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Re: What fatalitys do you hope make DLC & who all do you want to have new DLC fatalit

i want Reptiles animality from umk3 i know it dosent make sense that he turn into a monkey it was just always funny as hell in the arcade like wtf why not a lizard and why wasnt scorpion a scorpion
I hope they release UMK9 or MK10 next year.

just add for everyone
ADD X-Ray (Chose like SSFIV)
ADD Hari Kari
ADD Classic or NEW Fatality for everyone(Excluding Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Reptile)
ADD Vignette plays when you pick your fighter in Ladder Mode
ADD Costume (Make everyone have at least 4)
ADD Tanya, Reiko, Fujin, Havik, Bo Rai Cho, Sareena, Blaze, Taven, Deagon, Meat & 2 NEW
ADD Chapters to story mode that tell the story of Shinnok
ADD 300 Challenges to the Challenge Tower
ADD Endurance Mode, Chose your destiny( pick a game ladder MKI,MKII,MK3 or good/evil)
ADD Motor Kombat, Chess Kombat or Puzzle Kombat
ADD Knock threw Arenas
ADD Classic Arena’s Portal, Kombat Tomb, Neathership, Slaughter House, Prision, Ying Yang, ect.
ADD Stage Fatalities to the Bell Tower, Rooftop, Armory, Goro’s Lair, Shao Kahn’s Throne Room ect.
ADD more Secret Fights Blaze (In Hell) Montaro (can’t do X-Ray or Fatality verse him)
ADD on to the Krypt include all Vignette’s Alt Costumes and DLC Bonus Ninja Mime Video
IMPORT/EXPORT all Characters (Including DLC) Arenas and Modes from MK 9

Price $39

Would you buy it?
Have Bo Rai Cho as DLC.
For his x-ray move he could sweep the opponent face first to the ground with his wooden staff/stick and sumo stomps on the opponents head breaking there skull then he belly flops on there back breaking it and damaging there spine.
for his first fatality he could take a drink from his flask and then vomit the alcoholic contents in the victims mouth and they start to choke on the puke as it gets stuck in there throat then he grabs them by the wrist and swings them back and forth before clotheslining them in the neck with his arm causing there throat to explode sending bloody vomit everywhere this fatality is similar to the way Jimi Hendrix killed Lenny Kravitz in an episode of MTV's celebrity deathmatch.
2nd fatality he pulls his pants and underwear down and pulls the opponent to there knees and shoves there head up his ass and flexes his butt muscles crushing there head in the process.
3rd fatality dlc the same fatality he used in deadly alliance.
Special Moves:
Teleport Drop: Stolen from Mileena, she does a teleport Kick, Minus the kick, she does a punch instead. Enhanced: Does it 2 times!
Uplift: Stolen From Kitana, she does the fan lift, minus the fan's in stead she throws a blue ball at you which makes you stay in the air. Enhanced: you stay in the air for longer!
Up head Smash: Stolen from Jade, She does the Overhead staff, minus the staff, instead she use's her tail. Enhanced; She does it 3 time's.
Glowing Flames: Stolen from Sheeva, she throws a blue fireball at you. Enhanced: She through 3!
Flight: Stolen from Sindel, she hovers in the air, Enhanced: She hovers for longer.
Broken Arm: Stolen From Sonya, she does the leg grab, but with her arm. Enhanced: NONE!
Bloody Acid: Stolen from Skarlet, she stab's her self, taking Acid from her body and throws it at the opponent!. Enhanced: She can hold the Ball!

She wackes the victim in the face with her tail, breaking there skull, then kicks them in the gut, breaking there rib!

1. she wraps them with her tail, then squishes them breaking there bone's, then she spits Acid at them leaving behind a few bone's.
2. She claw's there eye's out, then show's her foot in there mouth and it come's out the other side.

Babality: She becomes a baby and camouflage's away, then appears on screen hissing!
Your mom:

I have no fatality ideas but one friendship idea.

Friendship: She makes me a sandwich.

Two fatalities that EVERY mom can do.

1: She screams "Get your ass out of the bed and CLEAN YOUR ROOM !!!!!!" Head explodes

2: The EVIL eye (every women can do that), you feel really sick, have a lump in your throat, like your soul is being robbed.

If he ever comes out as dlc or gets released in the next game he should have his own moves instead of copied moves from other characters.
Fatality Ideas for future games

