Join the Fight against Noob Hunters!


Robot Rock
Because you are.


No way in hell my matches should be as laggy as they are.


New member
I don't blame people like you for declining, but god damn does that shit suck lol.
All the people with great records decline my requests because they think I'm some scrub that barely plays. So I'm usually stuck playing dudes with my record status. And they usually suck.

I'm down for some MK any time. The netcode makes it feel like I'm playing offline, it's that good!

I dont always decline them but gotta admit gets boring fighting them after awhile. I may play a ft3 with them but when you not fighting someone on equal skill level or better gets boring quick. I usually try to look for people with good records. Though if you win you get some nice hate mail to read sometimes especially if you use Doomsday.