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Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Season 2
People have really enjoyed the first season, so I decided to make a season 2. It will have more chapters than season one, and will follow some new protagonists and enemies as well as some familiar ones.*Although I never finished (and don't plan to finish) Mortal Kombat: Sisterhood, I'm still going to add some of the story elements and characters from it into this fanfic. The following characters will not return from the last season:
-King Jarrod

Although they won't return, they may occasionally be mentioned.

Previously in Season 1...

Shao Kahn became the ruler of Outworld after overthrowing Onaga with the help of Ermac. However, as they sent Onaga through a portal to the lowest planes of the Netherealm, he brought Ashrah into the portal as well. Ermac decided not to help her, and this angers her greatly. This gives Kahn a reason to start the Mortal Kombat tournaments to legally merge with other realms. He also makes Ermac his first Champion. He takes over Zaterra by allowing Reptile, who was actually a resident of Outworld, to win the fight illegally and cause Kahn to destroy the Residents of Zaterra. Meanwhile, the Lin Kuei is assigned to retrieving the map to the temple of elements and finding their runaway future member, Shelia. They failed their mission as the Shirai Ryu's leader, Ashrah, and Scorpion forced them to work with the Shirai Ryu and bring the map to Quan Chi. Shelia demands Scorpion to allow her ti join the Shirai Ryu, but she is interrupted as the Brotherhood of Shadow attacks the Shirai Ryu Temple. They attempt to save the temple with the help of Frost and the Lin Kuei, but Noob Saibot, dressed as Subzero, uses a frost blast the accidentally kills everyone in the Shirai Ryu and Brotherhood of Shadow, except for Frost and Scorpion. However, the Brotherhood is instantly resurrected and kills off Frost, leaving Scorpion to fight them off until he is killed by them. His fate is currently unknown. Shao Kahn finally attacks Edenia, who seems to have gotten the upper hand. Unfortunately, King Jarrod and Sindel is killed in action. However, because Ermac killed Sindel after Kahn killed Jarrod (in which for those few seconds, Sindel was Kahn's property), a spell caused him to merge with realms only after he defeats those realms in Mortal Kombat 10 times in a row. Angered, Shao Kahn and the combined forces of Outworld and Edenia attack Ermac, but realizes that he is unstoppable and nearly immortal as he contains more than over a million souls. Tesla trades places with her twin sister Ashrah, who plans to exact her revenge against Ermac. She disables his ability to control his souls, but he regains the ability after Jarrod's soul reasons with the others. Though Ermac is able to fight again, Ashrah uses a spell to turn Ermac into a statue and leaves him in the now merged Edenia. Edenia aligns itself with Outworld and Reptile becomes the new champion because he is the only person, other than Sindel, to actually single handedly kill Ermac. In the ending, Ermac and his many souls vow to destroy Outworld and somehow escape his statue. The Shamans of Earthrealm places his statue in the living forest of Outworld as they camp There for the night.

Season 1

(Upcoming-Chapter 1: Knightwolf)
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Chapter 1: Knightwolf

Knightwolf: It's been Days since Shao Kahn took over Edenia. And days since Ermac became a statue. Although he was dumb enough to kill Sindel, he was smart enough to have a backup plan incase he would ever become incapacitated. My name is Knightwolf. I'm a shaman. Female. You might know my brother. His name is Nightwolf. Just...without the K.

Knightwolf was talking to a female warrior. She was dress in red ninja clothing. Although she did not know her real name, people around her called her Skarlet. Her hands were tied to a tree so that she would be unable to perform any lethal actions. She remained silent.

Knightwolf: I believe you might be connected to the murdered of my people and the one who cemented Ermac. You can lead me to the women who did this. Tell me, why did you come here?

Skarlet: This is Outworld property, and you're not from Outworld. Tell me why YOU came here.

Knightwolf: I live here. Or atleast I do for now.

Skarlet: Well I for one don't live here, nor do I know who Ermac is.

Knightwolf: You're from the Netherealm, I know that much. But I've noticed that you had contact with Shang Tsung before you came here.

Skarlet: How do you know about these realms? And how do you know Shang Tsung? You're an Earthrealm resident.

Knightwolf: I am from Earthrealm, that is true. However, I am also the vanguard of my people. We descended from another Realm that was conquered by Outworld's last ruler. We almost killed him, but Shao Kahn got in the way. We were hunted down for years. Some of my people were stored inside Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, or Ermac. Only twelve of us were left until you killed 4 of us.

Skarlet: If you're a descendant, why don't you have the same power as them?

Knightwolf: Unlike my brother, I am young. It will take time for me to learn how to use powerful attacks like him.

Skarlet: It doesn't matter. Will you let me go already? I don't have information on your family's killer.

Knightwolf: Hm. I am looking for someone to help me in my quest to liberate my brother from a prison. If I let you go, you have to help me. After that, I'll give you a day to leave.

Skarlet: Sounds like a deal. I guess I'll help. Where is he?

Knightwolf nodded. She told Skarlet about the location of her imprisoned Knightwolf. Although Skarlet didn't betray her after she was released from her bind, Knightwolf still distrusted Skarlet. She though, maybe Skarlet had a change of heart during the encounter, or she was just too afraid to betray her. As they arrive at the gates of the prison, They spot 2 guards wielding their submachine guns. Knightwolf explains the plan.

Knightwolf: All we need is a distraction. Afterwards, we will knock out the remaining guards. I repeat, KNOCK OUT not KILL! Then we get my brother out and leave.

Skarlet: No need. The distraction was made minutes ago.

Knightwolf: What do you mean?

Skarlet: Heheheh, you'll see. Let's go inside the lobby and rest a bit.

Knightwolf didn't know what Skarlet had done. She did notice, however, that Skarlet's arm had blood leaking from it, even though the blood was really thin. As they both walk into the Lobby, the spot a SWAT team officer whose clothes looks similar to that of a regular police officer. He was talking to an African-American soldier who wore a black under armor shirt, camouflage cargo shorts, and a pair of combat boots.

???: I can't believe they've sent you guys to this investigation as well. It must really be bad. What's your name and rank.

Jax: I'm Jackson Briggs. You can call me Jax. My rank is classified.

Stryker: I see. I'm Kurtis Stryker. So what's this about?

Jax: I only know as much as you. We're suppose to be having a meeting soon. Let's head to the conference room.

Jax and Stryker left the area and headed for the prison's conference room. An order on the intercom had issued that all prisoners move to the cafeteria room. That's where Knightwolf and Skarlet headed. As they were halfway there, Skarlet had stopped Knightwolf and pointed to a room where a blond-haired woman in blue skin tight clothing was standing. She stared at the walls of the room in horror. Knightwolf got a little closer and was shocked as well when she saw the walls. The bodies of many guards were posted on the wall. They were all covered with a massive amount of blood, as if they were slaughtered animals. Knightwolf was disturbed.

Skarlet: I told you...I got you covered. Now get your brother so we can go.

Knightwolf: How could you do that? You killed them so viciously.

Skarlet: I didn't kill them.

Knightwolf: That is not even possible.

The blond woman heard the voices of the two. She grew suspicious of their activity.

Woman: Hey! What are you two doing here? This area is restricted to Officers and Special Forces Agents only.

Knightwolf: My name is Knightwolf. I have come to rescue my brother Nightwolf, without the K. He was arrested for disturbing the peace.

Woman: Hm, I've heard of him. He's not here anymore.

Knightwolf: What do you mean he is not here anymore?

Sonya: I'm sorry, i forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sonya Blade. We found out that he wasn't disturbing the peace. Someone said they saw him butchering someone, but it turn out to be a Bear that attacked him.

Knightwolf: Great, now what?

Skarlet: Well since there is no mission to rescue your brother, I guess I can kill you now.

Skarlet uses her blood from the walls to create large spikes which kill the guards that were posted on the wall.

Skarlet: I really didn't kill them at first. I only knocked them out and splashed my own blood on the walls. It was the perfect distraction, and the perfect trap.

Sonya: How is that even Possible? You really did this?

Skarlet: Yeah, I did.

Skarlet begins to pull the blood spikes towards Sonya and Sonya runs out of the room. Before the spikes are able to touch her, however, Knightwolf destroys the spikes using her 2 spirit axes.

Skarlet: I though you couldn't use any powers?

Knightwolf: I said I could not use powers the way my brother uses them.

The axes disperse into energy as she rests her arms. Skarlet begins to pull out 3 kunai, but she is interrupted by Sonya, who fires a round from her pistol. The bullet struck Skarlet's hand, causing her to drop her Kunai on the ground.

Sonya: That was just a warning shot. I don't know what kind of tricks you're using, but if you don't turn yourself in, I will have to use lethal force.

Knightwolf: I do not think she will turn herself in. She is no ordinary woman. She a demon.

Skarlet's bullet wound begins to heal as red electric sparks flash around her wound. Sonya fires a round unto Skarlet's forehead, seemingly killing her. Sonya walks toward Skarlet slowly as she points her gun towards the body.

Sonya: She seems dead. I'll get someone to get this body to a lab ASAP.

Knightwolf: Do not get too close...

Knightwolf's warning came too late. Skarlet's eyes had opened up, and she threw a kunai at Sonya. Sonya is struck in the shoulder by Skarlet's attack and falls on her back. As Skarlet rises up, Knightwolf prepares to fight her.

