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Tanya: It's either die or disappear, your choice.

Kabal: You can't kill what you can catch. Do you really want to face me?

Tanya: Please. I know all about your "speed" your "faster-than-light" running powers. Ha. It's nothing I can't handle. I have the powers of Black Magic. The power to summon immortal demons at will.

Kabal: What? Are you talking about Shao Kahn's Shadow Priests?

Tanya: I can...wait what? You already know about them? But, you're not an Ourworlder.

Kabal: Those guys give me the creeps. And their immortality is even more annoying. Just like you.


Jade: Fine. But you better hope Tasia is disappearing.

Kabal dashes right at Tanya and attempts to behead her, but Jade easily strikes him with her pole before he reaches Tanya.

Kabal: Lucky shot. Try this!

Kabal dashes at Tanya again, but instead of a frontal attack, he dashes behind Jade and attempts to attack her. However, she easily attacks him with her pole without even looking at him.

Kabal: Impossible! The immortal witch couldn't even stop. How is it that you two children, barely old enough to even have children, are able to match my speed?

Tanya: A magician never tells her secrets.

Kabal: Only Shadow Priest can stop me like this.

Tanya: Would it be possible that...

Jade: Tanya, quit joking around. You know you're lying.

Tanya: Alright genius, then tell me. How did you pinpoint his every move?

Jade points toward Skarlet, who was beginning to rise from the ground.

Skarlet: I'm blood trails helped.

Jade: Whenever he dashed, Skarlet threw small amounts of blood on the floor. Whenever his foot would touch the blood, I knew when and where to hit him.

Tanya moves two steps towards Jade and simply smiles. Jade slightly fakes a smile.

Tanya: Jado, can you tell me what rule I gave you that you've just broken?

Jade: But you asked...

Tanya grabs Jade by the hair and pulls her face closer as Jade begins to have a slightly scared look on her face.

Tanya: Look kid. You work for me, not Kitana. When I say that I'm a Shadow Priest with lots of magical abilities, you are suppose to agree. YOU DID NOTHING TO WIN THIS FIGHT! UNDERSTOOD!

Kabal: Are you serious? All you did was stand still babbling about fake magic.

Tanya steals Jade's pole and throws it at Kabals head, knocking him down nearly unconcious.


Tanya: SHUT IT! And as for you, Jade, you will be punished when this is all over.

Tanya releases Jade's hair and grabs her by the shirt. She takes Jade near the pole and Kabal's body, and tosses her to the ground.

Tanya: Now, using the power of Outworld's magic core, I want you to finish him.

Jade: We can't until we get confirmation that Tasia will be disappearing.

Tanya: I didn't ask if you wanted to wait, Jade. I said "FINISH HIM!!!"

Jade begins to have tears running down her eyes as she grabs her pole. Tanya recognizes her tears and grows impatient. She punches Jade in her head and then grabs her by the arm.

Tanya: Do I really need to tell you about crying infront of the enemy? GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!

Jade dries away her tears, grabs her pole, and rises up. She raises her pole in the air and prepares to kill Kabal.

Kabal: Why don' make her...finish me?

Jade: She is the Ambassador's daughter. I can't disobey her orders.

Kabal: A woman chooses...but a slave...

Jades eyes grew large once she heard those words. She had a shocked look on her face. Tanya begins to grow happily interested in Kabal's words.

Tanya: Well then if that's the case, we can both agree on something. She's not a woman, she's a girl. And she WILL obey my every command. There is no such thing as a possibility of her disobeying my orders. We can say she's a SLAVE!

Jade's eyes grew even wider and her teeth begin to grind. Skarlet begins to realize what is happening.

Kabal: It might be that way in her heart...

Skarlet: Tanya, you're speaking too much, you might need to-

Tanya: Shut it, witch. You don't know me, and I don't know you. However, you can guarantee that when Kahn dies, I'll take over his throne. By then, just like Jade's parents...

Skarlet: Tanya!

Tanya: Everyone in all of Outworld...

Skarlet: TANYA!

Tanya: WILL BE MY...

Jade slams her pole down on Kabal in anger. She then swings the pole against Tanya's jaw, knocking her on the ground. She repeatedly beats both Tanya and Kabal against their heads until they both fall unconscious. With one final blow, she strikes the ground beside Tanya's head. She regains her senses and stares at both of the bodies. Kabal's face was hideously crippled, but somehow, he was still alive. Tanya was missing a few teeth and some were chipped. She had bruises all over her face. She had a shocked look on her face, and she didn't move at all. Tanya was dead. Jade breathed heavily and dropped her pole to the floor.

Skarlet: I can't came to this.

Jade: Tanya was like a sister to me. But she was also she was also a pain in my heart. I hated her.

Skarlet: But she's like a sister?

Jade: You wouldn't understand. Just disregard it.

Skarlet: What now? Shes dead and he's still breathing.

Jade: I know it's wrong for me to ask for this, but can you help me...

Skarlet: Sure. We'll keep this between me and you. Toss her body in the boiler pit and throw Kabal's weapons in it. I feel that he will somehow be beneficial to our future, so leave him alive. As long as they grab the body along with the hook swords from the boiler, they'll believe it was Kabal that died. Even the Shadow Priest won't be able to determine if its Tanya.

Jade: Thanks. Will do.

Jade does exactly as Skarlet says and they both create a story to explain the events without getting into trouble.

Shao Kahn: I see. So Tanya wants to escape her life of politics in order to seek out an adventure? How pitiful, but she was an annoying brat. I'm not sending a search party for her regardless of how her father feels.

Jade: I'll take whatever punish you give me for letting her off.

Shao Kahn: Alright, you will carry her burdens for now on. All of the political things that she usual takes care of will be done by you, understood?

Jade slightly smiles at Kahn and begins to show tears of joy.

Shao Kahn: Alright, dismissed!

Jade leaves out of Shao Kahn's throne room and meets up with Kitana in her balcony. Kitana simply looks over the outside of the palace as Jade stands next to her.

Jade: Well Kitana, it seems that I've moved up in life just like you said.

Kitana: Don't speak to me.

Jade's happiness quickly disappears into seriousness and confusion. Kitana begins to silently cry.

