New GameStop We Kare Video & Kontest

Patrick McCarron

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GameStop has posted <a href="">a second video</a> in their new WE KARE campaign video following up <a href="">the first one that debuted last week</a>. Included is more <b>Scorpion Classic Skin</b> gameplay footage that plays while the host describes "Karpal Thumbel Syndrome" pains associated with excessive button mashing in fighting games. While not as funny as <a href="">the first video</a>, it's still just as charming. Keep your ears open for a special cameo that you surely can't miss!

<center><iframe title="YouTube video player" width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>

Also be sure to enter <b>GameStop's We Kare Contest</b> over on the <a href="">GameStop Facebook Page</a>. One of the prizes is a <b>life sized Scorpion figurine</b>!

Thanks to <a href="">Outlander from the TRMK Forums</a> for the tip.

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I totally take back all the negative things I said about the girl in the video. She's awesome.