Knightwolf: This won't be as easy as you think.

Knightwolf creates a small energy spear and throws it towards Skarlet. The spear barely misses her and disperses. Skarlet takes one of her Kunai and cuts her arms. Using the blood, she creates a blood ball, which she throws in Knightwolf's direction. Knightwolf is struck by the attack, but suffered no effect from it. As Knightwolf runs toward Skarlet, she creates an energy Kunai to use against Skarlet. She swings the Kunai towards Skarlet, but Skarlet counters the attack with her own Kunai. As both of them struggle to kill each other, Black Dragon mercenaries outside of the building prepare to raid the department. They are stopped, however, as Skarlet is thrown outside of the building through a wall by Knightwolf. Knightwolf hops out of the building, only to see that it is surrounded by members of the Black Dragon Clan. The mercenaries begin to look at the 2.

???: So...what do we have here?

Skarlet rises up As her Wounds heal.

Knightwolf: Who are these men?

Skarlet: Trouble.

Skarlet and Knightwolf stand back-to-back as they prepare to defend themselves against the Black Dragon Clan. Knightwolf begins to grow weary, as she believes that fate has drawn her to what she feels is the worst day of her life.
That's all for the first chapter. There will be many more great chapters in the future. I hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to give a review/feedback on the story whenever possible.
(Upcoming-Chapter 2: Skarlet)
I haven't been able to post any new chapters for a while now, but I'm officially done with high school now. So expect alot more chapters in the future. I hope you enjoy this.

Chapter 2: Skarlet

As the Black Dragon members prepare to assault the girls, Skarlet stood straight and pulled out a Kunai. Knightwolf created a knife using her energy.

Skarlet: This will only take a minute.

Skarlet throws the Kunai at one of the mercenaries as Knightwolf did the same thing towards the opposite direction. The mercenary catches Skarlet's Kunai before it strikes him, but he is surprised by Skarlet as she does a reverse roundhouse kick to his jaw, knocking it out of his skull and killing him. Afterwards, she uppercuts another mercenary's chin into his brain and takes the knife to stab another mercenary. Knightwolf's spirit knife disperses into hundreds of tiny needles which incarcerate the mercenaries and eventually kills them. She then creates a small spirit axe which she uses to hack through half of a mercenary's neck, killing him slowly. As the axe disperses, she uses a straight kick into another mercenary's stomach and creates a knife to stab the mercenary's head as he leaned over.

???: These 2 are brutal. I say, why don't we turn this up a notch.

The mercenaries pulled out their Ak-47s and began to shoot at the 2. Knightwolf creates an energy armor to protect herself, but Skarlet gets shot up. However, Skarlet still stands.

Knightwolf: Are you still alive?

Skarlet: Stay shielded.

All of the bullets that entered Skarlet fire back in all different directions killing many of the mercenaries.

Knightwolf: How can one person have so much power?

Skarlet: Speak for yourself. If you're as strong as you are, I wonder how strong your brother is?

There were only 35 mercenaries left of the 132 that were there. 30 of the soldier tried a frontal assault as they walked over their dead allies. However, Skarlet uses her power to create blood spikes from the dead bodies of the mercenaries which kill them. Skarlet absorbs the blood that was sheded on the battlefield and heals herself to full strengtht.The last mercenaries left were 4 guys and 1 female.

???: You two just killed my entire team in less than 2 minutes. Those men and women have been alive for more than 10 years and have survived everything. You two are more ruthless than I though.

Knightwolf: I am not ruthless, I was only protecting myself. She, on the other hand, is actually ruthless.

Skarlet: Blood is how I survive. It's just life for me.

???: I could really use someone with your skills, what is your name?

Skarlet: I don't know my name. I only know that I'm not interested.

???: Are you mocking me, mate?

Knightwolf: No. She is actually serious. She does not know her name. She is not even human, although she does appear human.

Kano: I've noticed. The name's Kano. I'm the leader of this group.

Kabal: I'm Kabal. One of the fastest and deadliest members.

Jared: I'm Kaleb Jared. You can say I'm the Aggressive, evasive type.

Telsia: I'm Telsia, the only smart member of the group.

Skarlet look towards a man whose face was missing. It didn't startle her like it did Knightwolf.

Skarlet: I suppose you all call him no face?

Kano: Well aren't you a smart gal. Now that you know us all, hows about you join us?

Skarlet: I would, but I have to complete my mission first. And that will take months.

Kano: How's about we help you with your mission?

Skarlet: The mission is complicated, and only I can do it.

Kano: What a shame that is. I could have used you. But since you're here, I guess we should kill you then. Telsia!

Telsia: I'm on it.

Telsia pulls out her 2 swords and walks toward Skarlet. Knightwolf prepares to attack her, but Skarlet stops her.

Skarlet: I got this. You can leave and search for your brother.

Knightwolf: Are you sure? The Special Forces team will be here any minute now.

Skarlet: We're on two different missions here. I must serve the Emperor and you must find your brother. Go ahead. I'll handle this.

Knightwolf looked at Skarlet with a slight smile on her face. Skarlet realizes that she's touched Knightwolf in a way that was nearly impossible. Knightwolf ran away from the area and continued her search for her brother.

Knightwolf: (Good luck, Skarlet.)

Telsia swiftly swings her right sword and strikes Skarlet in her arm. Skarlet's thick blood kept her arm attached. With her left sword, Telsia attempts to stab Skarlet. However, Skartlet grabbed the bladed part of the sword and snapped it apart.

Telsia: What the world? How did you do that?

Skarlet uses her Kunai to cut herself and create a blood spear. She raises the spear and prepares to stab Telsia. However, before she can attack, smoke appears all around the area. Skarlet looks around to see what's going on. As she looks back at Telsia, she notices that Telsia is gone. The smoke clears away and reveals that the only people who were around her now were the Special Forces soldiers.

Skarlet: I should have suspected.

Sonya: That's her.

Sonya walks toward Skarlet with anger in her eyes. Skarlet's blood spear shatters.

Skarlet: Do you know that you have just allowed your enemies to escape?

Sonya: I only see one enemy in front of me, and you won't escape this time.

Sonya stops and speaks on her wrist communicator.

Sonya: All units, do not engage the hostile. She attacks using some kind of magic or special bio-weapons. It may seem like a joke, but its not.

Jax: Sonya, let me handle this.

Sonya: Negative. You, Striker, and a small unit must scout the area. This woman says there are more hostiles here. Most likely the Black Dragons.

Jax: And what if she's lying?

Stryker: It's no time to argue Jax. If the Black Dragons truly are here, we need to track them down now.

Jax: But...fine. Be careful out there.

Sonya: Will do Jax. Everyone else, don't attack unless she tries to escape.

Skarlet: You won't win. You never will.

Sonya: We'll see about that.
That's it for this chapter. I'll try and work on these more often than I have been. I hope you all have enjoyed this.
(Next-Chapter 3: Sonya)
It's not a script, although it is in that format. You can make a claymation of this, but I don't have the artwork for this yet.
It's not a script, although it is in that format. You can make a claymation of this, but I don't have the artwork for this yet.
nevermind, ill just play with my Spider Man toys with blu tack on their faces to mimick what i may imagine them to look like! :) Keep it up dude
Nice. I just have to say that Skarlet isn't necessarily from the Netherrealm...or do you know that already? Anyway, I'll just say it. Skarlet is a Genetic Experiment that Shang Tsung created using blood, just like he created Ermac with souls. Just like Ermac uses his souls as offensive tools, Skarlet can use her own blood and her enemies' blood to help her. Her own blood, she uses as projectiles. Her enemies' blood strengthens and heals her.
Nice. I just have to say that Skarlet isn't necessarily from the Netherrealm...or do you know that already? Anyway, I'll just say it. Skarlet is a Genetic Experiment that Shang Tsung created using blood, just like he created Ermac with souls. Just like Ermac uses his souls as offensive tools, Skarlet can use her own blood and her enemies' blood to help her. Her own blood, she uses as projectiles. Her enemies' blood strengthens and heals her.

I know. None of this complete follows the canon story in any way. I twisted everything about Mortal Kombat and created a new storyline for everyone. She's still a creation made by Shang Tsung, but the part about her being from the Netherealm will be explained in future chapters.
Heck, I had to get it out. I seemingly have OCD about truth and stuff, which is why I'll tell you that I have a glossy sheen of scales covering my soft skin.
Chapter 3: Sonya

15 minutes ago...

Sonya was attacked by Skarlet. The injures weren't fatal, but they were bad enough to alarm everyone. Jax and a few soldiers headed to her position and attempted to help her up.

Jax: Sonya! Can you hear me?

Sonya rises up slowly with Skarlet's Kunai still in her shoulder.

Jax: Take it easy, Sonya. Let me get that for you.

As Jax reaches toward the Kunai in Sonya's shoulder, she quick pulls it out and throws in on the floor.

Sonya: That's Lieutenant to you Sargent.

Jax: Calm down. Just tell me what happened.

Sonya: Look around you and tell me.

Jax sees the hole in the wall, the Impaled soldiers, and the lack of blood supply in the soldiers, making them look pale.

Jax: How did they lose every drop of blood like that?

Sonya: It was a dangerous woman with red hair who did all this. She uses some kind of magic that controls blood.

