My collection is complete, thank you ebay!!!

Awesome. I woulda never thought that would be that rare, mainly cuz I didn't think it existed in anything but long box.
Yeah it's really rare, I've seen it one time on ebay and it sold for $300 a few years back. Not sure what it's really worth (if anything at all) but I'm pretty sure the person I purchased this from had no clue how rare the game is.
I'm asuming they didnt make many of these because they went straight to UMK9 or MKTRILOGY on PS-One right after this. Is this true?
I like the review on the website:

"The game's biggest flaw is that it carries this 'we just didn't care,' atmosphere about itself. There is a severe lack of creativity in most, if not all the Fatalities, and even worse animations. Included in this complaint are characters who when cut in half, still have their hands floating in mid-air, attached to nothing."

Which is the only thing that bothered me in MKIII, along with the animalities lol. MKI and II had realistic body movements after having a body part sliced in half.
MileenaK here you go...

Sorry for the long post everyone.

Pic#1: Shows all the games that I own (Includes Japan PS1 MK2)


Pic#2: Strategy Guides.


Pic#3: Some magazines that I kept from back in the day.


Pic#4: Okay, this is where is gets kinda

So why do I have 5 Arcade sticks? Well I pre-ordered two sticks so I can create an arcade cabinet. I went to GameStop a few days after MK9 was release to by an extension cord and some girl declined a pre-order to buy her now ex boyfriend an arcade stick so I bought it bc I thought I could sell it on eBay. Next thing I know, PDP announces the MK Klassic Arcade Sticks and I was like "Ah WTF!!! I'd much rather have those instead" So I bought two of those to make my cabinet and now I'm stuck with three MK9 sticks...On the plus side, I had three extra copies of MK9 and I sold them back to Best Buy for $75 and bought the Kollectors Edition for basically $25. :)

Also in this pic are my MK movies & soundtracks, arcade game soundtracks, MK1&2 comic books from the offer in the arcade games, and the marquees from all the arcade games. I plan to frame these and put it in my game room. Problem is I don't have a game room...yet.


Pic#5: Art book signed by Ed Boon from when I was at the PDP Tournament.


Pic#6 and #7: MK Klassic Arcade Stick number 6 of 6000 (I still can't believe I got this)



Pic#8: Extra stuff that I have. If anyone needs these let me know :)


Well that's my kollection.
haha yea i have 2 of them.

*goes to sell one*

Nice kollection. Keep it up. Someday, it might rival Dr Doggystyle.

Second thought, i dont think that is humanly possible... :(
Actually, all of those items listed on ebay are the Long Box version of MK3, which is readily available. The Jewel Case version of MK3 is the difficult version to find. :)
Yeah, if you purchased the MK Klassic Stick they are all numbered. I got number 6 and 2677. PDP produced 12,000 total sticks for MKAK (6,000 for PS & XBOX) However, the MK9 Sticks are not numbered.