Mortal Kombat 4 New Characters DLC

Choose which MK4 character you want for DLC.

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Kai I really liked him!! and maybe Meat for the lulz! But I hope we never and i mean never see Jarek again
Seeing as I'm new here (and didn't know if this was posted before or not), I was waiting for this poll to finally come up. My top three from MK4 are Reiko, Fujin, and Shinnok. I'm voting for Fujin, but if any of those three make it then I'll be happy. I never really liked Kai. He seemed like a lesser Lui Kang. I didn't expect him to get much love here.

I also kinda hope they don't put Shinnok in, only so they could make him make a triumphant return in a later game... That's my hope at least.
I voted Tanya, she's my favorite female in the series.

Kai because we need more brothers in the series, lol.


Jarek for another Black Dragon for me to dispose of...
1 Fujin
2 Reiko
3 Tanya
I too would also like to see both Shinnok and Kai make a return over the course of the series. The rest of the kast however kan get "f'ed" in the "A".

Jarek looks like a strong contender for most disliked MK character.

Now that Stryker is awesome, all that displaced hate has to go somewhere.
I'm surprised Tanya is getting some more love. I didn't like her but she was a prominent role in the game and was well designed.

But I'd want Fujin for the lolz. I didn't really care for him much, but yay a new element! Reiko was cool in the game and he was badass in Deception when he was General of Outworld or whatever.

And Shinnok. I like his story it's pretty cool. And I used him alot because of his shifting. If they don't have it on Shang Tsung than shinnok should have it.
I'm actually surprised that Reiko is leading this poll, I never thought he was that popular. I was always indifferent to him, never really thought he had much personality. Different strokes, I guess.
Tanya- THE most underrated character in the entire MK Universe. I could also deal with Reiko or Kai though.
Fujin is Probably my second favorite character in the series behind reptile.

I thought they should have gone with his ending in MK4 and how he was the protecter of earthrealm, that would have been something different