Jax: Blood Magic? I think you fell down pretty hard.

Sonya: This is not a movie Jax. You know that I'm telling the truth. And if you're actually that denying, look out of that hole.

Sonya rises up and walks toward the hole in the wall. Jax joins her side. As they look, they see Skarlet and Knightwolf slaughtering a large army of mercenaries. Skarlet uses her blood to kill all but 5 of the mercenaries.

Jax: Blood Magic. Right. And wasn't that the Black Dragon Clan?

Sonya: Could be. It seems we can kill 2 birds with one stone. Call everyone out to the Courtyard, double time.

Jax: You got it. What about you?

Sonya: I'm gonna watch this next battle. She must have a weakness.


Sonya: Alright. Let's go.

Sonya runs toward Skarlet and attempts a jump kick, but Skarlet ducks. However, Sonya was actually tricking her and uses her other foot to step on the back of Skarlet's head. As Skarlet raises her head, Sonya pulls out her gun and aims it at Skarlet's forehead. Skarlet quickly knocks the gun away and punches Sonya in the gut. Sonya fixes her gun again and shoots at Skarlet a few times, but Skarlet dodges it all, only getting a few grazes. They end up distant from one another for a while. Sonya reloads her pistol while Skarlet's wounds heal.

Sonya: You're good. But let's see if you can do that again.

Skarlet: I was just thinking the same thing.

Skarlet pulls out the last 3 remaining Kunai and begins to throw them one by one at Sonya. She dodges the first Kunai by doing a one handed cartwheel to the right. The second one is dodged when Sonya hits a quick backflip. The last Kunai is grabbed by Sonya, but it only distracts her as Skarlet grabs Sonya by the neck. She throws Sonya towards a small group of Special Forces Soldiers and quickly grabs her last Kunai. She throws the Kunai at Sonya which quickly reaches near Sonya's face. Skarlet, again, quickly reaches the Kunai and slashes at Sonya and her men. They are struck gravely and fall to the ground. Skarlet absorbs their blood and escapes the prison as all of the other soldiers fire at her with Automatic weapons. Medics rush to Sonya and the few soldiers that were also attacked.

Medic: Can you hear me? I need you to breathe lieutenant. Stay with me.

Soldier: Are they going to be ok?

Sgt. Capitol: I want scouting parties to find that woman immediately.

Sonya: Don't worry about her Sergeant.

Everyone looks at Sonya in relief and surprise. She stands up as if she was never damaged.

Sonya: Keep focused on helping out these men. She won't be getting far. I'm going after her myself.

Sgt. Capitol: But you're gravely injured. You've lost a lot of blood.

Sonya: Not exactly Sergeant.

Meanwhile, Skarlet runs through the empty forest to avoid pursuit. As she makes it to the center of the forest, she takes a short rest. She sits on a flat tree stomp looking at the ground.

Skarlet: *Sigh* That was a close one. Using my Blood Dash technique and slashing through that blonde-haired woman was harder than I imagined.

Skarlet begins to raise up from the stomp. However, as she begins to walk, she suddenly falls over. Skarlet begins to cough out blood, which she attempts to absorb the blood. After she absorbs the blood, she coughs even more blood out than the last time. This time, however, she is unable to absorb it back.

Skarlet: What's happening. Why can't I move. Why can't I use anything?

???: That's because you've failed to study humans.

Skarlet looks up while still laying on the ground, only to see Sonya slowly walking towards her.

Skarlet: What do you mean? I'm...

Sonya: Not human. Or if you are, you're just not very bright, for a red head.

Skarlet: Well, you're wrong. They say that blondes are really dumb in this realm.

Sonya: And I happen to prove that theory wrong. Now, what shall I do with you?

Skarlet: What did you do to me? I though I killed you.

Sonya: When you attacked me earlier, I saw that your Kunai couldn't go very far in my vest. I also noticed that you get even stronger as you absorb the blood of your victims. I wondered what would happen if I just weakened your blood with a disease or something. So I filled my vest full of blood capsules. Each container has a different cancer: Lung, Breast, Kidney, Pancreatic, and Brain.

Skarlet: So you made me absorb blood made of cancer cells?

Sonya: If you can die, I'm going to make sure you can't come back.

Sonya pulls out her pistol and a few flower petals. Skarlet slowly rises up from the ground.

Skarlet: Even though I'm kinda weaker than before, you still can't win.

Sonya: We'll see about that.

Skarlet throws a few quick kicks in Sonya's direction, but Sonya easily dodges each attack. Skarlet attempts to punch Sonya, but her attack is deflected and Sonya shoots Skarlet in the back of her head. Skarlet begins to stumble a bit as she grabs her head and regenerates her wound.

Sonya: That's just the start. I still have 7 bullets left.

Skarlet: I'll just keep coming back. Don't you get it?

Sonya pulls the trigger 3 more times striking Skarlet in the left breast, right arm, and right hip. Skarlet throws her last Kunai at Sonya and attempts her blood dash. Her dash proves to be a lot slower than before, allowing Sonya the ability strike her in the stomach before she is able to do anything. While Skarlet is knocked to the ground, Sonya shoots her in the heart.

Skarlet: Even my Blood Dash...

Skarlet quickly hops up and forms a small blood spear to attack Sonya. However, Sonya shoots Skarlet in both shoulders which knocks her on her butt. Sonya stands over Skarlet with a serious face.

Skarlet: I know what you're thinking. "I've finally killed this red-haired witch. No more dangerous magicians will be attacking us in the future."

Sonya: It was actually more like, "I'll like that medium rare please."

Skarlet looks at Sonya in confusion as Sonya kisses her hand that was filled with red flower petals. She blows the petals at Skarlet. As each petal lands on Skarlet, time begins to slow down. Sonya points her gun at Skarlet's forehead and begins to pull the trigger.

18 minutes later...

Edward Fang: Is this report accurate Lieutenant?

Sonya: Ask around if you believe I'm lying.

Fang: And exactly what happen with the "Blood Mage?"

Sonya: Well...I missed. And she ran away. Her current location is unknown.

Fang: Very well. We will find her.

Sonya: No need sir. She won't be coming back to America anymore. I'm sure of it.

Fang: Alright, carry on.

Sonya walks out of Fang's office and meets up with Jax.

Jax: I heard you had a rough fight. We never found any Black Dragon members though.

Sonya: It was tough, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Jax: I still can't believe you actually missed.

Sonya looks out of a nearby window and stares at the courtyard's miniature Statue of Liberty.

Sonya: Me either.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It had a true twist. What's that? You actually believe it was that easy? Not on my watch.

18 minutes before...

Sonya points her gun at Skarlet and shoots the last round as she turns around to leave. The bullet strikes Skarlet and explodes into a fiery furnace. Skarlet screams in agony as her body continues to burn up.

Sonya: My job here is done.

Skarlet's body collapses as the fire dies out. Sonya walks back to the Special Forces building. On her way back, a figure hops across her, swinging from a tree that was over her. The figure had disappeared further into the forest. Sonya didn't get a clear view of the figure, but she could guess what it might have been.

Sonya: Dang Orangoutangs.

Sonya continued to walk to the station.
Now theres a true ending. As you can see, Sonya hid the truth about the situation in her report. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Be sure to give feed back and check out my MKRM Official Art Contest.
(Next-Chapter 4: Nightwolf)

P.S. Yes it's the male
Chapter 4: Nightwolf

Earthrealm is not a very peaceful realm. War, violence and crime are major issues in Earthrealm. This has even put the most purest being in Earthrealm in Jail. However, they let him go, and he traveled to the only realm he could live in: Seido, the Realm of Order. This was the most peaceful Realm around. The Rules are greatly enforced. And if someone feels bold enough to revolt, there are the Seidan Guardsmen to deal with them. Nightwolf knew of Shao Kahn's plan to merge with Earthrealm, and he knew that he needed to stop him. However, he had to go into hiding and get help from some allies. However, not all help comes easy. He finds a popular Guardsman in the realm of Order. His name was...

Nightwolf: Hamtaro?!!

Hotaru: Was that suppose to be funny? Its against the law here to address someone's name wrong.

Nightwolf: Really? Well I was not talking to you.

Hotaru: Then who are you talking to? Idiotic behavior is not allowed here either. Are you from the realm of Chaos?

Nightwolf: No sir. I'm looking for allies to aid me in defending Earthrealm against the forces of Outworld.

Hotaru: Outworld you say? I've heard of that realm. We drove their stained forces out of our Realm. The last Outworlder that came here was a man named Darius. He's sitting in his cell right now. He searched for a new life here, but I told him this realm is White Only.

Nightwolf: Wait. Idiotic behavior and pronouncing someone's name the wrong way is illegal, but racism is ok here?

Hotaru: This is your last warning stranger. By White Only, I mean that he can't stain this realm with his evil taint. Outworlders are not allowed here.

Nightwolf: Sorry for the idiotic behavior sir.

Hotaru: Good. Now what exactly do you need?

Nightwolf explains to Hotaru about Shao Kahn, the Tournaments, and the future invasion of Earthrealm. Hotaru is astonished.

Hotaru: And the reward?

Nightwolf: What reward?

Hotaru: Our laws force us not to help you with anything outside of this realmwithout a reward.

Nightwolf: You can have Outworld.

Hotaru: Denied!

Nightwolf: My eternal gratitude?

