Noob Saibot 2.0 - Fear itself

I hate the fact that Noob has to be played primarily as a Zoner. I love him so much as a character, but I feel cheap when I use him to win(still cannot believe they made his shadows overheads). I hate playing that lame style (except for Baraka for some reason). I like playing fighting games, not 3rd person shooters :|

But his strings are very interesting. Tried using him with a rush down style, didn't work out for me lol.
There is just as much mix ups and mind games to be had zoning, as their is up close.

You're just percieving it incorrectly.

There's baiting
Plenty of mind games
And Noob Saibot workable upclose game I mean it's not COMPLETE crap, but it's still crap.

He basically has to rely one 1,2 (and if you naked duck these)

he has to rely on F3,3,3 upknee's and D1, D4's for pressure.

2,1 2,1,2 is ok.

But all of these pressure tools can't lead into a combo. It's just there so you can play moderate footsies, and pressure a bit upclose.

If he had more tricks and gimmicks to land ghost ball I tihnk that would be a key to making him a upclose character.

Sorry you feel cheap playing this way, but it takes great reads and mental fortitude to play him. Even more so than kenshi because Kenshi's attacks are considered physical and can't be reflected by people like Jade/Kratos/Smoke.

I find it incredibly fun to have to try to get in on Noob saibot and Kenshi.

If you look DEEP into how to get in on them and the mind games there. I think you can learn to appreciate it.

And he NEEDS that overhead projectile.

Even with it he's still lower tier. I think if they can just make his portals hit you on the way down as in if they touch you they suck you in. I think he'll be complete as a zoner.

Try fighting really great players as Noob, and You'll see why it takes great reads and reaction to play him.

Of course it'll feel cheap when you fight someone who literally dies to JUST your zoning. But if that's the case, the match is boring because of THEM not you. They can't deal with it because they haven't learned how to yet. Against GREAT players. I've almost never been able to keep them out They normally get in atleast 2 times a round.

For instance I fight a Great Johnny Cage player offline. If I can get him full screen and do my best with mind games I can probably build 1 bar maybe 2 by the time he gets in and deal like 40-50%

But once he's on me Because I don't have armor or anything like that and my best poke is 7 frames and his is 6frames. IT's hard as fuah to get out and he'll do like 60% by the time I get him off me. I get him off me and it's back to attempt to get 40-50%. once in a while I can nail some decent damage upclose with 50/50 set ups. but that's it.

You have to bait jumps, but you can't wait too long if they are walking/dashing in with blocks because then you won't push them back/slow them down and build meter. But you have to be careful because if you start your 50/50 chain they may suddenly jump. So you gotta bait it by delaying your shadow, and hitting them as they fall, or you can try to teleport.

You also have to worry about midscreen when you think they'll jump or not. If I upknee at this point. And JC does EX forceballs or subzero shoots an ice ball.

It's DOOM for Noob saibot.
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Noob is broken now..

Best character in the game. S++ Tier.

you do realize you have to hit them with a naked portal.

and hit them with a EX upknee, at the peak of their fall. to make this work right?

and it's just a set up. It only becomes guaranteed something if they jump into your set up lol
Jade doesn't have a codename.
And Reptile already has his real name revealed in MKX. It's Syzoth.

I do agree that "Noob" isn't a good name for a character like him though.
I think Jade is good as a code name as well, something more Edenian-sounding should be her real name

This is an opinion though. I can respect that, however, so far Jade is considered her real name, just like with Kitana and Mileena. I don't see a problem with that, it's a good name and I see no need to change it. It's also a REAL name, unlike Reptile and Noob.

It made sense for Reptile to have a Zaterran name (Syzoth), considering "Reptile" isn't really a name to begin with. It's more a demeaning nickname given to him because he's a "lizard man". And as for Noob, well, considering we already have his real name being Bi-Han, it's understandable to want "Noob" to be changed into something else for obvious reasons.

Smoke changing his name to "Enenra" as he became an undead demon makes sense as well, as he seems to embrace his demonic origins. And should he return, I hope he is a more demonic version of himself and keeps that name.
I just don't see a reason to change the name of these iconic character as of now.
I suggested Bi-Han before, because that was his real name, like how Scorpion is really Hanzo Hasashi, but the name bar still says Scorpion.
The only reason that I imagine that "Noob" is still on the name bar in MK games, though, is probably because Ed Boon has distanced himself from John Tobias.
I think that if these characters are to appear in MK11, that they should just stay with the name (on the name bar) that everyone has known them by for the last 25 years, though.
I really hope they change Noobs name. I just can't take him seriously. Some characters change alignment or looks, why not one username? Nobody would call himself Noob, especially because he is so evil.

The official reason? Probably because Ed Boon won't change it, that's why.
He even uses "noobde" as his Twitter username.
Having "Noob" up on the username would be another way of NRS / Ed putting himself in the game.
It's the same way that Ed Boon has done Scorpion's "Get over here" and "Come here" voice shouts for the last 25 years.
Regardless, of whether Noob Saibot would actually call himself "Noob," the reason that I just stated is likely why it won't change.
Just because Noob Saibot is a silly name in real life, doesn't mean it is in game. It could have a completely different meaning in the Netherealm.