Name your fave of each game 1,2, and 3!


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MK: Scorpion
MK2: Scorpion, Kitana
MK3: For regular MK3, Sub-Zero and Smoke, for UMK3, Scorpion


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MK1- Cage
MK2- Cage
MK3- Lui Kang
MKU- I haven't played.....
MKT- Cage

You did say favorite, but if it were characters I like to play too, it would include Raiden, Lui Kang, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Rain and NightWolf who I enjoy playing.

Malitor Greymaulkin

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It's hard to choose favorites.. it just really depends on who I'm playing against.

MK1: Probably Scorpion
MK2: Kung Lao
MK3: Sektor/Nightwolf
UMK3: Ermac
MK4: Reiko
MKDA: Kenshi
MKD: Jade


Mk1- Scorpion
Mk2- Scorpion/reptile
Mk3- Sheeva
Mk:DA- Scorpion
Mk:D - Jade