Hotaru: Eternally Denied!

Nightwolf though hard on a reward. Then it struck him.

Nightwolf: My sister?

Hotaru: No...wait what?!!

Nightwolf: My.......sister?

Hotaru: Hm. I guess it'll do. When we finished helping your Earthrealm, tell your sister she will have only 1 week to pack her belongings and head to this Realm.

Nightwolf: So you will help?

Hotaru: Expect the full force of our troops to arrive on the day of the invasion. For now, we will look over th...


A huge explosion occurs in a distant region of the realm of Order. Hotaru and Nightwolf hop into a defensive stance as they see the smoke cloud In the distance.

Nightwolf: It seems we have trouble.

Hotaru: You're right. I'll gather what men I can find and head in that direction. Go their, but don't attack anyone without our permission.

Nightwolf: Fine.

Hotaru sets off west of their position. Nightwolf watches him in confusion, wondering if Hotaru is hiding something. He then departs to the area where the explosion occurred. Once Nightwolf made it to the area, all he saw was dead bodies and 3 different men dressed in similar clothing They all worea gold and black vests with sleeves that stop at his elbows; the collar of this vests covered their necks; black gloves on their hands and baggy blue pants. Their blue pants are over their huge yellow boots that have shin guards attached to them. However, one of them in particular was bald, wore black sunglasses, and had a goatee. He was supposedly the leader of the group.

Nightwolf: Halt. Who goes their?

Darius: I am Darius, leader of the Resistance.

Nightwolf: The resistance? I though this was a peaceful realm.

Darius: It was. But their rules and laws are unnecessary. They put me in jail just because I'm from Outworld.

Nightwolf: They did not warn you?

Darius: Of course they did. But that's beside the fact. Isn't Nightwolf?

Nightwolf: How should I... Wait what did you just call me Nightwolf?

Darius: Yes. I know all about you. Everyone from Outworld does. You're the next successor of your people, the Shamans. You have 12 family members left and you were arrested in Earthrealm for killing a dangerous bear.

Nightwolf: So, you were arrested only a month ago?

Darius: Yes. And for that entire month, I have recruited many followers. Now that I've escaped my prison, I will be attacking the Leaders of this realm. I will gain the power to change the laws here.

Nightwolf: Although I would hate to get arrested for stupid reasons, this is a realm of peace. If you don't like their rules then leave.

Darius: I don't think so.

Darius Queues his men to attack Nightwolf. They ready the swords and charge towards him. Nightwolf knows that Hotaru told him not to attack until he arrives. He decides to obey the command. Instead of attacking, Nightwolf creates an energy shield that surrounds him. The attacks of the men are not enough to destroy it.

Nightwolf: This should hold out for awhile.

After 10 long minutes, the two men begin to grow tired.

Darius: Stop! I'll take over from here.

Nightwolf: It is useless. You can't destroy it.

Darius: Oh, but I can destroy it.

Darius pulls his right fist back as a blue Aura surrounds it.

Darius: Pierce!

Darius uses a straight punch against the shield. At first, it looks like he just touched the shield. Nightwolf smiles until he realizes that Darius has created a large hole in his shield. Nightwolf quickly disperses the shield and evades Darius' attack.

Nightwolf: Impossible! I though only sorcery could destroy my shield.

Darius: I know. That's why I have magic resistant gauntlets. If my men cant destroy your shield in 10 minutes or less, then you are using magic. Now tell me, are you a shaman from...

Nightwolf: The Calvary has arrived. There's no need for talking.

A large group of Seido guardsmen are heard rushing towards their area. Darius began to grin.

Hotaru: By order of the Seido Guardsmen, you 3 are under arrest for homicide, trespassing, terrorism, Outworldism...

Nightwolf: Outworldism?

Hotaru: ...carrying illegal weapons, conspiracy, destruction of property...

Darius: Yeah, yeah, I know. But isn't it a rule that you can only make 3 arrest every 10 minutes, only attack when attacked, and you must shut off all portals whenever a war breaks out in this realm.

Hotaru: What are you getting at?

Darrius: We are hereby arrested under your words. And now you can't make anymore arrest. I have an army of rebels prepared to invade this realm, and you can't attack them unless the attack you or resist arrest. Also, in those 10 minutes, the portals will be closed off until this war is settle, meaning you won't win.

Hotaru: Use our rules as a strategy to win a war against us. Smart move. However, I learned something new in our laws. We can arrest anyone who breaks the rules in our realm. However, you no longer need to follow them when you die.

Darius: What are you getting at?

Nightwolf: Wait! You know?

Hotaru: I always collect a census of everyone in my realm by the hour. Now, your job is to protect this city. Leave no rebel alive. Once this is over, you will need to do some community service.

Nightwolf: I am not worried.

Darius: All forces, attack!!!

Hotaru: Guardsmen! You have 10 minutes to defend this city. That's an order!

Guardsmen: Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Hotaru: Don't get out of hand! It's still against the law to make loud noises!

Huge groups of rebels begin to attack the realm. Civilians are killed left and right as the guards can do nothing about it until the rebels attack them. Explosions occur frequently as the screams of the civilians are heard. Most of the civilians decide to join the rebels in order to save themselves.

Nightwolf: You won't win!

Nightwolf creates multiple spirit needles and fires them at different groups of enemies to weaken the forces. However, the rebels still have the upperhand.

Darius: Hahahahahahahahaha!!! It's all going according to plan! Hahaaaa! All according to...

Darius is attacked by Hotaru, who swings his sword against Darius. The attack creates a bloody scar on his forehead, scratches against his armor, and splits his glasses.

Hotaru: Even if we can't attack them, we can attack you for breaking out of jail earlier.

Darius stands motionless as he glassed fall off his face.

Nightwolf: His eyes. There...

Darius: Never destroy the glasses.

Back in Earthrealm, a woman in red ninja clothing is standing on a tall tree that overlooks the portal to Order Realm. She spots many rebels entering the portal. Another ninja in yellow ninja clothing appears beside her with a scroll in his hand.

Yellow Suit Ninja: Ma'am! We have a visual. Undead presence is confirmed.

???: Good. Now I can find the man who killed my sister.

The red suit female ninja is revealed to be Shelia.

Shelia: Now I can find the murderers of our clan!
That's all for chapter 4, and yes Shelia is alive and kicking. If you don't know who Shelia is, then you might want to read the first season. Anyways, I hope you all have enjoyed this chapter.
(Upcoming-Chapter 5: Hotaru)
Chapter 5: Hotaru

Sometimes, the forces of Darkness can be converted by the light. Other times, it can be controlled by the light. Regardless of what happens, Darkness will always reveal it's secrets whenever light is around it.

Hotaru: The Life force of this man is stronger than before. What did he just do?

Nightwolf: He's a member of a legendary race. They have no name for them because they don't believe in organization.

Hotaru: What would this Shao Kahn want to do with their realm?

Nightwolf: He has never taken their realm. Next to the Netherealm, they are the worst race of all realms. They reside in the Realm of Chaos.

Hotaru: CHAOS!

Guard 1: CHAOS?!!


Nightwolf: Why the exaggeration?

Hotaru: We live to preserve order. We've dealt with everything in the realm, but our true weakness is...

Darius: Chaos.

Darius raises his head up. His eyes glow bright yellow and his pupils are gone.

Hotaru: I thought the goggles were yellow for the fashion?

Darius: You were wrong.

Darius quickly kicks Hotaru in the face, knocking him on his back. His two henchmen prepare to attack, but he stops them.

Darius: I can take it from here. Get to that portal and head to Earthrealm. We have other matters to attend to as well.

Rebel: Alright Sir.

The two henchmen escape the area as a few guards attempt to pursue them. However, Darius blocked their route.

Guard 3: You do know that we can kill you right?

Darius: Could? Yes. Will? You should have.

Darius punches the guard in his jaw, knocking out his entire mouth in the process. Next he flashes behind the guards and kicks one of them through their spine, killing them. Afterwards, he steals the dead guard's spear and pierces it through a multitude of guards, killing them. One by one, 3 by 7, he continued to kill the guards that came across his path. The ones who were still alive in that area were him, Hotaru, and Nightwolf.

Nightwolf: He is too powerful to be left alive. We must attack.

Hotaru: No. He will only kill you.

Nightwolf: It will take more than one strike to kill me.

Hotaru: No, you will not stain this realm with more blood than it already bares. We won't fall to his tactics.

Nightwolf: Earthrealm needs your army more than anything. If he lives, your realm dies.

Hotaru: Not true. We have actually made a pact with the Elder Lords long ago. Once the portal is closed, everyone who has broken the rules in the last few hours will die.

Nightwolf: What?!! Then we have to prevent that.

Hotaru: I'm sorry Nightwolf. It's the most we can do. Just make sure he stays in this realm. And Escape while you can.

Darius: You should listen to him. This realm is done. No one will be safe. Now you have to leave or die.

Nightwolf: You won't leave here alive.

Darius: Try me.

Nightwolf creates 2 spirit axes and throws one at Darius. At lightning fast speed, Darius dodges the first axe. However, the first axe disperses into thousands if needles that shoot in a 270 degree radius. Darius is unable to dodge them all, but he is able to block a few of them with his gauntlets. Nightwolf throws his second axe at Darius, but he dodges the axe again.

Darius: You can't use the same trick twice on me.

