Mortal Kombat 4 New Characters DLC

Choose which MK4 character you want for DLC.

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Shinnok and Quan Chi were the only MK4 characters I'm interested in seeing in this upcoming game. The others are practically worthless.
Honestly everyone in this game could make an appearance and I would be happy :D This was the last good mortal kombat game IMO.

I agree for the most part. The only characters I'm sour on from this selection are Jarek and Meat. Otherwise, it's a tough vote. After this game, the character designs became very poor. I'm sure John Tobias leaving Midway played a role in that.
Definitely Fujin! Think he has the most potential and would play the best.

Reiko, Shinnok, Kai & Tanya would all be welcome too though (just not a fan of Jarek and Meat is too much of a joke for me)
I think all them should make it in expept Jarek unless he gets his own move set. I voted for tanya but I would like to see all them in.
Shinnok and Fujin hands down. Them along with Quan Chi were the most interesting new characters from MK4.

Meat was fun in MKA, but I don't expect him to come back.
Reiko For the win, the character with less history, less communication, less plot, but one of the badass powerfull design characters.
Reiko with plot, and 2 new fatalityes and xray moves could transdorm into hyperbadass character.
I can only pick one, but if i decideother,,,i think Kai is cool too.