I got some good ideas for fatalities in future games.
Baraka 1st fatality he takes his blades and cuts all of the opponents limbs off as in both arms and legs and as they are standing on here leg stubs he detracts his blades and walks up to the victim causing them to beg for mercy by saying no no no and then he slowly chews there head off into pieces with his sharp teeth/fangs and swallows the pieces of there mutilated head with one gulp I call this fatality limbless head muncher.
2nd fatality he brings out his blades and kicks e opponent hi up into the air then he starts spinning with his blades and the foe falls down upside down and gets cut to pieces one they reach the rotating blades I call this fatality spinning blade shredder.
Stryker 1s fatality heralds out his nightstick or baton and whacks the opponent in the groin even if there a female causing them to fall to there knees in pain and then he sticks his gun nozzle in there mouth causing them to gag and let out muffled shouts of mercy for a few moments before he fires blowing there brains out the back of there head killing them instantly I call this fatality crotch bash and mouth shot.
2nd fatality he slips behind the opponent and handcuffs then he forces them to there knees and grabs there head and bashes there face against the ground repeatedly until there head explodes killing them instantly.
3rd fatality he straps a bunch of explosives to the opponent but instead of plugging his ears he jumps back and takes out a detonator from his pocket and presses a button to blow the opponent t pieces also if the combination for the fatality if entered when further away from the loser then Stryker will do his old tazer shock Fatality instead.
Barakas 3rd fatality blade impale/lift.
Kabal 1st fatality he takes out his hookswords and impales the opponents chest at the nipples and rips both of there nipples open and then takes off his respirator and shoves it in one of the chest holes causing there chest to inflate and expand to huge and unnatural sizes and proportions before exploding sending blood and internal organs and rib bones flying out everywhere this fatality is even better when performed on a female opponent and just as funny on a male opponent I call this fatality chest expansion or fatal breast enlargement surgery he then puts his respirator back on.
2nd fatality he knocks the opponent down by blasting them with his eye spark projectile then h
While there still lying on the ground he unleashes a ground saw which slides acrss the ground and goes through the downed opponent straight through their crotch and slides out the top of threes head vertically cutting them in half killng thtem instantly similar to Kung Lao"s second fatali except he doesn't pull the opponent into the blade it goes through them on it's own I call is fatality ground saw cutter.
I also forgot to name kurtis Stryker's 2nd fatality I call it Handcuffed or Restrained head smash.
Kitana 1st fatality she lifts the victim into the air except they go higher and begin to scream. Then she performs her fan throw which then stabs/impales the foes back then she lifts them even higher with her one fan and uses it to float herself up then kisses the airborne opponent & then the remains fall to the ground I call this fatality Blue Hawk.
2nd fatality she once again lifts her enemy in the sky with her fans and then suddenly she starts moving her fans really fast and it causes the waves to become razor sharp and they start cutting and slicing at the opponent and before they even reach the ground he/she is reduced to shreds I call this fatality fan wave shredder.
3rd fatality at close range she will do her kiss of death by itself and far or jump range she will do her double fan toss from mk vs dc universe except there is more blood.
Jax 1st fatality he shoots the victim in there legs with his rifle or machine gun causing thhem to fall to the ground. while on there shot & bleeding legs Jax knees the victims face breaking it then he rips there arms off and claps the victim's head with them as the blood gushes on Jax I call this fatality blood soldier.
2nd fatality Jax grabs the victim by the throat with 1 hand and lifts them up then he says gotcha while punching them several times in the face with theist of his other hand at least 6 times until there head flies off there shoulders I call this fatality gotcha grab decapitation.
3rd fatality at close range he does his blade chop from mk 3 at jump range he does his giant stomp.
Kung Lao 1st fatality heralds off his hat and begins slashing the victims chest about 4 times. They are now on there knees trying to stop the bleeding. He then cuts there legs off while there on there knees and they attempt to crawl away bleeding and legless. Kung Lao then throws his hat on the ground and it spins like his Razor Edge Fatality. Kung Lao then grabs the victim by there back or head & slowly puts their face to his hat cutting there face off. Kung Lao then finishes the victim off by cutting there neck/throat & pushes them down while there gasping and then they die I call this finisher Hat Kombo.
2nd fatality he throws his hat across the ground and it cuts the losers feet off at the ankles causing them to fall to there knees he then either crushes there head to pieces with his diving bullet kick or approaches them and knocks it off with a stomp I call this fatality foot slicer and head stomp.
3rd fatality at jump range he will perform his Tornado Spin fatality only differene is that the opponent trys but fails to resist the force of the pull and at full screen range he will perform his Triple hat slice fatality this time the opponent is still staggering after there head is cut off but stops moving after there torso is cut off.
Shang Tsung 1st fatality he forms a tornado with his sorcery powers & throws it at the victim. The victim is now stuck in the tornado & flying around in the sky. He slamss the victim on the ground and they are free from the tornado but is on the ground trying to think about what just went on while they are on the floor. Shang then forms a bigger tornado & crashes it on the victim and it drills through the victim cutting them in two. The upper half of the victim tries to crawl away but dies I call this fatality Tornado From Hell.
2nd fatality he uses his magic to cause the opponent to begin to age rapidly and eventually all of there flesh falls off exposing there bloody skeleton which collapses so hard It turns into dust I call this fatality Aging Skinner or Aging Massacre.
3rd fatality soul stealer at close range at sweep range he does unholy bed of spikes at jump range he does levitating soul stealer.
Bosses are included.
Kintaro 1st fatality he fires a fireball causing the victim to burn. He then uses his teleport stomp and jumps on the victim crushing there ribcage. The victim is now screaming while burning. Kintaro grabs a rib from the broken ribcage sticking out of the victims chest. He then stabs them in the throat with it. while the victim is gasping for air Kintaro blows them up with another fireball and catches the burned skull I call this fatality Tiger Murder.
2nd fatality he stomps on the victim repeatedly with teleport jump until they are smashed to pieces or explode I call this teleport stomp massacre.