Newest MK sculpture...


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Ok, well this is the newest one I've made. A bit challenging I have to say more then Sektor, but not quite as difficult as Cyrax was.

Anywho, enjoy! I was torn at first between his human look and cyber look, I didn't want to make MK3 Cyber Smoke because I already made Sektor and could just (if I were lazy) photoshop or photobucket edit Sektor to look like Smoke color wise due to the older palette swaps.

And as for his current human form, IMO it looks like an evil power ranger....which I'm not too fond of, his MK:SM look is badass and should be his newer human look should they bring back Smoke.

So, I decided to make his newer "improved and updated" cyber smoke look that he's had the past 2 MK games. As for his pose, it's inspired by his oldschool winning victory pose but at the same time wanted to also give it that "perhaps his left arm is damaged feel" Enjoy!

Far full body shot:

With Smokey Haze, Smoke hides within the Smoke:

Chest shots:




Above shot:
Thanks guys.

@Glamador, yeah I made H. Smoke MK2 I would make his MK:SM if I could get a good pic of him in that game and make that one.

I have been meaning to make one of the UMK3 ninjas just not sure who yet lol.

@ kigahen, thanks man it's made out of professional modelling clay always poseble. You can also as I did here sculpt around a wire armature(think of that as an endoskeleton beneath to hold poses) if I were to just use clay alone, it would crumble or just mush kind of lol.
Well take some artistic license. His MKSM look is basically his MKA look but instead of having smokey "skin" he has black cloth covering those sections. Think of how he would look if you did that and model it to be like it is in your head.
@Glamador, I know what his MK:SM looks like but it's still not a good shot and his eyes/face is nothing like his current human self. I can get a still shot but I think I'm going to make an UMK3 ninja next honestly. In MK:SM He has a mask on with the hoody and he has smoke around his body(like oldschool smoke) now he doesn't he's just elemental with smoke "as his body" arms, legs etc

@squirrel, thanks bud. :-D btw guys if there's someone I haven't made yet between this thread and the other thread that you might like, let me know perhaps I'll make them in due time. Sometimes I don't know who to make or which costume/version of a character so by all means, throw suggestions out there.

I remember this one guy on MKO when I made MK 2 smoke was soo happy lol when I made him since he loves smoke like more then anyone I know, forget his name...
LOL thanks tim hA Ha robo homo. @snow kid LOL u really like spawn vs jk huh. I never did a image character before hmmmm
that's really good.but, it looks like his arm is out of its socket.or, he has no muscle on his shoulder.1 of the two but for a second i thought his arm had been ripped off(like he was part of a scene or something).That's the only fault i saw.for clay that is fine attension to detail.more than your average bear could do with clay anyway.
lol, I don't think a bear would do much with anything other then eat it ha, ha

But thanks, oh but yeah actually his left arm is slightly damaged(that cause and effect of why he's holding it and gives you the illusion of that like I mentioned initally : ) ) like " **** my arm lol) but the style was inspired by his MK3 pose if you know what I mean : )