Darius moves out of the needle's range as the axe disperses. However, the axe transforms into Nightwolf himself. Darius looks towards the first Nightwolf which begins to disintegrate. The real Nightwolf creates a spirit bow and pulls on it to create a spirit arrow. Before Darius could even see him, Nightwolf releases the arrow and strikes Darius in the chest. However, the arrow disperses on impact and nothing happens to Darius. Nightwolf creates 2 arrows in a row to attack Darius, but they both have the same effect.

Nightwolf: What's going on?

Darius: Hahahahahahahahaha! Fool. I have magic resistant armor. You should have aimed for the head.

Darius flash steps to Nightwolf's position and kicks him in his spine, breaking his back.

Hotaru: Holèbol!

Hotaru creates a small lava ball and shoots it at Darius' feet. Darius dodges the attack, but it reappears from the ground and strikes darius, knocking him to the ground. Hotaru hops in the air and stomps on Darius' back. As Darius screams in pain, Hotaru grabs him by the leg, picks him up, and slams his body on the ground hard.

Hotaru: You come into my home, deny my rules, and cause chaos in my realm?

Darius: I had to do what was necessary.

Hotaru grabs Darius by the head, raises him up, and throws him into a nearby building. He takes him out of the building and holds his head once more.

Hotaru: Look around! Tell me what's necessary about killing innocent civilians and destroying my realm!

Darius: It's orders from the head boss.

Hotaru drops Darius and kicks him in to head, sending him 10 yards away.

Hotaru: Shao Kahn sent you here?!!

Darius: I left Shao Kahn's army years ago.

Hotaru: Then who?!!

Darius slightly smiles as he looks at his watch.

Darius: Havik!

Darius Teleports to the nearby portal and begins to walk through it.

Hotaru: Why you...agh!

Hotaru walks towards the portal slowly and collapses.

Hotaru: What's...going on?

Darius: Another rule is, no anger and hate, no revenge, and no destruction of property. To bad, you kept every rule until your last few moments. Once the portal closes, you will die. And to make sure you and the Shaman never return, I'm going to...

Hotaru: This isn't the end. I will...see that girl...

Hotaru passes out before he could finish his sentence. Meanwhile in Earthrealm...

Knightwolf: I have to hurry. I have to get Nightwolf out of that Realm. That mercenary I saw earlier...


Tremor: All you need to know is that I'm part of the Lin Kuei. But this is an urgent message I'm suppose to give you. Its about your brother.

Knightwolf: And why should I believe that?

Tremor: Because one of our enemies are after him. We don't know their name, but they're part of the Shirai Ryu Klan. We will pay you greatly to eliminate her.

Knightwolf: And if I don't?

Tremor: Another person is said to be their now, causing lots of Chaos and destruction. In 10 minutes, the portals will close, and your brother will die if he has ever broken one of their rules.

Knightwolf: But he's making amends with Hamtaro right now.

Tremor: Oh no. You shouldn't have told your brother his name is Hamtaro. It's Hotaru.

*Present Time*

Knightwolf: He still has 3 minutes left.

???: Are you here for the same reason?

Knightwolf looks at the ground thinking about the voice. She smirks as she realizes who it is.

Knightwolf: No. You know I'll never help you. I'm here for my brother and nothing more.

???: And what about this assassin my sources have been telling me about.

Knightwolf: She's coming.

Shelia: Actually, I'm here!

Shelia hops out of the tree and lands on the ground.

Shelia: Is that a problem?

Knightwolf: I'll decide that.

As the two prepare to fight, Darius walks out of the portal. The two of them look at him in confusion. Suddenly, he grabs the energy source of the portal and crushes it, destroying the portal. Everyone is surprised.

Knightwolf: What did you do?!! My brother was in their!

Darius: Not anymore. Now, he's up there.

Knightwolf was shocked. The news about her brother had her filled with sadness and she silently cried. Shelia was filled with anger as well.

Shelia: You idiot! I needed the undead warrior who was in that realm. He was my only lead to finding the ones who killed my sister! And worst of all, you killed her brother. Something that hurts...from the source.

Shelia begins to slightly cry as well. But little did she know, the undead presence she was searching for was actually Nightwolf. Darius begins to slowly clap as he puts his shades back on.

Darius: Good job for performing such touching quotes. You two should be use to it, seeing that you have both killed others as well. Did you think about if they had a family as well? And you, what's your story?

Darius looks toward the third person.

???: I lost more than just a brother and sister. I've lost an entire civilization. I'm the last of my race, so I know how it feels.

The third person is revealed to be Reptile, who's heart was as hard as stone. He looked at Darius calmly.

Reptile: I'm here to kill you under the emperor's orders. As will as Raiden's permission. And their help will make it much easier. Maybe then, you will learn their feelings too.

Darius prepares to battle Reptile, Shelia, and Knightwolf as their faces dry up. He begins to mumble quietly.

Darius: Yeah. I know that feeling.

A tear runs down the left side of Darius' face as he gets into his defensive stance.
That's the end of this emotionally touching chapter. The next chapter should be even better.
(Upcoming-Chapter 6: Reptile)
Chapter 6: Reptile

*Hours ago*

Reptile stands before the Throne of Shao Kahn along with Shang Tsung. They are discussing Reptile's current mission to help increase Outworld's chances of Victory.

Shao Kahn: Proceed.

Shang Tsung: I've done as you've asked. There is only one more thing that needs to be done. Testing.

Shao Kahn: I see. Bring our warrior here.

Shang Tsung: Actually, that's what I wanted to tell you about.

Reptile: You don't have them.

Shao Kahn: How can you test out your creation if it is not created?

Shang Tsung: Ah, but it is created. She's in these 2 bottles. I've created a self-conscience that is capable of controlling the people it is injected into.

Shao Kahn: And?

Shang Tsung: The first bottle is stronger than the second. Reptile, I need you to put this into your claws and inject it into a strong warrior. If the warrior attacks you, kill them and dispose of the bottle you used on them. The other bottle will be the one we need if that happens. Alternatively, you can just inject the other bottle into that same kombatant to get to potion to work.

Reptile: Pick a warrior.

Shao Kahn: Our old friend Darius has betrayed us. Take care of him.

Reptile: What about the rules of Mortal Kombat?

Shao Kahn: He threatens all of Earthrealm as well. Get Raiden to agree to it.

Reptile: Understood.


Reptile looks at both of his claws. One of the poisons was on the left. The strongest one was on the right.

Reptile: I'll let you 2 go first.

Shelia: Sure thing. Just don't get in my way Shaman.

Knightwolf: Do not worry. I WILL NOT.

Knightwolf creates a bow and arrow and shoots it at Darius. However, he dodges the shot in the blink of an eye. She continues to fire at him until he gets close enough to grab her throat. Shelia throws 3 ice balls at Darius' arm and both legs, freezing them all. She runs toward him and attempts a downward uppercut. Before she can strike him, Darius grabs her fist with his free hand. She attempts to use her other hand, but Darius dodges the punch and headbutts Shelia in the forehead. Knightwolf tries to kick him in the chin, but he dodges and she accidentally strikes Shelia, sending her across the field. Darius breaks free from his frozen body parts and throws Knightwolf into a nearby tree. He momentarily looks at Reptile, who stands firmly.

Darius: Bring it.

Reptile speeds in front of Darius who prepares to guard against the attack. Reptile attempts to pierce his right claw into Darius.

Darius: The sorcery in your claws won't affects me with this armor.

Reptile: But my acid will work just fine.

The acid on Reptile's claws melt through Darius's armor. In panic, Darius quickly dodges the attack, only suffering a small stab wound.

Reptile: I missed, but my job is complete.

Darius begins to feel different. He feels pain in his head as the potion seems to work. Finally, he stops feeling the pain and opens his eyes. Reptile slightly smiles as he walks toward Darius.

Reptile: So. Are you doing well in there?

Darius stands still for a moment. He looks up at Reptile smile deviously. He punches Reptile in the face, sending him flying across the field.

Darius: I'm doing very well. But your death will make me feel even better.

Darius removes his glasses and prepares to face Reptile.

Reptile: The strong one didn't work. Which means the weaker one will have to counteract it and take over.

Darius flash steps over Reptile and punches him into the ground. He then picks him up and throws him across his shoulder, sending him across the field again. Reptile slowly rises up as Knightwolf dashes toward Darius. She creates a spirit axe and strikes Darius' body armor, shattering it to pieces.

Knightwolf: I did it, but why did he not dodge this?

Darius grabs Knightwolf's left wrist and breaks it in one squeeze. Knightwolf screams in pain as she grabs her broken wrist. Shelia pulls out her 2 Sai's and prepares to strike Darius. Reptile readies himself as he drops the weak potion bottle on the ground. Reptile then dashes toward Darius, not knowing that at the same time Shelia was also heading that direction. Darius throws Knightwolf in Reptile's direction. Reptile easily dodges her body as he continues towards Darius. He attempts to strike Darius, but he strikes Shelia instead, who attempted to strike Darius at the same time. Shelia falls to the ground, badly injured by Reptile's attack. The potion begins to rapidly spread through her body. Darius kicks reptile in his left ribs, shattering all of them. Reptile is sent across the battlefield once again.

Reptile: You fool! What have you done?!!

Shelia: What's....happening?

