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Did a search and didn't see a thread for this, so i decide to make one. discuss any and all things college football you want to.

me pesonally i want to see Notre Dame have huge year. it's Brian Kelly's third year as head coach and this should be the year everything comes together. GO IRISH!!!!!


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I see SEC favoritism is once again in full force

As evidenced by the fact that Nick Satan and his Alabama team, or whoever they are, leapfrogged USC for the #1 AP spot after a single week, despite the fact that neither team lost!

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was discovered that the SEC is buying AP votes! The fact that these championships are decided by the AP and not by merit is all the proof you need that this whole B(C)S AP poll bullshit is nothing more than a glorified fraud! Until the NCAA starts placing win-loss records and Conference Championships above all other factors, I will NEVER recognize any of its football "champions"! Even with a 4-team playoff system coming, I'm willing to bet a selection committee will find any number of excuses to put 4 SEC teams in the playoffs!
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It doesn't matter if neither team lost. USC beat a scrubby team and Alabama destroyed #8 Michigan. Those victories do not hold equal value in the current system.

And lol at "favoritism." SEC teams are easily the best in the nation. They actually play defense.

That said, I'm all for a reform of the system.

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That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life; the SEC doesn't need to buy anything. The SEC is above and beyond every single conference within NCAA College Football. The SEC is even above some NFL franchises; that's a testament to the greatness of the SEC's product.

As much as it pains me to say (as I'm an LSU fan), Alabama more than deserves its #1 ranking. Everyone was on the hype train for Notre Dame... and Alabama beat the brakes off Notre Dame for 4 quarters.

But, it's getting closer to College Football season. I wish LSU was as committed to its offense as it is to its defense. Can't wait for the launch of the SEC Network next summer.


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Sad to see this thread hasn't gotten so many replies, as I find this to be more entertaining than the NFL. I am a Notre Dame fan, but I'm still getting into college football since I was introduced to it three years ago. So forgive me if I don't know quite as much as most avid fans are here.

But I am ready for the season to kick off soon, and hopefully go to a game or two. Not really when they're playing against Michigan... their fans are so flipping rude it's not even funny.

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I can't believe I'm saying this as a Longhorns fan, but...



Now for Florida State to finish the job and knock the evil SEC off it's high horse.

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