Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat 2014

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This is why I love fantasy football... The close game in our league made the bad game on the field more watchable last night.

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 4 Results:

Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 100.88
Supreme Busboys (YungQ94) 57.00

Hindenburg Ground Crew (BYoung) 97.38
Rayzebats (mkray41) 91.44

Aggressive Perfectors (Tarkatan Trash) 95.82
Kabal Toasty (Tapion) 63.70

Ghost of Sam Bradford's Knee (RIPLIUKANG) 92.92
Sek's Machine 2 The Sekening ([sek]) 39.00

Post Game Swamp Butt (squirrelpion) 100.06

All The Kings Men (T-Ca$h) 107.50
VegasBigTimer (non-member Ryan) 48.72

Ok People... the participation this week is atrocious. Pay attention to your lineups people. If your player has a bye week, BENCH THEM. And then REMEMBER TO PUT THEM BACK THE NEXT WEEK. There is no excuse for these empty lineup spots. Yes, I'm talking to you [MENTION=2224][sek][/MENTION]. It is essential to the integrity of this competition not to be giving people gimme wins.

New article is up on the league site. Happy Football All!

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Also, another little educational note for you. Those of you who continue to insist that quarterbacks need to be drafted so early... take a look at the game between Jade and squirrelpion this week. Romo played outstanding this week. Brady played like poop. Who won? squirrel. Questions? The quarterback position is just not as important in fantasy football as it is in real football.

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Maybe he just gave up on this week. His bye week situation was particularly awful. Now that I think about it, giving up on this one might have been decent strategy

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Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 5 Results:

Hindenburg Ground Crew (BYoung) 128.00
Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 105.52

Supreme Busboys (YungQ94) 119.88
Rayzebats (mkray41) 82.16

Ghost of Sam Bradford's Knee (RIPLIUKANG) 113.34
Kabal Toasty (Tapion) 59.54

Sek's Machine 2 The Sekening ([sek]) 81.36
Aggressive Perfectors (Tarkatan Trash) 76.74

VegasBigTimer (non-member Ryan) 119.08

Post Game Swamp Butt (squirrelpion) 90.96
All The Kings Men (T-Ca$h) 67.84

The standings are such a muddle... it's still anyone's league... time to step up!
New article is up on the league site. Happy Football All!


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died laughing at the article. nice job, haha, the yawning cat was awesome.

I have come to terms with the fact that my team sucks balls.

also, not sure if the QB comment was directed at me at all, I never once said the QB needed to be drafted early, so, yeah, not sure if I am included in that, but, I draft Romo fairly early just because I want him :)


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I lost to a team with two inactive players in its lineup because I'm an idiot.

Lessons learned. Don't overthink matchups.. And remember that the Steelers stink.

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OMG I think mkray just turned into "throw-the-desk-over" rageface guy

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 6 Results:

Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 105.52
Post Game Swamp Butt (squirrelpion) 83.24

VegasBigTimer (non-member Ryan) 127.30
Rayzebats (mkray41) 122.54

Supreme Busboys (YungQ94) 83.74
Kabal Toasty (Tapion) 69.06

Sek's Machine 2 The Sekening ([sek]) 99.48
Hindenburg Ground Crew (BYoung) 86.62

Aggressive Perfectors (Tarkatan Trash) 90.94

Ghost of Sam Bradford's Knee (RIPLIUKANG) 114.36
All The Kings Men (T-Ca$h) 40.40

New article is up on the league site. Happy Football All!


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Yeah I'd rather lose because my team sucks. I feel bad about myself when I lose because I left tons of points on my bench like I did last week.

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Anyone feel like posting the scores? I did the article, but for some reason my PC keeps crashing every time I try to get on TRMK. Doing the scores from my phone would be a pain

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I'll give it a shot on my phone using Tapatalk. Not as easy as using a laptop, but worth a try.

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 7 Results:

VegasBigTimer (non-member Ryan) 80.56
Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 67.70

All The Kings Men (T-Ca$h) 116.74
Aggressive Perfectors (Tarkatan Trash) 79.82

Supreme Busboys (YungQ94) 88.62
Sek's Machine 2 The Sekening ([sek]) 85.32

Hindenburg Ground Crew (BYoung) 112.30
Kabal Toasty (Tapion) 80.38

Ghost of Sam Bradford's Knee (RIPLIUKANG) 120.70

Post Game Swamp Butt (squirrelpion) 64.24
Rayzebats (mkray41) 58.30

If I made any mistakes with this post, feel free to message me and/or have either Jade or Coach RIPka edit my post, just in case I'm not available to do so myself. It was NOT easy doing this on my phone.

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Major reminder to all Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat participants...

If you have any ATL or DET players on your roster, you need to get out of bed EARLY to set your lineup. It has come to my attention that the Falcons/Lions game starts at 9:30 am Eastern (8:30 am Central, 6:30 am if you live on the West Coast). This is due a time zone difference between us and London (where the game is being played).

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