Darius: Hahahahahaha, what makes you think you can defeat me?

Reptile rises up slowly as he holds his left side. Knightwolf stands up with her left arm hanging down. Shelia is still on the ground.

Darius: This body is too heavy and too strong. I need a body that's much lighter so that this fight could be much longer.

Reptile: Knightwolf, we can't defeat him like this.

Knightwolf: What did you do? It seemed like when you first attacked him, he became ten times stronger but ten times dumber.

Reptile: I'd tell you, but then I'd have to pay for it. All I can say is that his strength combined with his immortality will be a great problem.

Knightwolf: What will it take for me to know?

Reptile: If we survive this, you have to come with me...back to Outworld.

Knightwolf: My powers have been banned from Outworld, smart man. I guess I have no other options.

Knightwolf creates a small spirit dagger. Reptile prepares to attack Darius as well. The damage from his ribs has made it nearly impossible for him to use his acid. Darius begins to silently laugh at the two.

Darius: You can't kill me.

Reptile: WE can't.

Suddenly, Blood begins to heavily run down Darius' neck. Behind him, Shelia is shown to have stabbed him in his neck with his sai.

Darius: What...?

Darius attempts to use a backwards right hook on Shelia, but she rolls under his attack. She then rises back up and kicks him in the back. Darius begins to spit out blood as Shelia turns his body around, facing her.

Darius: What's...going on? How did you get so strong?

Shelia: Hello...Mother!

Darius: Don't...called me...that.

Shelia: Just because you're in a man's body, that doesn't mean you can stop me from being your daughter, mother.

Darius: You...are daughter.

Shelia: Oh Really? How about you come into my body with me?

Darius: Huh?

Shelia quick stabs Darius in his forehead as her vision goes black.

...hours later...

Reptile returns back to Outworld and enters Shao Kahn's throne room. Shao Kahn looks at him unamused as Shang Tsung begins to walk in. Kahn signals his guards to leave the room.

Shao Kahn: Proceed.

Reptile: Mission success.

Shang Tsung: Good. Bring us our new warrior.

Reptile looks at the ground and begins to tell them about what happens.

Reptile: Well, its more like...

Knightwolf slowly walks into Kahn's throne room, gaining the attention of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: A shaman? You were suppose to bring Darius.

Shao Kahn: Silence Shang Tsung. I know this one. Her people witnessed my greatness years ago, and went into hiding. I sent my red clothed assassin to deal with her and her family, but yet she is standing before me. Quan Chi's gift. It was a complete waste of my time. I deserve more than simple newcomers, I need Ashrah or Tesla.

Knightwolf begins to dash towards Shao Kahn directly. Reptile raises his head in surprise. Shang Tsung tosses a fireball in her direction, but the fireball disintegrates as soon as it strikes her. Shao Kahn does nothing as she pulls out a small dagger and strikes the side of Shao Kahn's chair. Shao Kahn is still unsurprised.

Knightwolf: Now imagine if I was Darius. Everything I just did was a slower paced version of what could have happened. If you are going to keep secrets away from people, make sure you study your enemies.

Shao Kahn: Hm, you're somewhat right. There's just one thing wrong with that statement. I have the power to kill anything and anyone...

Knightwolf: In Outworld, maybe. But what if someone pulled the same trick you pulled against Onaga. I was not there, but I know the history of it.

Shao Kahn: True. Come child. We have lots of work to do and lots to discuss. Shang Tsung, you will answer for this warrior's actions in the future. For now, we must upgrade the Outworld army.

Shang Tsung: As... you wish.

Reptile: (That Shirai Ryu warrior)

Reptile and Shang Tsung depart from Shao Kahn's Throne Room as Knightwolf joins Shao Kahn in a long talk.
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Chapter 7: Shirai Ryu Pt. 1

Long ago, there was a woman who created a league of ninja who's main goal was complete dominance over the world. However, the woman's true goal was to serve her Netherealm Master by building his undead cult known as the Brotherhood of Shadows. Her goal, however, was not complete until she was able to find the map that leads to Shinnok's amulet. Using the amulet, Quan Chi was able to free Shinnok and decided to exterminate the entire clan to hide the evidence of their activity. Only 3 members of the clan were still alive: Shelia, Scorpion, and Ashrah. Although it is unknown as to how Shelia survived the attack, the clan grew to 17 members ever since she took control and rebooted the clan. Now she seeks out a new goal: to stop the forces of Netherealm from returning to the outside realms.

Knightwolf: Are you ready to talk?

Knightwolf begins to walk To another door as Shao Kahn stands up and prepares to leave his throne room.

Shao Kahn: What are you doing here child?

Knightwolf: I am from Outworld. Why else would I be here?

Shao Kahn: I have your census form, so I know you live here. What I want to know is why are you standing before me and not my warrior. I know you aren't the warrior.

Knightwolf is surprise by Shao Kahn's words.

Knightwolf: So, you know then.

Shao Kahn: Start talking, or face the consequences.

Knightwolf: I came because Reptile forced me to. We made an agreement that if I come to Outworld, I would know what happened to the Shirai Ryu girl.

Shao Kahn: Hahaha. She is being control by a spirit of sone sort that is suppose to be my assassin. Something made by Shang Tsung. It's loyal to me and dangerous to Earthrealm. And now, it's lost in Earthrealm.

Knightwolf: Well, go find it emperor. Do you really think you can defy the Elder Lords' rule? You are not allowed to interfere with Earthrealm.

Shao Kahn: Darious is not from Earthrealm. Killing him would be just as legal as killing you.

Knightwolf: I would say "Fight", but I will decline for now. However, I have come to tell you that I am part of the Shirai Ryu now, and I need your help.

Shao Kahn: What is it now?

Knightwolf: It's been 11 years since the Brotherhood of Shadows destroyed the Shirai Ryu, and I believe they are going to strike Earthrealm next.

Shao Kahn: Good. Maybe I can win this 10th tournament. Because of the Great Kung Lao, I've lost 2 tournaments. The next loss places a hold on me for the next 500 years.

Knightwolf: If they take over, they might even be strong enough to defeat you.

Shao Kahn had a surprise look on his face. He grew angry.

Shao Kahn: That...will never happen.

Knightwolf: Help us and it won't.

Shao Kahn: What is it that you want?

Knightwolf: Information. Help me track down 3 people of interest.

Shao Kahn: Who?

Knightwolf: Telsia, Kabal, and Hanzo. Telsia and Kabal are 2 black Dragon members who were sent to kill the MIA Shirai Ryu member, Hanzo, aka Scorpion.

Shao Kahn: You do know that last time I saw them, they allied with me. My suppose-to-be-strong assassin's blood gave them enhanced fighting abilities that may surpass even you. Why should I help you kill them?

Knightwolf: I am stronger. I can show you. Let me and my partner fight them. Whichever team wins, allow us fight for Outworld... in the 10th tournament.

Shao Kahn: I'll accept that offer, but you do realize only you can fight for me. The others will have to take over Kabal and Telsia's work.

Knightwolf: Deal. Now tell me where they are.

Shao Kahn sits back down in his chair as Knightwolf walks over to him once again.

Shao Kahn: Very well. Telsia is in the Armory right now. She's preparing to come to my throne room soon. Kabal was sent to Earthrealm, where he is aiding my Ally Quan Chi in capturing Scorpion.

Knightwolf: Ally? You mean we have to work for him?

Shao Kahn: Quan Chi may be untrustworthy, but with his help, I can destroy Earthrealm. Once I control Earthrealm, I will have everything I need to take over Netherealm and Chaos Realm.

Knightwolf: He'll destroy our clan like he did years ago. Attacking him will only force you to attack us because you want him as an ally.

Shao Kahn: I know things that even you don't know. Quan Chi won't wipe your clan out because of 2 reasons. The first is that it took 500 years for the Shirai Ryu to grow into a powerful fighting force. You are 497 years short of that goal, and all except two of you are young. The second reason is that I won't let him destroy my new warrior.

Knightwolf: You know very little. That is not guaranteed.

Shao Kahn: I even know that you aren't really a...

Knightwolf begins to get nervous and angry as she interrupts Kahn.

Knightwolf: You're wrong. I am one.

Shao Kahn slightly smiles.

Shao Kahn: Your speech has changed quickly. I've noticed you've used a simplified version of You are, saying you're instead. Shamans don't use combined wording at all. Not even by mistake.

Knightwolf attempts to retaliate, but realizes it is futile.

Knightwolf: I'm the successor of my race. When the time comes, I will avenge them all. Know that, emperor.

Shao Kahn: My room's always available, child.

Knightwolf walks out of Kahn's Throne room angrily. Shao Kahn smiles as she shuts the door.
Shao Kahn: How bold. I like that one. What about you three?

Three females appear from behind Kahn's chair. One was a white woman with curly red hair, another was a black woman with curled raven hair, and the last woman had straight blonde hair. All three of them dawned the assassin attire that all females in the Brotherhood of Shadows wear.

Red Head: I would have killed her personally. Wouldn't you agree Mika.

Mika was the blonde woman. She had a country-like speech pattern that was always recognizable to everyone. She appeared to have a small stab wound on her forehead.

Mika: Well she did threaten to kill Quan Chi and Shao Kahn. She also put this stab womb on my pretty little forehead which would have killed a mortal. You should thank me, Sora.