Kitana: Why didn't you save her. I know she abused you very often, but you could have saved her.

Jade: But she's not dead, she just-

Kitana: You can fool my father into thinking that, but you can't fool me.

Jade grew sadness and full of guilt as she looked to the ground. Kitana dried her face and began to smile again.

Kitana: I wish I could have saw the body, but you knew it was too gruesome so you disposed of it somewhere. How were you able to even handle watching Kabal kill her? I would have been traumatized by that. And then you carried her body? You're very strong minded.

Jade: Uh...yeah. I guess I am. Sorry, for lying to you.

Kitana: No worries, the sacrifice was complete. Now, we can bring back an ally.

Jade: Really? Who are you bringing back?

Kitana: I have yet to decided. We have to look into it more. Starting first thing tomorrow.
Thats all for this amazing chapter, there are still 7 more chapters left in this season, so be sure to stay updated.
(Upcoming-Chapter 10: Outworld)
Chapter 10: Outworld

10 days ago...

The Outworld you know of is a cruel and wicked place ruled by an emperor who was more ruthless than his former master. But the Outworld that I know is a place of solitude and friends of all kinds. Some will be true to you, and others will put on a fake smile. Could the Earthrealm really be a better place?

Jade: Why do you always give those speeches every morning when you look outside your balcony?

Kitana: Hm.

Kitana smirked. Jade had just walked into Kitana's room. Every morning, she must accompany both Kitana and Tanya to make sure they start their schedules on time.They must wake up and meet in the dinning hall for breakfast, so that's where they are both heading now. As she sits at the round table with other diplomats (which include Kitana, Tanya, Tanya's father, the representative, and Shao Kahn) Jade offers to assist them with anything they desire.

Shao Kahn: Jade, I think you're done here. I'm feeling excellent today, so I want you to take the day off. Thats an order.

Jade: I'll do as you ask, but Emperor please don't treat me better than the others just because I'm friends with Kitana and Tanya.

Shao Kahn: Its not just them, you're a friend to all of us. The reason I need you to take so many breaks is because you're too young to be overworked like the others. And you are the most hard working. I value that. Now GO!

Jade bows and leaves the room. As she closes the door, the diplomats start talking business.

Ambassador: So, we have a crisis on our hands. The Saurian race is still alive, the Shokan are still vulnerable to extinction, and we still need to win one more tournament to take Earthrealm. We need to choose our warriors carefully.

Shao Kahn: I have a list of candidates who I think are worthy of the positions. Any suggestions?

Representative: I would suggest Baraka. I mean, he is the best Tarkatan in Outworld.

Shao Kahn: I know, but I need him to prepare the troops for our invasion of the Chaos Realm. Their weakness is order, which is my weakest strategy. That's also why Motaro must stay.

Ambassador: Rain sounds like a good choice. I mean, he is courageous and he wants to join the Tournament anyway.

Tanya: Ha, I think hes over his head. Its impossible for him to beat the forces of Earthrealm as young as he is.

Kitana: Oooh? Are you jealous at the fact that Rain's able to travel their but not you?

Tanya: As if! I'm just worried that we'd be siting around bored for the next 500 years if he screws up.

Ambassador: Tanya, please behave like a lady.

Tanya: Father you know it's true.

Representative: Emperor, I think we should keep them out of our meetings.

Kitana gives the representative an evil glare, and he becomes startled.

Representative: Uh....nevermind. Carry on.

Kitana: Anyways, I say we should call in the Shirai Ryu Clan. They have been rebuilding their team lately.

Shao Kahn: One of their members are a part of Outworld, but she's also part of Earthrealm. If I can convince her to join us, she can help us win the Tournament.

Tanya: Then it's settled! You have the Shirai Ryu, the Lin Kuei agreed to help, so did the Black Dragon, and we have...Rain. Also, Reptile's our champion.

Ambassador: But that means we only have 2-3 Outworld participants, the rest are from Earthrealm.

Shao Kahn: But Reptile is actually invincible. Or so I'd believe. His Skin armor protected him from Ermac's attacks, so hand to hand won't work on him.

Representative: You do know that he was almost killed by the Locust Clan right?

Shao Kahn: They escaped our wraith once, by we will hunt them down before the Tournament begins. Earthrealm is crafty.

Kitana: Now that we've made an agreement, can we leave now? I have other matters to attend to.

Shao Kahn: Shut it, Kitana! You leave when I say leave. Everyone else, you're dismissed.

Everyone exits the room except Kitana and Shao Kahn. Kitana tries to look away from Shao Kahn.

Shao Kahn: Don't ignore my presence, Daughter.

Kitana begins to pout and talk very low.

Kitana: You're not my real father.


Kitana: But it's true. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you for taking care of me, but I think you treat me like a little girl.

Shao Kahn: No! I treat you like a princess. I want you to take over when I die. If I were to die, that is.

Kitana: So you're not powerful, eh heh heh heh heh heh!

Shao Kahn: I could easily replace you, daughter. I hear that Earthrealm has many women who are more competent than you.

Kitana: Please. You won't find...

Shao Kahn: Mileena.

Kitana's eyes begin to grow wide. She then gives Shao Kahn an evil glare.

Shao Kahn: I want to know. Why does that name bother you so much? Is there someone you know that's named Mileena. Have they been harassing you.

Kitana remembers that in previous worlds, she was always replaced by Mileena. The last world (MK9) resulted in Kitana's demise and Mileena was the one who replaced her. Kitana began to walk away, but Shao Kahn stops her at the door.

Shao Kahn: Wait, Kitana. Before you go, I want you to remember. NEVER EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!

Kitana: Sure...father.

Kitana walks out of the door and Shao Kahn keeps a frown on his face. Outside the dining hall, Kitana spots a depressed looking Tanya. She spots Kitana and invites her to her room. As they both enter, Tanya hops on her bed, while Kitana decides to stand.

Tanya: Finally, I get to come back to my bed.

Kitana; You're lazy, Tanya.

Tanya: Soooo! This diplomatic stuff is just too complicated for my mind. I need a rest from it all.

Kitana: Denied. And that's an order.

Tanya: Fine. Anyways, what did you discuss with Shao.

