is it wrong to love the ninjas?


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=i know they arent really technically ninjas but no matter what i always find myself maining either noob, smoke, subby, scorpion, rain or ermac. idk why. i mean dont get me wrong, i love most all of the other characters because honestly a story of nothing but ninjas would be lame, but still im wanting to see even more! tremor and hydro would be awesome honestly. i know it seems styreotipical to just like the ninjas, but its not even like that, i love them all. i guess the point of this thread is to see if anyone has this same addiction as me. and thoughts? <- btw grammar is crap, still on post-surgery meds.
I use Ermac, Smoke and Rain, dying for a classic rain costume. My all time favorite was sub zero but I hate his slow style in this game so I never use him. I hope in MK10 they make him faster but until then, the other ninjas will do just fine
Well technically Scorpion is the only ninja. A lot of people like ninjas so there is nothing wrong with wanting more ninja characters. I would like to see Hydro be made that would be kool.
I would love to see a reboot pack of Tremor, Wu Lae, and Hydro
Also Grew-Wolf Fox17 will be here soon with his troll words of wisdom i can already tell
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im aware of the whole whose technically not a ninja part, its just the easiest way to get a point across. lol
Well NRS used the 'ninja' gimmick back in the day to popularise the game and it worked. These characters then became fan favorites cause most people found them 'cool' because hardly anyone knew who Ninjas really are and knew them as 'cool guys with masks'. This 'cool' factor then caused these 'ninja' characters to be preferred over the others characters and continued over the years as the fan base grew and that is why some people are still obsessed with them.

I personally like these characters but also like all 'non ninja' characters equally.
The only "ninjas" in this game that I main is Ermac and Rain, my UMK3 "ninjas" - the rest doesn't say much to me. I do like Scorpion and Sub-Zero in MK1 (although they're the lowest tiers in that game), but they were never really worthwile for me. In MK9, Sub-Zero does look good though.

Tremor would be a welcome addition. I just don't get why NRS doesn't release him already.
And don't forget about Chameleon - if only he had his own moves...
If it's wrong, then, sorry "god", but i'm a sinner.

lol, i love all of the games characters minus a few but i just cant get passed those masks. lol, as cool as raiden and kung lao and such are youll never catch me using them.
Of course it isn't. Every mk fan loves ninjas, even if they say they don't, they don't know it yet.
I find the Ninjas so boring in this. I loved them in MK2! I like the female ninjas, but the male ones...ugh.

I went into training and thought i'd give Noob a go. Don't see him online a lot, but damn...i just dont like his style. I dont really like characters with resets in the game, so SZ is out. Scorpion seems to be used by the worst players online has to offer. Cyrax is lame, Smoke is boring. Bit undecided about Reptile. Sektor is pretty cool I guess.
Sub has never been a ninja. He's a Lin Kuei Warrior.

Nothing wrong with liking the ninjas. Prolly the majority of MK fans like the ninjas. They are pretty much what makes MK.