Sora was the raven haired woman. She's not into the violent actions that her comrades greatly enjoy. Everything she does is only to serve Quan Chi.

Sora: We can't die anyway. I don't know why you took the hit. Personally, I don't see why you let her live Emperor. She can cause a bad turn of events for us all. I have to agree with Siann on this one.

Siann was the Red haired woman. She was alot older and wiser compared to Mika and Sora.

Siann: Why didn't you kill her?

Shao Kahn closed his eyes.

Shao Kahn: Soon. Real Soon.

Knightwolf walks from the Castle of Shao Kahn and heads to the Armory. Before she reaches her destination, she suddenly stops. She takes her hand and puts a large hole through her chest, cause her blood to fall from her chest. Seconds later, the blood starts to make red electric like sparks. The blood begins to form into a female human figure. Once the figure completely forms, it is revealed that the figure was Skarlet. Afterwards, Knightwolf's injuries begins to heal, but the wound heals slot slower than it does with Ermac.

Knightwolf: I knew it. Did you send the message?

Skarlet: Yeah. You really gonna fight her?

Knightwolf: If I want to survive. With my brother gone, I'm no longer bound by the Shaman's rules. I tested that when I kill one of the undead assassins that was hiding behind Shao Kahn's Throne. Since I'm able to slay her, I will. And when she's dead, her soul will be mine.

Skarlet: If you will, let me face her instead. You can fight Kabal.

Knightwolf: You only want to fight her to settle a score. However, this is serious if we want to keep Scorpion alive.

Skarlet: There are many reasons I asked you for this. Quan Chi, Shinnok, and the forces of the Brotherhood are still hunting for Scorpion. If they find out that I'm helping him, they would kill me on the spot. Quan Chi's sorcery may only be half of my life, but it's still a crucial part. Also, Kabal's skills are best suited for you. I'm better off fighting Telsia.

Knightwolf closes her eyes and begins to frown angrily. Then she takes a deep sigh and takes the frown off of her face.

Knightwolf: Fine. I'll head to Earthrealm. Just make sure you finish the Job.

Skarlet: Got it.

Skarlet digs in her kunai pouch and pulls out a medallion with the dragon symbol on it. However, the symbol has a huge scratch on the front of it. She tosses the medallion to Knightwolf, who responds by catching it.

Knightwolf: You stole the treasure of the Elder Lords? Why are you giving this to me?

Skarlet: The Great Kung Lao, the only warrior in our history to defeat Reptile and Shang Tsung, wore this very medallion. He won the tournament twice, so I have the second medallion. He gave these to his 2 best friends telling them "These medallions will decide the fate of the tournaments. If both medallions are unscathed, Earthrealm will win." As you can see, Earthrealm stands no chance, so make sure you make the right choices.

Knightwolf: In other words, watch who I kill and align myself with.

Skarlet: Exactly.

Skarlet skips into the Armory as Knightwolf creates a portal to Earthrealm. As Skarlet enters the heart of the Armory, she spots all kinds of weapons; from spears and swords to guns and explosives. She carefully treads through the armory, investigating the area. Suddenly, she sees a figure donning a black cape. Skarlet begins to look surprised, but then she begins to look angrily at the figure.

Male Voice: What are you doing here, witch? I was told that this was a safe zone.

The figure is revealed to be Kabal.

Skarlet: I thought Telsia was suppose to be here.

Back at the bridge that connects both Earthrealm and Outworld, Knightwolf stares in the face of Telsia.

Knightwolf: Why are you here? I thought you were suppose to be in the Armory.

Telsia: You mean to tell me that I was suppose to head to This portal only to be attacked by you? That idiot.

All 4 of them were surprised and angry at the one person who set these encounters up.

All 4: Shaaaoooooo Kaaaaaahnnn!!!

Shao Kahn: my pre-tournament. Hahahahahahahahahaaa!
That's all for part 1. Get ready for part two, coming soon!
(Upcoming-Chapter 8: Shirai Ryu Pt. 2)
Chapter 8: Shirai Ryu Pt. 2

Kabal stands firmly as he looks at Skarlet, who is increasingly pacing around the room. She gives him an angry glare.

Skarlet: So tell me, what did my powers give you? Are you able to defeat me now?

Kabal: We never had our fight, witch. I could have defeated you before. How are you still alive after what Sonya did to you?

Skarlet: Immortality. It's real. But my immortality was created by Shang Tsung's sorcery combined with Shao Kahn's Power and my corpse that was stolen from the Netherealm. Also, I've borrowed some antitoxins for the cancer cells. This way, I can reduce the amount of blood loss during my lifespan.

Kabal: I see. You do know there is no cure for cancer right? You'll die eventually.

Skarlet: As long as humans live, so do I.

Kabal: And as long as you have cancer, you still can't absorb blood.

Kabal readies his hook blades as he silently chuckles.

Kabal: It's funny, but you remind me of this vampire I saw once. It was in a dream that felt so real. She killed me and gained immense power when she absorbed my blood. Don't know how I just remembered it though.

Skarlet creates a long blood spear and attempts to stab Kabal. However, he dashes towards Skarlet at light speed and hooks her arm with his blade.

Kabal: Did this answer your question, blood witch?

Kabal uses his hook to decapitate Skarlet's right arm. Skarlet screams in pain as she slowly revives her arm.

Kabal: No use.

Kabal uses both of his Hook swords and wraps them around Skarlet's Neck. He decapitated her head. She, again, slowly revives herself.

Skarlet: You might be fast, but so am I.

Skarlet throws out 3 kunai in 3 different directions: one to her left, one to the ceiling, and one towards Kabal. She dashes towards the left Kunai, then she dashes to the kunai in the ceiling. Using both kunai, she falls toward Kabal and attempts to kill him. However, Kabal dodges the attack quickly using a backwards dash. However, the kunai Skarlet threw before was near his face. He quickly moved his head out of the way of the kunai. Skarlet slightly smirks as she dashes near the Kunai and uses it to strike Kabal in his shoulder. Kabal is impressed by her smooth tactic.

Kabal: Heh. Seems you got me this time. But, you forgot one thing.

Kabal suddenly vanishes in thin air, and Skarlet stays on alert. She begins to look around herself to see where he went. Before she could react, Kabal appeared behind her and stabbed her in the back with his hook swords.

Kabal: I'm alot faster than that.

Skarlet: Dang it!!!

Meanwhile, Knightwolf stares at Telsia in wonder. She remembers seeing her before, but can't remember where.

Knightwolf: Is your name really Telsia.

Telsia: Why?

Knightwolf: I think I saw you before.

Telsia: So.

Knightwolf: You can't be Telsia. That's not even a legitimate name.

Telsia: What are you saying?

Knightwolf: I heard of this story about a student from the samurai academy in Japan who killed her own master so that she could gain immortality. And when she realized it was futile, she changed her name to avoid embarrassment and a criminal record. Her name...

Telsia: Is Irrelevant. But if you want to be so nosey, I can tell you that I have gained immortality. That was the power Skarlet's blood gave me.

Knightwolf: There is no true immortality. Everyone dies eventually.

Telsia: Just because you have temporary immortality, that doesn't mean I can't be a true immortal.

Knightwolf: You can only become immortal by taking others blood, just like Skarlet.

Telsia: Not true. Hit me with your best shot. I won't even use my swords.

Knightwolf creates a bow and arrow and fires it directly at Telsia. She strikes her in the heart and Telsia begins to fall dead.

Knightwolf: So, she really didn't absorb any blood yet.

Telsia: Just kidding.

To Knightwolf's horror, Telsia rises back up and readies herself against Knightwolf.

Telsia: Anymore questions?

Knightwolf: If you knew you couldn't die. Why didn't you atleast try to dodge it or use you swords to kill me?

Telsia: Kill you? Ha! I don't want to kill you. What would I do that for? You might be my enemy, but it doesn't mean I need to kill you. If I can't die, it won't be a need for me to watch my back. I won't have any worries.

Knightwolf: Then why didn't you run?

Telsia: Because, this is fun. You can kill me as long as you'd like, but I'll still be here fighting you. We can fight for eternity, you still have temporary immortality.

Knightwolf: So you were actually hoping to fight Skarlet all of this time. I'm starting to remember you slightly. You did change your name and became a mercenary for higher. Your great skills came from all of the extra years of training. 15 years inside a nearly unknown orphanage.

Telsia: Correct. I learned so much there.

Telsia rushes towards Knightwolf and attacks her with a multitude of kicks and punches, but Knightwolf easily blocks each one using her spirit armor.

Knightwolf: Yet it still wasn't enough. You still needed immortality. Why?

Telsia finally breaks through the armor as she sends a straight low kick into Knightwolf's stomach and knocks her on the ground.

Telsia: I...I've been enduring the pain for too long. I don't want to die.

Knightwolf: It was more than just an orphanage that taught children the ways of the samurai. It was torture.


Telsia grew angry as she remembered her past. Back then, her masters would continually abuse her and other orphans whenever they would fail to perform a task or if they made any type of mistakes. When she joined, she only wanted to live a normal and comfortable life surrounded by people who loved her. The other orphans were the only people she considered her family, and whenever they got punished by their superiors, she would get upset. She was never afraid of the pain and abuse, she was only afraid that she would eventually die from it. After she gained enough skill, she killed the owner of the Orphanage and changed her name to avoid public attention. Her original name was...

