Most Hated Character!

I guess I'm the only one who thinks Kobra is cool. I've been waiting for a character of his type to come along for a while.

Mavado, Kobra, Nightwolf, etc. Why does everyone always hate the coolest characters?

Who do I despise, though? I don't really "despise" any character in general, well, except Jarek. He was just some stupid Kano clone. But I do not care for Tanya, Moloch, and, well quite frankly, I'm not too fond of a lot of the new characters in MK:D. I don't hate them, but I don't see them as anything special(Dairou, Darrius, Ashrah, a few others), and pretty much every boss since Shinnok.


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MavadoIsTheCoolest X said:
I guess I'm the only one who thinks Kobra is cool. I've been waiting for a character of his type to come along for a while.

You guess wrong, buddy! Kobra is an awesome character! His moves are great and his stances rock. Plus, I prefer his alt over his primary.

His story is alright, he just loves the thrill of fighting. Thats what I like in a character.

My most hated charactersa are Mokap, Blaze (KI rip off) and Jax.


I don't like Kobra or Liu Kang-they've always seemed to plain for me. Sheeva bothered me, and so did Sindel. Tanya wasn't too great. I didn't really like Dairou or Darrius, same with Ashra. Bo Rai Cho.....I could do without.

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Another one I never really cared for was Bo' Rai Cho. Nothing personal against the character, it's just very hard to win any fights as the drunken sumo from Outworld. I'm better as the ninjas, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac, and Noob-Smoke.

And for the record, I thought of Kobra as Ken Masters' evil twin. Nothing wrong with that, though.


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... blaze was cool.. mokap. i dont even know what to say about him.

long running characters... i always hated lui kang and cage... they're TOO normal. and predictable

as far as newer characters... im glad they got rid of mavado... and i never liked lei mei.... shes like the female lui kang or something

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I know for a fact that there is not one human being alive who likes Stryker because he is the stupidest F@#$ing character ever made.

Mokap is even better than him.


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The ones I hate are:

Curtis Stryker: I think everyone does, he just sucks and sucks and sucks

Moloch: His just a big pile of monkey poop and another pointless character made to take up some of our umm...valuable time.


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oh yeah... i forgot about stryker... but hes easy to forget about cuz he was boring, and only in one game. but yeah he definately sucks to high heaven... especially being a cop.. personally i can't stand cops. real ones fake ones, the whole concept of police is sick to me. like okay... lemme judge you on a situation ive never personally been in... oh well. n/m im going off on a tangent.

yeah moloch sucked. worst boss ever, no question. better than some of the playable characters... some. but definately worst boss. he reminded me of a gorilla.

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i hate the new type of boss who not fear special moves and have thrice your arm and strengh it is :evil:
i prefer former boss like kinbtaro, i can remember one day he uppercutted me and i have not touched the ground during all the round i was :shock: :shock: :shock:


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alot of people complain about kobra, but i reckon he's good... i agree about bo rai cho... he sucks... strykers so obvious that im almost sorry for mentioning it, someone said Lui Kang and i think there was a time (MK3-MK4) where lui kang wore out abit but i like the revamped version,..... his role in the games changed and he's still phat. I hope that they dont put Kano, sonya or Jax in any following Mortal Kombats, t6hyey are just played out. SIndel in MK 3 was shit.