Kitana: Thats Emperor to you. You really need to start acting more respectful.

Tanya: He must have gave you the same talk huh?

Kitana: ........Yes.

Tanya laughs silently at Kitana.

Tanya: Forget them. We'll live the way we want. Why don't we runaway happily and...

Kitana: GROW UP!

Kitana was angered by Tanya's words. Tanya looked a bit spooked at first, but then she looked at Kitana angrily.

Kitana: It's true, I do have a bit of a childish nature at times, but you're just pushing it every single hour! At every meeting we've had, you were never serious! The things we discuss are very important and can have a great impact on our realm! Our realm made the mistake of not doing a tournament against Shao Kahn, and the price we paid was the loss of not just millions of people, but also the lives of the King and Queen!

Tanya: You mean the loss of you mother and father?!! Tell me! Do the lives of the other civilians affect you at all, or is it that you hate the fact that your parents weren't spared?

Kitana: And what about your Mother, huh? Where's that dead beat drag queen? Just like me, you're probably wondering what happened to her after she dropped you at your father's house after your birth.

Tanya's voice changes to that of a mature, grown woman.


Kitana: Then how about I refresh you memory with a few...flashbacks!

Tanya's anger turned into shock, as Kitana begins to remind her of the previous worlds.

Kitana: In every world, either your mother or your father was a dead beat parent who abandoned you. Most of the time, its your mother. When she isn't the dead beat parent, she always abused you. You were helpless and had no way of escaping it.

Tanya's voice changes back to her normal. Tanya holds her own head with both hands while screaming as she begins to remember. The usual punishment she would deal with was verbal abuse and getting slapped. She was rarely almost killed from drowning at most times, she even died in one world. Her only way out of her misery was her acquaintance with Kitana one day, who decided to handle the situation properly. There was only one time that she actually killed her mother, and she was devastated that day.


Kitana: And let's not forget your betrayals in the first world.


Tanya falls to her knees, feeling the pain and suffering from her past. Kitana simply smiles.

Kitana: Dismissed, Outcast!

As Kitana walks out of the room, Tanya begins to regain control and cries. Jade overheard the entire conversation outside, but decided to do nothing.
4 days have passed since that day. Kitana was sick with the fever. She wasn't allowed any visitors, and 4 shadow priest guarded her room. Tanya had to attend the morning meeting, though it was going to be short. When she arrived, she folded her arms on the table and laid her head in between them.

Shao Kahn: What's the condition of our warriors?

Representative: The Black Dragon have agreed to help under the condition that they gain our Netherealm assassin's immortality. The Shirai Ryu have yet to respond.

Ambassador: Rain agreed to join the fight, but I'm afraid he's the only warrior in our realm who wanted to join the fight.

Tanya: ..........

Tanya looked depressed. She looked that way for the last 4 days, and her mood hasn't changed since. The other 3 politicians noticed her change in mood during the meeting. They fell to a moment of silence. They begin to whisper to each other.

Ambassador: My apologies, emperor. She's just-

Shao Kahn: I know, Ambassador. It's alright.

Representative: Maybe we should relieve her from the meeting for the day.

Shao Kahn: No. I'll send in our youngest servant, Jade. Maybe she can cheer her up.

At that moment, Jade enters the dining room with a tray and 5 cups of Edenian tea. The politicians are delighted and she serves each one. She serves Shao Kahn first and notices that Kitana is missing.

Jade: I though Kitana would be joining you all today.

Shao Kahn: She has the fever, so we sent her into a secured medical room. She not allowed to have any visitors today.

Jade: I see.

Kahn gives her a look. She knows thats the look of him saying 'sit with us and have her cup.' She continues to serve everyone and takes a seat with the last cup in her hand. Tanya gives Jade a look of Jealousy, which Jade is too busy to notice. Feeling irritated, Tanya politely pushes her tea cup away and prepares to leave the room.

Shao Kahn: Tanya!

Tanya: I'm done for the day, please excuse me.

Shao Kahn: I need your report to close of this meeting and all future meetings that are scheduled to occur before the next tournament.

Tanya: I said I'm done, emperor! Their's no one who discussed joining the tournament with me! Alright?!!

Shao Kahn: Watch your tone, young one. You're lucky I don't behead you for that.

Ambassador: Tanya. You always said you wanted to Join.

Tanya: Maybe you should have mentioned that before...father!

Jade: Tanya. Maybe-

Tanya strikes Jade in the jaw before she could finish her sentence, knocking Jade to the Ground.

Tanya: Quite Jade! You! Are! A! Servant! You have no say in anything except on what you want to eat, drink, and wear!

Jade feels saddened by Tanya's words. Her actions anger Shao Kahn.

Shao Kahn: Tanya, you are hereby dismissed and on suspension from all activities dealing with Outworld. You may not join the next tournament nor are you allowed to deal with any political affairs. Your private quarters will no longer be yours, and-

Tanya: Save it, Shao. I've already suspended myself.

Tanya walks out of the room quietly. Jade rises back off the floor as she rubs her jaw. Shao Kahn frowns.

Ambassador: Please, emperor. Can you find it in your heart to forgive her?

Representative: A suspension is still a suspension.

Shao Kahn: Exactly, but he thinks I'm going to kill her for that. I won't.

Jade: Sorry to interrupt, but......can I talk to her in private?

Shao Kahn is indecisive at first after what just happened, but in his heart he can never resist Jade because of her respectful attitude.

Shao Kahn: I'll let you do more than just talk to her.

Jade: Um, I don't think I want to harm her.

Shao Kahn laughs, but the Ambassador slightly whimpers.

Shao Kahn: You two will be hosting a special mission in 6 days. Maybe it'll let her feel better than before. But if she gets out of hand, don't hesitate to put her in her place. Yes she's royalty, but she's not allowed to destroy anything that belongs to me.

Representative: What kind of mission?

Shao Kahn: A pre-tournament. For tryouts.

Outside of the castle, Tanya travels to a nearby fountain. She stares at it with a frown on her face. She remembers the night she and Kitana had the argument. Clutching her fist, she begins to feel hatred towards her.

Tanya: She may be Shao Kahn's daughter and the princess of Outworld, but that doesn't get her the right...tsk.

