Liu Kang

I only started using Liu Kang the last couple of days and I think I'm going to use him a lot more from now on :)

I hope you aren't one of those Liu Kangs that use the same two combos. Learn some more if you are.

I hope not, I don't want to see my little bro Aldo unhappy.

It should would make me unhappy:/. But NRS has to kome up with something new:(.
Lol nice video man. :laugh:

I love Liu Kang. He was one my favorite OG characters. I died a little inside when I saw Shang Tsung break his neck in the MKDA intro. The vibe I got from that game was like 'a world without Liu Kang...a world without hope' and with Kung Lao desperately but unsuccessfully trying to fill in Liu Kang's shoes. But at the same time it did present an oppurtunity for other good characters to step up as heroes. I also liked his zombie version in MKD. I just wish they made the chains on his hands as weapons instead of those generic Nun chucks.
Liu Kang can surely go rogue in the next game! Give him some burns and scars as a reminder of what happens when he feels betrayed by the very god he once trusted as his mentor and friend.
I wish they can add some new moves to add Liu when his personality changes from hero to rogue.

Give him a machine gun punch on fire. One-inch punch as his fatality.