Name your fave of each game 1,2, and 3!

MK : Sub-Zero
MK2: Sub-Zero/Reptile
MK3: Smoke... as for characters there from the get go? eh... Sub-Zero I suppose. I didn't enjoy this game at all.
ultimate mk3-human smoke
mk4-quan chi
mk trilogy-kintaro
put them all incase some one asks later
mk- sub-zero (used to be scorpion, but i always played as him, so much to the point that i can't anymore. plus lately i find sub-zero to be more effective agains goro and tsung)
mk2- reptile
mk3- shang tsung
umk3- didnt play it enough to remember which characters were included
trilogy- rain
mk4- scorpion, gray costume w/skull (cant boast on any other games, but i garantee i would own anyone as scorpion on mk4, in those days i was in my glory)
gold- never played it. i hate dreamcast
da- sub zero or frost
d- baraka or sindel
i'll list em all

MK - scorpion
MK2 - baraka
MK3/UMK3 - cyrax
MKT - scorpion
MK4/MKG - scorpion
MKDA/MKTE - scorpion
MKD - scorpion

there really is no point in mentioning mythologies or special forces
UMK-Same as 3

ps was it realy necessary to revive an old post?
subzero for every game that he was in and for the games that he wasn't in:ermac:and for the ones ermac maybe wasn't in:reptile:and for the ones that reptile wasn't in:scorpion....ok thats it...
MK I : Sub-Zero
MK II : Sub-Zero
MK 3 : Kung Lao
UMK 3 : Sub-Zero
MK Trilogy : Baraka
MK 4 : Sub-Zero
MK Gold : Baraka

I haven't played MK : DA or Deception yet.
Wow, I remember when I made this a LOOONG time ago! My favorites are:
MK1: Scorpion
MK2: Reptile or SHang Tsung
MK3: Kano
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