How to pass time?? Especially with friends.

I wanted to discuss something that is extremely important. How to pass the time on days off work.

Typically I don't have much friends, but recently I saw a friend from high school and he said that they play basketball once a week and that I should come by and play. Oh I was so happy this happened.

But that aside, I wanted to hear from you guys. How do you spend time when you're bored?? Especially with friends. What kind of activities do you do together.

And to a lesser extent, if you are alone. How do you spend the time so that you're not bored?? Thank you and looking forward to the responses!!
Well I like going to arcades, bars (rarely), basketball is good or just staying inside to play some games.

By myself I normally stay indoors
With friends, in the bar or in restaurants, movies, or arcades.

Alone, I'd be in doors, be at coffee shops looking at my computer (such as watching educational videos from Youtube that are DIY or something related to work).
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Gym. Get healthier, stronger, and make some friends. I go there at late evenings after work when it's less crowded and sometimes the more hardcore guys start coming in. Get some free advice, laugh our asses off, motivation. Sometimes I'm the only one in there which is also good when I'm trying something new and don't want to look like a dumbass.

Build & fix things in your house/apartment/whatever.

Taking a break from dating, clubs and pubs. Not feeling like getting shitfaced/drama after getting my new job, but there's also that option for you.
My boyfriend and I mostly go to the gym or play video games.

We also play dungeons and dragons with a group of our friends as well. A good night of DnD can literally pass time like crazy.
Go to the Events section on Facebook. You can find all types of different events in your area. There's also a discussion area where you can talk to people who are interested in a particular event. Post something there about wanting to meet new people, I'm sure someone will bite. Boom! Instant hangout group!

Also, try joining a club. Back when I was in college, I was a member of a club for people who like to run. Met a lot of awesome people that way.

If you have to ride solo, going to the movies is definitely a fun option. Museums, mall, restaurant....sit at the bar tho, never sit at a table by yourself. I do it all the time.
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