Tanya looks away from the fountain and views the top of the castle where Kitana would stand.

Tanya: If only-

Voice: -you could use Sorcery?

Tanya is shocked by the voice. She does not recognize it at all, and no was around.

Tanya: H-how did you know? Who are you?

Voice: Your thoughts. Your mind. You could even say I'm you!

Tanya: Shao Kahn, if you think this is a joke...

Voice: You threatened Kitana's life. Would Shao Kahn really let you live after saying that.

Tanya: Enough games, show yourself!

Voice: .........I cannot!

Tanya: And why is that? Do you fear me?

Voice: It's not that....someone is watching.

Tanya becomes confused as the presence of the voice disappears. She looks back at the fountain, only to realize that Rain overheard the entire conversation, excluding the voice. He was standing silently at the top of the fountain.

Rain: Well, well. If it isn't Tanya. How's it been? We haven't talked like this for years.

Tanya: Please. It's only been 8 years. You act like we're on the same calendar as the Earthrealm!

Rain: No need to get all rough on me. Its been what, atleast 12 Earth Years since I was 16? You weren't even born at that time. But you're 14 now. Our aging system is so off.

Tanya: That's because the calendar is different in Outworld. Anyways, why are you here?

Rain: I thought you were up to no good. Any problems?

Tanya: I see one that needs solving!

Tanya prepares to fight Rain. He hops off of the Fountain and gets into his fighting stance.

Rain: I see you dying in this fight. With the slash of my sword, you can easily die.

Tanya: Try Me!
That's the end of this chapter. Here's a bit of information for those who want to find the story you liked the beat in the terms of Arcs.

Season 1: Shao Kahn's Rise to Power
1-3: Nightwolf Rescue Arc.
4-6: Order vs Resistance Arc.
7-9: Shirai Ryu Uprising Arc.
10-12: Tournament Recruitment Arc.
13-15: ???
16: Epilogue

(Upcoming-Chapter 11: Tanya)
Chapter 11: Tanya

Life is not about living how you want, but it's about growing into the best person you want to be. Anyone who values their life will do whatever is necessary to get whatever they want out of life, even if it means betraying those who are close to you.

Rain: So, Tanya. What's your first move?

Tanya isn't a skilled fighter. She's never been in real Kombat, or atleast not in life or death kombat. She trained herself in hand to hand Kombat for years, but she never put in the type of skill that Rain was use to.

Tanya: Don't think that just because I'm young that I can't kill you.

Rain: Sorry, but I think you should have started with an attack, this isn't verbal Kombat.

Rain runs toward Tanya at incredible speed. When she is in range, he attempts to slash her. As soon as the sword makes contact with her clothing, she completely dodges the attack and back-hand slaps Rain in his face.

Rain: Impossible! How did you do that?

Tanya: Observe!

Tanya quickly uses a backflips kick and strikes Rain in the chin, causing him to stumble a bit. As he regains his stature, Tanya begins to dash towards him and strike him with a forward punch. However, Rain blocks her punch with one of his hands. As he swings his sword with his other hand, she quick grabs that hand and struggles to keep it away from her.

Rain: You're actually pretty good. Where do you get such speed?

Tanya: What speed? You're simply just moving too slow.

Rain: Taunting me won't help.

Tanya: It's not a taunt. It's the truth, how fast do you believe you're running and attacking. Each time you strike-

At that moment, Tanya becomes shocked. She realizes something isn't right about the fight. She knows that Rain is way more powerful than she is, but for some reason, it feels like he's going too easy on her.

Tanya: I see now. So that's the trick.

Rain: What are you talking about?

Tanya: I know why you're moving so slow now. My wish came true. It was this easy the whole time.

Tanya releases Rain's hand and backflips away from him.

Tanya: I've learned the secret to sorcery. It's simple. I just had to believe and put my heart into it.

Rain: Sorcery? Ha. You're no sorcerer.

Tanya: Then how about I shoot you with fire balls that burn hotter than the sun.

As Tanya attempts to believe that she can shoot fireballs from her hands, she becomes slightly sick and begins to cough.

Rain: Fireballs? More like hair balls.

Tanya: Wait. *Cough* What happen? I said fire not sickness.

Rain: Did you believe Kitana made you sick?

Tanya: Shut up! It's just that it's a bit cold out here...thats all!

Rain: Well, the game's over. Time for you to die.

Rain summons the water from the fountain and fuses it with his Katana swords to create 2 extended water blades the could reach up to 20 yards. Tanya has become terrified.

Tanya: Oh no.......It's over for me.

As Rain swings both swords toward Tanya, she closes her eyes and begins to silently call Jade's name. Suddenly, everything stops. Tanya opens her eyes and realizes that nothing was in motion, except herself. Suddenly, a voice called out to her. It was the same voice from before.

Voice: Tanya! Surprised?

Tanya: What happened?

Voice: I temporarily stopped time so that we could talk.

Tanya: I though I found the secret to magic........but it was a lie.

Voice: It's true that the trick to magic is you're belief and imagination, but true magic requires training, practice, and studying.

Tanya: So how do I create fireballs?

Voice: That is a highly advanced skill that requires alot of practice. It's also dangerous. I can teach you, but once you turn to darkness there will be no turning back.

Tanya: I'll do it, teach me quickly.

Voice: In due time. My location is in your public quarters. Head there in six days and your training shall begin. For now, let the game continue in it's regular motion.

Time unfreezes and Tanya realizes that Rain's water blades have dispersed. Tanya becomes confused.

Rain: Was that really necessary, Jade?

Tanya looks behind herself and spots Jade preparing to guard Tanya from the water blade on the right.

Jade: Shao Kahn sent me to come after her for a talk. I couldn't just watch you kill her.

Rain: So you were going to guard the first blade and allow her to dodge the second one, but in return, you'd be sacrificing yourself.

Tanya looks at Rain and looks back at Jade. Jade simple smiles.

Jade: The power of friendship is something much more powerful than magic and superpowers.

Tanya: Jade....

Rain: When you realize that everything you just said is trash to her, it's going to be on you.

Jade: If it means we die together, then so be it.

Rain: Tsk. I'm out.

