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So tremor for me has been someone i have wanted to see as of late, i think if we are going to get a new character for DLC, MK should definitely put Tremor in, i mean id take tremor over strkyer any day,
What are your thoughts about Tremor being DLC for the new MK9? IF WE GET ENOUGH Posts about people wanting tremor, ill tweet MK the url to this thread so they can see what the fans want!
Let me know
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Re: Tremor for dlc

Yes! Hell yes! I would LOVE to see Tremor in the new MK!!!! He's such a bad ass.
Re: Tremor for dlc

Agreed! Give him a new background and make him have earth moves, that would be sick i think
Re: Tremor for dlc

Yes yes yes, a thousand times mutha****in yes, plus 6 more yeses and an alright!
Maybe if we can get whole lot of yeses we can send this thread to Boon and Co. and get them to think about adding him as late dlc!
Re: Tremor for dlc

TREMOR!!! haha, he should be the only new character in this game... Considering hes not even new, new to the main series i mean!!!
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A+++++. I can see a tremor specific stage fatality on roof tops where he hits the roof, shakes the ground and causes the Empire state building spire to stab through his opponent.
Re: Tremor for dlc

Tremor Wins!


* Thanks to GrandMaster TRS!

You know what bothers me about this video? Using MK3 character models, MK backgrounds and calling it a MKII Fatality.....

I would actually be fine with tremor being a hidden character to fight and not be playable this game.
Re: Tremor for dlc

Sweeet a brown ninja with absolutely no story. Make it happen NRS

You're right.
That's because he is the most popular fan made character that has been around for several years on the MUGEN project for Mortal Kombat.

Besides, they could always just slap a backstory on him like they've done with countless other characters.

Hydro is another fav...

Re: Tremor for dlc

You. . .you son of a *****! Why'd you have to bring that up :cry:

You started it :dontknow:

Besides, Jin Haotome was the most robbed character in MvC3 anyways and hopefully he is released as DLC like Rain and Tremor can stay extinct.