Injustice 2 rumored for 2017 release

whens it on? do i have to watch online on my computer?? oh and its my b-day on monday :)


Happy Birthday to you too then. ^^
[MENTION=18014]theincubuslord[/MENTION], if the gear system works like how you suggested in post #75, then yeah, I'd be hyped as hell for it.
Mobile renders of Aquaman and Superman



Thank god for custimization, because these costumes are trash :barf:
I might not get to see the live gameplay of it. I will look at some of it when it gets posted on youtube. Still crossing my fingers that they say multiple supermoves but I am not holding my breathe.
Man, I'm hoping Deathstroke returns for this one! The gameplay looks great! And for an NRS game that's in the early stages of development, the graphics look pretty good! I'm not one to nitpick graphics, but it looks great!
If Batgirl is not in Injustice 2, then I hope Supergirl is at least equally as broken, and does NOT get nerfed.

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Weird how NRS dude said there'd be no more NPCs in story mode because of backlash, but they apparently have Black Manta (A hugely requested villain) as a stage transition.

I've been watching reaction videos, and in nearly every one the most excitement seen is when Black Manta beats up Aquaman.


I don't personally give a shit about him, but I'm certain people will be bummed
If Black Manta was an NPC you ended up fighting throughout Story Mode, but wouldn't become playable, that's one thing. If he's just a stage transition guy, then I don't care.