Rain decides to walk away from the area and continue with his day. Tanya looks at the ground, falls to her knees, and begins to silently cry. She repeatly bangs on the ground.

Tanya: Why?!! Why?!! I almost did it! I almost killed him! He was almost done for. Why couldn't I do it!

Jade: But you're safe now. And you... Sorry, I forgot you didn't want me to speak.

Tanya: I had to rely on you! You almost died because of me! I should be ashamed of myself! I wish I was stronger! If only I could-

Tanya finally stopped beating the ground. Jade wrapped her arms around her and she laid her head on the back of Tanya's neck. Tanya dried her eyes and smiled.

Jade: It's alright. I know how you feel. Go to your public quarters and rest. We'll meet again In 6 days.

Hours later in her Public quarters, Tanya rests on her bed thinking about the voice's offer. She knows that she must also meet with Jade on that same day. She looks under her pillow and finds the invitation. It's an invitation to the Netherealm. She is surprised by the location. She knows about the Netherealm and that the only way of travel their is through death. She refused to die, but she really wanted to learn sorcery. She turns the card on the opposite side and spots an unfamiliar symbol with the words "Portal" on it.

Tanya: Portal? What's that suppose to mean?

Voice: Its means the only way to enter there alive is through a portal.

Tanya hops out of her bed as she spots 3 figures inside her quarters.

Tanya: What is...who are you? Quan Chi, what is the meaning of this?

The 3 figures were revealed to be Quan Chi, Ashrah, and Shinnok.

Quan Chi; You wanted to know sorcery, correct? Here are your mentors.

Tanya: I thought you said in 6 days.

Quan Chi: Yes, in six days you will travel through our portal. But it takes 6 days to master that skill. If you can open the portal and travel to the Netherealm, you will become a full fledge sorcerer like me. Then your training will begin.

Tanya: So, how do I open the portal?

Quan Chi: The secrets to opening this portal will be hard. You must start with your belief. Open the doors with the darkness in your heart. Feel the pain and suffering that flows in your body and open your arms wide. Then....wah lah.

Tanya: Show me!

Quan Chi: I can't. I must use Shinnok's Amulet to travel through portals.

Shinnok: We can't create magic with nothing, but I believe that you can.

Tanya: By myself?!!

Ashrah: I'll still be here. Shinnok and Quan Chi are banned from here and must finish their mission. I'm still allowed for helping Shao Kahn defeat Ermac.

Shinnok: Come, Quan Chi. We should really be going now. My powers are waning here.

Quan Chi: Yes, lord Shinnok. I will see you in 6 days child.

With that, Quan Chi and Shinnok left through a portal opened with Shinnok's amulet. Ashrah sat in a nearby chair. Tanya simply looked at her.

Tanya: You don't have to sit here all 6 days you know. Outworld is full of things to do.

Ashrah: I've roamed the Netherealm on my feet for the past 514 years. And yes if you didn't know, both Outworld and Netherealm's calendars will coincide with Earthrealm's from now on. So, yeah. I'm going to sit.

Tanya: Fine.

For 5 days, Tanya practiced opening the portal. By the 6th day, she was only able to open a portal that was large enough for her hands to fit through. She begins to get frustrated.

Tanya: Why can't I open this portal. I did everything.

Ashrah: •I know a trick•

Tanya slightly heard her.

Tanya: What was that?

Ashrah chuckled. He stands up and walks near Tanya.

Ashrah: It's easy, but it hurts. Cut you hand and use the blood to form the portal. It works.

Tanya: I...don't know about that. Are you sure?

Ashrah: I am a sorcerer after all.

Tanya is reluctant at first, but she attempts the trick anyway. She bites her hand and attempts to open the portal once more. This time, the portal opens much wider. It's almost at average capacity, but she still needs to open it a bit wider in travel through it.

Tanya: Progress increased, but it needs to be wider.

Ashrah: Traitor!

Tanya's eyes begin to grow wide. She feels only anger and hatred in her heart because of that one word. With a loud scream, she opens a portal that's big enough to fit 4 people.

Ashrah: •I knew it. So that means the rumors about "remembering past worlds" is true. How dark.•

Ashrah remembers her own past. She was always either a hero gone bad or a villain on the path to redemption. She was able to find a sword dubbed the "Kriss" in one world, and it gave her total redemption from Outworld. However, in this world she doesn't know what she wants to be. Tanya remembers her past in better detail. She was always a traitor, no matter what world she was in. She never had a perfect or nearly acceptable world. Everyone always saw her as only one thing, a traitor.

Tanya: No, I have to focus now. Ashrah, warn me next time.

Ashrah: Heh! Let's go.
Tanya and Ashrah walk through the portal and on the other side, they appear in the Netherealm's first plane. Tanya was startled a bit, but when she saw Quan Chi, she felt comfort.

Quan Chi: Excellent. So now you're a full time sorcerer. Ready to learn?

Tanya: Yes. Teach me how to use the fireball technique and I'll be on my way.

Quan Chi: Fireball? You're suppose to be staying here to learn how to be a sorcerer. Isn't that-

Tanya: No. I just wanted to... I only needed one spell.

Quan Chi: But you're bound to serve me until your magical power improves. You can't just leave.

Tanya: Well, I'm suppose to be meeting Jado today. kinda wanted to go with her to Earthrealm.

Quan Chi: He's sending her to the Armory first. Then she's going to Earthrealm. During that amount of time, I'll teach you the basics. The fireball is only teachable if you stay for a few more months.

Tanya: I only have a few more hours.

Quan Chi was frustrated and angry at Tanya. He gave up on her.

Quan Chi: You are allowed to read the books in our library, but I refuse to teach you. You're not even motivated enough.

Tanya: What do you mean I'm not motivated enough? I practiced 6 days straight trying to create the portal.

Quan Chi was a true deceiver. Twisting the truth is his greatest skill. Even though his so called "lies" and promise are actually always true, the number 1 thing he hates is a liar. Quan Chi's voice and personality as a whole changed. His voice greatly match the voice he used during Shinnok's invasion in the original world (MK4). His pupils disappeared and he began to glow green.

Overlord: Liar!

Tanya: Huh?

