If I saw _____ walking down the street...

Shirayuki Mizore

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Pick one or more Mortal Kombat characters and simply just tell how you would react to their presence whether it be fear, joy, or etc. if they were just simply walking down the street :cool:

Johnny Cage: I'd probably approach him and ask for his autograph. Knowing him he will gladly give me one and sparkle his sunglasses epically.

Mileena: I'd sure as s**t be afraid but I'd man up and talk to her anyway, being careful not to piss her off. I'd ask her to dinner and take her to a buffet just to see her pig out because I like the skin on my body :afraid:

Sub-Zero: I'd probably throw a bottle of anti-freeze on him and then kick his ass.

Reptile: Complete avoidance...

Kung Lao: I'd ask to try on his hat and explain to me how he can go into the ground but Liu Kang can't.

Raiden: I'd take his hat and run away and ask Shao Kahn to protect me from his spamming torpedo.

Smoke: I'd invite him to dinner and go to the no smoking section just so I can see him get kicked out.

Kitana: I'd hand her a phone number to a 24 hour hotline for depression, hoping she won't get angry and decapitate me.

Meat: :puke:

Rain: If I'm thirsty at the time I'd ask him for some water, although it will just be Rain water. Hopefully he can purify it.


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Mileena: Run to her super fast so i can and :flowers: then :handkiss: Then :knuddel:

Sub-zero: Ask him to teach me the way of the cryomancers. Free ice powers 8)

Kitana: :ahhhhh: so ugly :) Jk I would :date:


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Johnny Cage: Kick him in the balls :twisted:

Goro: Run

Lui Kang: *middle finger then run like crazy*

Kano: Say ''Hi''

Noob: Be all like ''wtf''

Raiden: Lol at him :)

Reptile: adopt him, I love reptiles :3

Baraka: Stay away, fearing to puke in his face if I get too close.

all females characters: Tell her to put some clothes on

Kung Lao: Definitly steal his hat :D

Smoke: ''do you mind if I smoke?''

Sub-zero: Keep him tied in my bedroom.... I like when it's cold :)

Kabal: ''I want those hookswords'' :3

Stryker: ''f*** the police!''

Shao Kahn/Onaga/Blaze/Shinnok: ''AHHHH! POLICE! POLICE! help D:''

Havik: :hail: ''Chaos ftw!'' then start a sect with him

Quan Chi: ''ewww, bald dude'' *run*

Meat: ''I'm hungry for some meat''