MK vs DC Universe up for Spike Video Game Award [UPDATED]

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<img src="" style="float:right;"/>This Sunday is the <a href="">2008 SpikeTV Video Game Awards</a> hosted by comedian, musician and video-game star <b>Jack Black</b>. All <b>Mortal Kombat</b> fans should not forget to tune in because our favorite fighting game is nominated this year. That right, <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a> is nominated for <a href="">Best Fighting Game</a> for 2008. The game is up against the likes of <b>Soul Calibur IV</b>, <b>Super Smash Bros. Brawl</b> and <b>Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit</b>. Best of luck to <b>Midway</b> and the <b>Mortal Kombat Team</b> we all hope to see you guys come home with a well deserved award!

The <a href="">2009 SpikeTV Video Game Awards</a> starts at <b>9pm EST</b> this <b>Sunday, December 14th</b> and is also available this year in <b>High Definition</b> wherever <b>Spike TV HD</b> is available.

<b>Updated Post Show Comments Below:</b>

Sadly <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a> did not win the <b>Best Fighting Game of 2008</b> it went to <b> Soul Calibur IV</b>. This is very disappointing because of all the games up for the award, <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a> was the only game to bring dramatic changes to their series in the form of it being a crossover and a whole new 3D engine and gameplay modes. The other titles were simple rehashes of their previous game and formula with nothing drastically new brought to the table. But my biggest problem with this actually was that <b>Spike TV</b> didn't even dedicate more than 10 seconds to this category, it along with another 9-10 awards were done via a minute long montage segment towards the end of the broadcast. Yet they subjected viewers to 10 minute skits for upcoming movies and had many recording artists perform entire songs.

Not to mention I felt the entire awards show is beginning to feel more and more like the MTV Movie and Music Awards combined into one, which isn't too surprising since <a href="">Spike TV</a> is owned by MTV. Instead of using strictly only video game industry related people to present the awards, they primarily brought in the hottest names in movies, music and the tabloids to present the awards. The only presenters I can remember that have any business at all on stage at the VGAs would be host <b>Jack Black</b> (for his upcoming game <b>Brutal Legend</b> & the <b>King Kong</b> video game, and who was a great host), <b>Tony Hawk</b> (for the countless Tony Hawk games) and <b>Neil Patrick Harris</b> (who is in the upcoming game <b> Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard</b>).

I may have missed a few, but the many other presenters shouldn't have been used if they wanted this show to be taken seriously. There are plenty of entertaining creative people in the gaming industry that would be great to see on the stage presenting awards for their colleagues. <b>Spike TV</b> needs to make this show more like the Oscars by keeping the show limited to people "in the industry," especially if they want to keep comparing the game industry to the movie industry, because the way the show is today only holds back the gaming industry from being taken more seriously.
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Re: MK vs DC Universe up for Spike Video Game Award

I missed it due to studying for a final and my DVR's timer got ****ed yesterday morning when I was messing with it's scheduling settings...forgot to record it...

If anybody knows when I can catch a rerun it'd be much appreciated. Now I'm off to that exam...7:30 AM...jesus that's early.
Every Spike VGA I've ever seen clips of (never seen one in it's entirety) has been so horrible I can't describe. I didn't suspect this one to be any different. Hell, I only wanted to watch this year for the God of War 3 trailer. And now I've seen that. Spike VGAs are a joke. They don't pick the best games, only the most famous ones. Hell, half those games I wish hadn't even been nominated (in favor of more deserving, lesser known titles).

The entire awards lack integrity and credibility on a grand scale. Who does the voting? Who are these morons performing on stage when I wanna see video games? Why do they think I'm watching this in the first place? There's no consistency and no reason for me to trust a word said during the entire presentation. So I don't.
The show sucked. I love Jack Black, but some of his stuff was down right, not funny. :/

Some of the trailers were cool, especially Fight Night Round 4 (MIKE TYSON!!!:eek:), God of War 3 (somewhat disappointing) and, low and behold, Uncharted 2.:-D

Also, Fallout 3 was robbed of GOTY. And I''m just glad SSBB didnt win fighting game of the year. As far as fighters go, that game is a joke.

F*** Spike.
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Who does the voting?

I need to look into this more, as it's supposed to be fans who vote. But this year I was only allowed to vote on one category for some reason, I forget which, never saw voting buttons again for any other category. Otherwise I can't find out how this is all determined.
SC4 winning isn't a suprise because its been the most popular game sold that looks "spiffy" this year. But by the sounds of it, I wouldn't call the show a success anyway. Lot of time wasted, nothign gained.
OMG cannot wait for Uncharted 2. The trailer doesn't show anything, yet I love it! I NEED this game!
I never played the first Uncharted, it was never on my radar as I didn't have a PS3. But that teaser looked very interesting, I may have to get the first game sometime before 2 comes out.
I never played the first Uncharted, it was never on my radar as I didn't have a PS3. But that teaser looked very interesting, I may have to get the first game sometime before 2 comes out.

It is by far one of the best console exclusives on the PS3. (i know, lots of competition, right? lol)

Seriously, its a MUST play for every PS3 owner.
This was to be expected, as Glam said, they only seem to award the most popular of the games that were nominated. As for MK vs DCU not getting the award, I'm not surprised at all, The people who voted in that category HAVE to have not played it. I completely agree with Pat as to why MK vs DCU should have won, It was THE most revamped game in the category.
Yes, but to be fair, its the award to the Best Fighting game, not the most different or most revamped.

Again, I'm just glad SSBB didnt win.
Considering I played and had fun with SSBB more then SC4, I still would have put money on SC4 winning.

The other games were there to fill spaces on that award lets face it. :-(
SSBB does lack the technical aspects of most pure fighting games, and as my roommate puts it, SSBB is more of a "party game". But there's no category for that. And it was one of the very best games this year. It had to be somewhere right? Hell I would have considered it for GotY personally.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is the best fighter released this year. And MKvDC & SCIV are up there. I really dont know which I would put 2nd. I loved them both.
I don't consider SF2THD to be "released" this year. Is that game not just SF2 with better graphics? There were no changes to it's function or roster that I could see when I played the trial version.

It's difficult to justify in any rational manner, but I just don't think a rehash of a game created decades ago can be considered released in 2008.
Oh no... I just found out that Elena isn't in Uncharted 2. I'm heartbroken.

I'd have given the award to MK. Seriously, as much as I love SCIV, MKvDC was better in almost every way. The story modes alone place MKvDC a lot higher up than SCIV, and SC is still using a face button for blocking :/ I always thought that was the weakest part of SC.
To be honesy it was kinda new to me, to fight with some of those dc characters, i still dont like it, wonder woman is welcome by the way ;)
id say the mk dc is the first mk i rate like a c- im sorry

i did like fight nigh round 3, and now that mike tyson is in it ill probably play it
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