Overlord: Ashrah was sent to look over you as you learned how to create portals. However, I used a spell to create a visual portal in which I saw that you only trained 5 minutes each day. Not only that, but Ashrah was able to travel to Earthrealm on the 4th day because you didn't train at all that day. I know that the blood trick Ashrah told you about should have created a larger portal, and your anger didn't affect the portal at all. I widened the portal you made.

Shinnok: Not only that, but you only want to learn how to shoot fire so you can kill Kitana because of an argument. If you can't use magic, you won't be able to escape with that murder.

Ashrah: And I even told you that this would happen. Thats why I created a clone of you for the armory after copying you physical features as well as your personality. They won't know the difference.

Tanya: Cool spell Ashrah! But tricking me like suck.

Overlord: This is no game, Tanya. We can take you to Earthrealm in a few weeks, but you have to agree to the training.

Tanya: Denied!

Shinnok: Are you sure?

Tanya: If you can't teach me what I want, then it's useless to ask me to stay. You might think it's immature, but I have my reasons.

Overlord: They aren't even legitimate reasons. You only want power to attack a well protected princess. What can that gain you?

Tanya becomes more serious. Her voice begins to sound more mature, as if she was in her early 30s.

Tanya: Quan Chi, you might think your voice will scare me into your ways, but it won't. I'm already use to it. We've been in this for years.

Ashrah becomes slightly frightened by Tanya's voice.

Tanya: Ashrah. You know...don't you? The power to travel and remember previous worlds? Both Kitana and I know much more information about these worlds than you know. We even cut our ages short to keep living throughout the many worlds.

Overlord: Then why not learn true power? Why learn just a fireball?

Tanya: I denied my magic in this world because I wanted to live as a normal person instead of just some spiritual witch. I want to learn fire so that I can protect myself again

Quan Chi returns back to normal.

Quan Chi: My request still stands. What's your answer?

Tanya doesn't say a word at all. She creates a one-man portal and returns to Outworld. As the portal closes, Shinnok begins to get angry.

Shinnok: That child is undedicated!

Quan Chi: Relax, lord Shinnok. Soon, everyone will fall to you.

Shinnok: And to you as well, Quan Chi.

Back in Outworld, Tanya returns to her private Quarters and decides to rest for a while in her bed.

Tanya: She sent a clone. What can I tell Jade when she sees me?

She then stands up and decides to go to Kitana's room. Before she enters, she overhears Kitana's conversation with Jade.

Tanya: •Death? Killed? What do they mean? Did someone kill my clone?•

Kitana: So we can't find her body because she was you?

Jade: Yes, that sounds about right, but I wasn't in my right mind. I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry.

Kitana: Sounds like a true story to me. Right......Tanya?

Tanya realizes that Kitana knows she's alive. She prepares to walk in, until...

Kitana: Ah, who am I kidding. That trick only works on TV.

Both Kitana and Jade laughed it off. They no longer felt sorrow. Tanya knows that they've actually forgot about her. Her heart is filled with anger and hatred as she leaves away from their door.

Tanya: •It seems that they don't care if I'm actually alive or not. Why was I killed by Jade this time? We decided to put the abuse problems behind. It's all Kitana's fault. She said she loved me like a sister, but that was a lie.•

Tanya created a new portal and prepare to walk into it.

Tanya: •Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! When I arrive to Earthrealm. I'll be waiting. For your death!•

Tanya exits through the portal and arrives in a big city full of tall, glassed buildings and lots of vehicles.

Tanya: Time to start on my Birthday Party. This year, everyone's invited. And the best part is that this year, I can pass out the invitations in Earthrealm.
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Chapter 12: Earthrealm

Sometimes, our actions aren't for good. Sometimes, they aren't for evil. The same way Lui Kang's brother was killed by a suppose-to-be hero. The same way Ashrah killed off her clan. The same way Jade killed me.

Tanya spoke to the Earthrealm the same why Kitana did with Outworld. Tanya felt lonely while traveling through Earthrealm. She wasn't as familiar with the realm as she though. She did, however, know of all of it's events and records. She was to be an ambassador after all.

Tanya: I heard that the special forces unit in this city were pretty top notch. I'm debating on whether I want to test that theory or hope they join.

???: And I'm debating on whether you should live or die.

Tanya turns around towards the voice. To her horror, a long roped spear heads into her direction. She easily dodges it and grabs the rope.

Tanya: Nice try, Scorpion.

Scorpion is amazed by Tanya's speed of dodging the spear. He pulls it back as she let's go of it.

Tanya: Surprised? All I did was move out of the way.

Scorpion: It's nothing but cheap sorcery.

Tanya: Why does everyone believe I'm using sorcery? Everyone just attacks too slow.

Scorpion: You're a witch. I saw you in the Netherealm with Ashrah and the others.

Tanya: I'm not on their side. They didn't teach me how to use fireballs.

Scorpion: Where are they?!!

Tanya: I should ask you.

Scorpion: How should I know? The last thing I remember was seeing them speak to you. I followed you all the way here.

Tanya: Powerless in the Netherealm, huh?

Scorpion: They infused some type of demon inside of me.

Tanya: Why should I help you?

Scorpion: I have the power to manipulate fire because of them. Help me find them and I'll teach you the technique.

Tanya's heart began to race with excitement, but her facial expression remained emotionless.

Tanya: I'm listening...

Meanwhile at the Shirai Ryu Temple, Shelia and Knightwolf have a brief meeting on the newly occuring event in Outworld. Rumors have stated that-


Shelia's eyes were filled with anger at that moment. Towards Knightwolf and towards Kitana's kidnapper. Knightwolf was shocked by Shelia's expression, though she still remained calm.

Knightwolf: This is a very unfortunate situation indeed. She has been kidnapped, but by who is unknown.

Shelia: It's your fault.

This time, Knightwolf became irritated.

Knightwolf: Come again?

Shelia: It's your fault!!! You caused the Brotherhood of Shadow to get provoked when Kitana killed their mercenaries!

Knightwolf: Is it really my fault? Because last time I checked, you were the one who was infected with a demon!

Shelia: It's not a demon, its a subconscious!

Knightwolf: I am only looking out for you, Shelia! Or should I go by you new alias, Frost.

