is it wrong to love the ninjas?

It's not "wrong" to like any character; even Jarek. Ninjas ARE Mortal Kombat and they should continue to use the ones they have created as they are some of the most popular characters. However, I don't want any new Ninjas for awhile. I don't mind if Tremor is re-imagined with a new storyline and moveset, but leave it at that.
I love the 'ninjas' they are the ones I loved when I played as a kid back in 2nd -5th grade. Including the cyborg 'ninjas'. I like them all!

Scorpion is soooo angry, all the time. Sektor is so boss. Rax is awesome! The least fun of the set be Ermac I suppose, but I only use him to punish overly agressive players.

So who's not actually a 'ninja'?
i would really love to see tremor and hydro make an appearance. i think they would fit in nice for the next game.

lol *goes find victim to eat brains from*
There is nothing wrong with liking ninjas per say, but don't expect everyone to want ninjas with garbs of every color known to man. I for one hope NRS will move on.