chapters in and will span across 20 chapters.

Synopsis: 13 Years after the war against the Reapers, Lisa Shepard (Unrelated to John Shepard) joins a new inter-planetary Force known as the STAR Alliance (Special Team of Allied Races) who are tasked with defending the Galaxy from crimes that may threaten the safety of the All Civilizations. However, something dark may be coming to the Galaxy.

Mass Effect: Starlight Darkness
Nobody has attempted a serious story involving Shao Kahn turning good before.At least not that I know of.

How many chapters are you planning to make it?

I have, actually. Please read the entire story on my forum, here:

I know it's long, but I promise you'll like it. Then we can exchange ideas. Shao Kahn is different in my vision from the Shao Kahn in MK9 (I've always seen him as more intelligent than anyone else, like portrayed in MK Conquest)
Haven't posted in this section for a while. I completed one story and I'm current working on two other stories.

Mythologies: Mortal Kombat - Three Realms. Three Stories. One Goal. Follow the major historical events that led up to the feud between Earthrealm and Outworld in this 10-Part Story. These stories surround the Rise of Outworld, The Fall of Edenia, and the Catastrophe that drove Earthrealm's warriors to participate the Tenth Tournament. (Completed)

Heroes After: The Legend of Zelda - Before falling to Ganondorf's blade, Link is sent back to the past by Zelda at the cost of his own voice. Six years have passed, and Hyrule is now under the threat of Ganon's wrath once more. It is up to Link and Linkle to fulfill the new prophesy and rid Hyrule of Ganon's powerful Shadow Army once and for all.

Reklaim: Mortal Kombat - After 15 years under Mileena's rule, many of her detractors decide to overthrow her. However, they weren't prepared for her to team up with her sister, Kitana. This is a direct sequel to Redemption Mortal Kombat.
'Ello writers. Any suggestions for reading? :D

Yeah, mine. Th eone above. I'm actually very excited that a lot of stuff from what I wrote 2-3 years ago, without having any relation to the writers or the game, was in the actual game. If you watch it, you'll understand. It's crazy. It's like I knew about Fire God Liu Kang or about the River Styx to be crossed to get into Kronika's Castle, somewhere beyond the Netehrrealm.....
Still working on my story Reklaim: MK and it was suppose to be finished back in 2018 but life and writer's block happened. Sucks that MK11 came before I finished it cause now I want to rewrite the new chapters so it won't seem like my story is copying it. Literally before it was Reklaim, it had damn near the exact same story (time bending/alternate universe mixing) and deaths except the twist, Khronica, and the fire-god Lui Kang. I feel the same as matteo, especially when MKX came out. I will forever say, I would not be surprise if some of the ideas of the studio actually come from them skimming through these forums.