Shelia's eyes widened when she heard those words. Then her expression went back to normal.

Shelia: You don't need to use that name until you find my sister. Now begone, Shaman.

Knightwolf closes her eyes and slowly turns away. However, she does not leave.

Shelia: Is there a problem?

Knightwolf: Have you felt that you have lived your life over a dozen times before?

Shelia: What do you mean?

Knightwolf falls into silence as she remembers her previous conversation with Kitana. She then begins to exit the Room.

Knightwolf: Forget what I said. Just watch your actions. Even the most passive choices can be fatal.

Knightwolf finally exits the room, leaving Shelia confused about the situation.

Shelia: Jeez, Shamans are so weird.

Instantly, a messenger arrives.

SR Messenger: Master Sheli...err Frost. We have news from our spies that there is a mysterious woman dressed in Gray walking around the European-Asian border. Her description matches that of the woman in the Lin Kuei data files.

Shelia: Is that so? Tell the spies that they can disperse. Everyone should execute Order 17 immediately.

SR Messenger: Are you sure you don't want atleast one person with you? To ensure your safety?

Shelia: If it's who you say it is, I will be 100% safe. Thanks anyway.

With that, the Messenger begins to take off.

Shelia: One more thing, I will now address you as "Mess" if that's ok with you. And for now on, you can call me "Orcarule."

Mess: Uh...I think Shelia or Frost would be better.

Shelia: Fine, it's Caru. Take it or leave it.

Mess: Alright, Madam Caru.

Mess exits the building. Shelia can only wonder what her next move will be.

Shelia: I guess my search is finally over. The Shirai Ryu can disban now.

Somewhere in the US Special Forces military base, there is an investigation going on. Sonya and 2 other agents were sent to the European-Asian border where there is a small armada of Russian and British soldiers in the area. They spot a mysterious woman whom they believe to be part of the Korean Armed Forces.

Sonya: So the Russians and British are about to start a war because of a skimpy dressed female from Asian? What kind of excuse is that?

Fang: They determined That she may be responsible for that massacre in Japan.

Sonya: With what army?

Fang: You remember how that "Blood Mage" caused you trouble a few months back? What if this situation was the same?

Sonya: Impossible. it can't be. The description of the woman is completely different from the blood Mage.

Fang: Are there any others?

Sonya: We'll know once she crosses that border.

As Ashrah comes closer to crossing the border, the Russians and British begin to draw out their weapons. They didn't bother speaking to her or warning her. Finally, she crossed the border.

Sonya: ...

Fang: ...

She continues to walk pass the border. Each soldier she comes across salutes her.

Sonya: Why aren't they attacking?

Fang: What's going on over there?

British Soldier: Well sir, she actually has clearance to enter the country.

Fang: From who?

Russian Soldier: The leaders of the United Nations.

Fang: Then why haven't we heard of her?

Ashrah: If this is an American, I suggest that you stay out of foreign affairs immediately. I can handle it from here.

Ashrah took one of the British soldier's communicators. Fang is slightly angered.

Fang: Why would you say something like that?!!

Ashrah: I mean no ill will, but if you send any of your soldiers overseas, you'll regret it later.

Fang: We have an important fight on our hands in-

Ashrah: I already know, but that event will spark a major catastrophe in the future.

Fang: Request denied.

Ashrah: Then it's going to be your problem, not mine.

Fang: Deal!

Ashrah: However, you are not allowed to fight in this upcoming battle. This is non-negotiable.

Fang: We already have a 3-man team near your area. They're going to help you.

The British and Russia soldier decide to leave the scene and return to their bases.

Ashrah: The soldiers here have agreed to cease they're interference here. You will do the same.

Fang: You don't have that kind of power.

Ashrah: Again, if they die, that's your problem. If I kill them...

Ashrah creates a small ball of light and looks towards Sonya's direction. She shows her devious smile.

Sonya: We've been compromised! MOVE!

Fang: What is she doing?!!

Ashrah: That's your problem!!!

Ashrah pulls her hand back as if she were pitching a baseball. As she begins to throw it, a mysterious figure grabs her wrist from behind. Sonya and her two men suddenly got knocked unconscious by unknown means. As her ball of light disperses, Ashrah turns her head to see the identity of the figure. It turned out to be Shelia, dressed in her Lin Kuei attire. Shelia was angry yet calm. Ashrah is somewhat startled.

Ashrah:'s you...from before.

Frost stays silent as she closes her eyes slowly, only to open them up fast.
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(Upcoming-Chapter 13: Ashrah)
Chapter 13: Ashrah

If you want the truth, accept that what you know is a lie.

Shelia: We need to talk. I'll just visit you inside the Thought Room.

Ashrah: What are you ta-

Before Ashrah was able to finish her sentence, she blacked out. When she opened her eyes, she notices that she was in a dark yellow room filled with rifts of previous memories from Ashrah's mind.

Ashrah: What sorcery is this?

Shelia: This is my Thought Room.

As Ashrah looks at Shelia, she begins to notice some changes. Her voice was alot more scratchy and childish. Her eyes were like that of a Tarkatan. Her attire was dark pink, but it was the exact same attire.

Ashrah: What are you? Wait!

Ashrah begins to remember a small thing from the past worlds. This isn't Shelia. It's...

Ashrah: Mileena. Or atleast that's the name of this entity.

Mileena: So you've noticed. Very good. 10 points for you. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Mileena clapped her hands. Ashrah was in no moods for jokes.

Ashrah: So the leader of the demon clan actually possesses a real demon.

Mileena: I'm not a demon. I'm a human. Or atleast I'm am now. Or am I?

Ashrah: So you took full control of her?

Mileena: Nah. When we killed Darrius, I merged with his "Inner Self" and became somewhat connected with Shelia. She controls me to her bidding, which sucks. What in the world can't she understand? Girls just wanna have fun.

Ashrah: Did you just...nevermind, forget I asked. Just seek what you want.

Mileena: Yes. Now it's time for the fun part. I'll let two talk to each other for a while. I'll be sitting here. Just waiting.

Ashrah: Good girl. We'll start with the first time I reached the 3rd plane of the Netherealm.