Knightwolf: Tasia! Your real name is Tasia. I remember now.

Telsia is surprised that Knightwolf was able to figure out her real name.

Tasia: How is this possible. You were never around me at that time. My existence wasn't even known until that day.

Knightwolf: My memory is still kinda blurred. I really don't know how I found this information out, but I certainly see that it's accurate.

Tasia: I guess that means I'll have to send you down the bottomless pit and torture you there for eternity. I can't have information like that to Roaming around.

Tasia uses her power to summon both of her swords into her hands. She prepares to attack Knightwolf.

Tasia: You might want to use that armor of yours, maybe it'll let your suffering be reduced by 40 seconds.

Knightwolf creates her spirit armor again and defends against Tasia's repeated sword attacks. With absolutely no way to kill her, Knightwolf begins to give up. Tasia finally shatters Knightwolf's armor and prepares for one final blow.

Tasia: This won't kill you, but for the small time frame that you fall unconscious, you'll be falling down this bottomless pit.

Tasia swings her sword down on Knightwolf with force. Before she could actually make contact with Knightwolf however, she is forcefully stopped by a young female dressed in royal blue clothing, who grabbed Tasia by her wrist. She had the appearance of a beautiful princess and wore her hair down and neatly groomed.

Tasia: What is it?!! Can't you see that I'm handling some business right now? Shao Kahn brought me here to kill her.

Female: Sorry, but things have changed now.

Knightwolf was surprise by the girls appearance. Though she was only 16, she carried herself like a grown woman.

Knightwolf: Is that you, Kitana?

The girl was revealed to be Sindel's Daughter and Shao Kahn's step-daughter, Kitana.

Kitana: Yes, it is. I'm here to take care of some important business that is beneficial to Shao Kahn as well as myself.

Tasia: And that is?

Back at the armory, a half dead Skarlet's is lying flat on the floor as Kabal stands over her corpse.

Kabal: I killed her in many different ways, yet she still lives. And to make matters worse, you 2 decide to show up in the middle of it all.

Across from Kabal stood 2 other young females. One of them wore royal gold and black clothes. She was also dressed like a princess, but her shirt was sleeveless and she wore shorts instead of pants. She had her hair in a thigh length pony tail and was 14 years old. The other girl wore green and black "track and field" style clothing. She looked more like a servant rather than a royal princess. She wore her hair down at shoulder length and was also 14 years ago.

Tanya: Tanya takes no pity on your pityless life. You want me to sit here and let you win this tournament, not on Tanya's watch. And don't forget about Jade's watch either, cause it has no set time.

Jade: do realize that nothing you just said made sense right?

Tanya: You're killing my vibe here, Jado. You're not allowed to correct the Ambassador's daughter.

Jade: Ugh, I hate when you call me that. Jado just sounds so lame.

Kabal: Are you girls serious?

Tanya: You're right, sorry. I didn't think you'd be so ready to become a sacrifice.

Kabal: Sacrifice? What sacrifice?

Tanya: One must die...

Kitana: ...the other must vanish from existence.
That's everything I have for Chapter 8. Chapter 9 should give you answers to many question you might have about the story.
(Upcoming-Chapter 9: Shirai Ryu Pt. 3)
Chapter 9: Shirai Ryu Pt. 3

Living in a world where everything is different from what it's suppose to be is easy. However, living in a world where you can't remember how it is suppose to be is more difficult to explain.

Tasia: So you're here to kill me? Or make me disappear?

Kitana: Exactly.

Tasia: Which is it?

Kitana: Looking at this pit below this bridge, I'd say no one will remember you down there. And your immortality makes it all the better.

Tasia: If you think it's possible I'd like to see you try.

Kitana: Wow! Was that a threat? Ooohh, I'm soooo scared! What can I do, I'm helpless in combat.

Tasia: Are you mocking me?!! You do realize that you actually are helpless in combat, right?

Kitana: Just as much as I realize that you are Tasia. And not just from hearing this conversation or anyone's talking.

Tasia: Now I have to kill you too.

Kitana: Oh? But can you kill me? Because I once remember someone else from Earthrealm killing you before.

Tasia: Her arrow didn't work.

Kitana: Oh, but not here. It was in another world similar to this one.

Knightwolf: What? You mean another realm?

Kitana: It's too complicated for you 2 to understand. I really meant in another world like this one. Each of us have been pawns in a game that will continue forever until their is a winner. So far, the chances of success in this world are slim. That's why 2 pawns must go in order for a new pawn to appear in the game.

Tasia: What game? What are you talking about.

Kitana: You don't even remember one of the worlds? A soldier from the special forces killed you once in a facility. Only Kano and Jared survived.

Tasia begins to speak, but she soon starts having a flashback. Not a flashback of the past, but of a previous world in which she and the other black dragon members broke out of jail and attacked a facility. However, she was killed by an African American special forces agent who she recognized as Jax. With one mistake over a floor mine, she exploded into different areas of the floor. Back to reality, she begins to freeze up, and her eyes were opened wide. She can't believe anything she just remembered. She hated having to realize how it felt to die.

Tasia: It...can't be true! I can't be dead! I don't...want to die!

Tasia's mind starts to become mentally unstable. Although she felt it was a false statement, she knew that the memories were real.

Tasia: Does that mean this is all a dream? Was I Resurrected? Was I...ALREADY IMMORTAL!!!

Knightwolf: Tasia! Calm down! Kitana what did you do to her?

Kitana: I did nothing but tell her about the real her.

Tasia: It's not that I didn't want to die after all, is it. It's actually the fact that I do want to die. So please, HURRY UP AND KILL ME!

Kitana: You're annoying. Why don't you just disappear already.

Kitana points her right hand toward Tasia. Knightwolf looks surprised as 4 small portals appear around Tasia.

Knightwolf: You know sorcery?

Kitana: As if. Why would I need that?

A Shadow Priest appears out of each of the portals. All four of them constrained Tasia by using some sort of stasis field. Knightwolf is amazed by the power of the shadow priest. Once Tasia was completely paralyzed, the Shadow Priests proceed to throw her down the bottomless pit and followed behind her.

Knightwolf: Isn't this pit bottomless? Why would you do that, I thought you said she would die.

Kitana: We can easily replace her with you, so SHUT IT! Besides, she'll be disintegrating into nothing fairly soon.

Knightwolf: Your mother and father were kind hearted people, so how did you end up so ruthless?

Kitana: I never met my mother, and Shao Kahn definitely isn't nice.

Knightwolf: I forgot that you still don't know the truth.

Kitana: I never said I didn't know the truth. I already know Shao Kahn killed my father and that my mother committed suicide. I know he isn't my real father, that's the point of the Mortal Kombat tournaments.

Knightwolf is shocked and surprised at the intense amount of knowledge that Kitana possessed about her life.

Knightwolf: Then why do you serve him?

Kitana: He still made me his step-daughter. Certain events in our worlds will cause certain actions to happen. In each world, there is one absolute villain. You were once the cause of the world falling to Armageddon in one world, remember.

Knightwolf: Princess Kitana, what are you tal-

Knightwolf suddenly begins to have a flashback similar to Tasia's. Starting with Subzero's quest to the Netherealm, it was simplified when Knightwolf trapped Raiden, forcing him not to stop Bi-Han in time. Her brother, Nightwolf, also survived because he didn't have any prize for the Order Realm, so he didn't visit the realm at all. In MK1, she distracted most of the other Earthrealm defenders from getting on the boat when she sparred with one of them in an amazing fight. MK2 is where she first unwillingly summoned Blaze, causing Daegon to wake up too early, and Hornbuckle was killed. MK3, Information on Sindel's corpses was given by Knightwolf. MK4, Knightwolf allowed Tanya to live even though she knew the consequences, but Knightwolf was no killer. MKDA, She threatened the real Kahn, believing he was a black mailer, and sparred with Lui Kang before Shang Tsung found him. MKD, she hired Dairou to save someone in Earthrealm, but he mistook it for him to save someone from Earthrealm, in which he saved Shujinko from Order Realm's prison. In the end, she was always a normal girl who enjoyed sparring with others. She never knew that she'd be doing anything wrong.

Knightwolf: Uuuuuuugh!!! No! It can't be! They're dead! Everyone's dead because of me!

Kitana begins to secretly laugh at Knightwolf's exaggeration.

Knightwolf: How is it that we're still here?!! It can't be real! Did you just use some kind of illusion?!!

Knightwolf suddenly snaps back into her normal self.

Kitana: In your visions, did you see who I was?

Knightwolf: I believe I did. You were alot older, and you fought for Edenia. If you know what's right, why don't you work for Earthrealm?

Kitana: In that particular world, I choose to leave my father's side because he tried to replace me with another "daughter" that looked just like me. I felt hate and Jealousy for him in every other world, but in this world, he knows nothing about his "other daughter" because she is now just a subconscious that he cares nothing for. That's just the way I like it. Now I have complete inheritance over Outworld when he dies.

Knightwolf: I see. So, what do you plan to do with these sacrifices?

Knightwolf turns her head to the pit to see if Tasia was coming back, knowing the answer was no. She then turned her head back to Kitana, but she was nowhere to be seen. Knightwolf falls to her knees begins to silently cry as she remembers everything. Meanwhile, at the Armory...