6 Months before the Shirai Ryu destruction...

Ashrah and Onaga were tired and drained out of energy after traveling the previous 57 planes of the Netherealm. It's been 500 years.

Onaga: I think this area will have to do.

Ashrah: So the immortal Dragon King has given up all hope of returning to Outworld huh?

Onaga: Shut it witch, it's your fault.

Ashrah: For the literal one billionth time, I'M SORRY!!! Jeez, it's been 500 years and you're still nagging me about that?

Onaga: Regardless of how you feel, I'm staying here. No more traveling. I will return to my throne whenever I feel the time is right.

Ashrah: Well I'm going to finish what I started. I'm out for revenge, shouldn't you be.

Onaga: My revenge starts with your death.

Ashrah: (That's right. I've been traveling for 500 years straight and never got killed. I was always alive before and after I was dragged here.)

After reaching the 1st plane of the Netherealm, Ashrah finally met Quan Chi for the first time.

Ashrah: And that's why I'm here. I'll do anything to return.

Quan Chi: And why shouldn't I just kill you now and make my own personal slave.

Ashrah: Well, In this w—

Ashrah's words were shut off by reality.

Shelia: Wait! What is this?

Ashrah: It's important information.

Shelia: What I saw in this memory just now. If those words would have been completed, the world and all of reality as we know it would be over.

Ashrah: And how is that so?

Shelia: They prove imbalance in the universe. And the safe guard would activate. I learned this from one of Kitana's diaries.

Ashrah: Speaking of Kitana, there is another just like her. She's been roaming the streets very busily today along with a girl named Tanya.

Shelia: It's probably just Jade. Those two are of no concern. Take me back to the time you destroyed the Shirai Ryu Clan.

Ashrah: a problem. I didn't arrive at the Shirai Ryu temple that day until after it was already destroyed.

Shelia: I saw you there with my own eyes.

Ashrah: That...was my twin sister.
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Shelia's eyes become grimmer.

Shelia: That's a lie! How would he...nevermind. Just take me to the time after the destruction then.

Ashrah nods her head towards Shelia. They are transferred to the time where the Shirai Ryu Temple was completed defeated, destroyed, and frozen. It was dawn, Ashrah and Quan Chi were the only ones present as they were looking over the corpses.

Quan Chi: This is a great time for the Netherealm, Ashrah.

Ashrah was silent. She looked at the corpses regretfully as she remember each and every member.

Quan Chi: You've raised quite a formidable clan. I wish we could have gotten the Lin Kuei too, but this might be the only clan we need.

Ashrah: Why did you have to kill them? I told you that we'd be your Earthrealm troops.

Quan Chi: The true plan was to improve the powers of the Shirai Ryu. It was your sister's call to kill them and send their souls to the Netherealm.

Ashrah was angered by his words.

Quan Chi: Speaking of which, she is cold. Even colder than you. She destroyed the members all the way to the infants.

Ashrah whipped her head towards Quan Chi. She gave him a sharp, evil glare.

Quan Chi: That last part was just some Netherealm Humor. We may be the foulest of Creatures, but we find use in the Infants. They will want blood. Revenge. You can fuel that revenge by rebuilding the clan.

Ashrah: And renew the process, am I right?

Quan Chi: Not quite. I had to destroy the Shirai Ryu. It's the laws of the Universe.

Ashrah: Is that why you left that young girl alive too?

Ashrah was pointed towards a frozen Shelia.

Quan Chi: She officially joined literally right before the first member was killed. She'll be their leader.

Ashrah: I find it better to finish her off rather than live through this pain and suffering.

Quan Chi laughed.

Quan Chi: Once she wakes up, she'll have a choice. For the next few years, I want you to write and record everything you know about the Shirai Ryu. Any missions, combat training, vault codes if any, and information on dead, alive, and incoming members of the Shirai Ryu. Once you're finished, we will awaken her.

Ashrah: How will I know if my work pays off? What if she joins the Lin Kuei?

Quan Chi: Her sister is missing in the Lin Kuei's eyes. Leave her sister's gourmets, we'll give her a brand new look and attire in the Netherrealm anyway.

Ashrah: And if she doesn't become the leader?

Quan Chi: We'll send a deceased member of the Lin Kuei to attack her and fuel her path to vengeance.

Ashrah: Fine. I'll get started right away.

Back in the real world, Shelia releases Ashrah's arm.

Shelia: A path of Vengeance? Why does he want me to attack the Lin Kuei?

Ashrah: Two reasons. For one, during our attack, the Lin Kuei was said to be on the battlefield. I heard a warrior named Subzero committed the deep freeze attack.

Shelia was surprised.

Ashrah: The second reason is because the Lin Kuei were actually the main reason for the attack. know.

Shelia: So that means the key to finding my sister is you. Where is she?

Ashrah looked at the ground. She began to take a small stick and draw a large circle in the ground surrounding us.

Ashrah: Your sister is alive and undead. She resides in the Shirai Ryu temple. Somewhere, but I don't know the exact location.

Ashrah then drew what looked like a well designed boot print in the very middle of the circle. She then stepped her right foot on the boot print.

Shelia: I've unlocked every door and vault in the temple. She wasn't there.

Ashrah put her hands together and and pulls out an Amulet. Actually, it was Shinnok's Amulet.

Ashrah: I know.

Ashrah forces the Amulet into the ground and a huge, well designed magic circle appeared around the entire area, crossing both of the country boarders. Shelia couldn't believe her eyes as a huge portal also appeared from the sky. This portal was different, however, as it was transparent. Coming from behind the circle was Shinnok. The portal is too powerful for him to immediately pass through it, so he has to force his way in, which will take 30 Minutes total.

Shelia: If he takes over Earthrealm...

Ashrah: Every undead person will return. Even your sister.

At that moment, Shelia switch her alliance over to Ashrah. Quan Chi appeared next to the portal and out of Shelia's sight.

Quan Chi: Today, Earthrealm will be ours. There is nothing stopping us now! Hahahahahahahahaha.

At that same moment, Knightwolf and Scorpion appeared out of flames.

Knightwolf: Is this really the path you were looking for, Shelia?

Shelia could only stare at Knightwolf after seeing the evil glare in her eyes.
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