I'm glad Havik is his own character, he would have made a HORRIBLE Noob Saibot.

I am extremely glad of this too, he would've been a terrible alt for Noob Saibot.
As his own character, He always used to creep me out.
But when the MK9 pre-release hype was present, I was hoping he made it to DLC with Cyber Smoke.
Turns out that was a big No.. but it's cool.
Havik is a dope character with tons of potential and a relatively good sized fanbase.
I don't expect him to disappear into the light of obscurity any time soon.. possibly he could make a return in the next MK.
Havik reminds me of a Killer Instinct character for some reason

That isn't a bad thing at all, BTW

He's one of the best characters of the series, he fits MK like a glove

From his absolutely twisted psyche and incredibly entertaining moveset to his neutrality and badass design, he definitely has earned his place in MK and should really come back for future installments

Havik is the best troll ever to grace Mk's presence

He could teach Jarek a thing or two
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Look at this asshole
I came up with an X-ray for him. He tears off his own arm, then smacks the opponent across the face with it. After magically reataching his arm, he bites their leg, fracturing the bone.
Looks like they age very quickly in the Chaos and Orderrealms. Havik looks like the type where death is no fear or no pain to him. I mean look at him man!
Havik is awesome, hope to see him in MK10

here's some moves i came up with for him

Juggle Dash - Havik dashes torwards his enemy while tearing his own leg out, then he strikes the enemy with it sending him into the air.

rib turret - Projectile attack. Havik shoots his ribs at his opponets.

wicked choke - Anti-Air. Havik pulls out his spine uses it like a lasso and chokes his enemy with it.
Those are cool ideas.

I have one:

Chaos Scroll: A potential power up move. Havik pulls a scroll out of his mouth and quickly reads it. This could have one of two effects: 1 it could drain a large portion of the enemy's health and give to Havik AND temporarily but greatly increase any damage done by Havik or 2 it could temporarily buff your opponent giving them regeneration as well.

Its kinda like a coin toss sense Havik is insane to begin with. That could make things interesting if you're crazy enough to pull it off.
Havik Fatalities

Last twisted laugh - Havik loads up on a punch and whiffs. The opponent then punches through his chest, Havik disintegrates. Opponent goes in victory stance, suddenly Havik bursts out of his/her chest.

Closer to heaven - Havik rips out his own entrails and wraps them around opponents neck, he attaches the entrails to something above the screen and slowly pulls the agonizing opponent up.
I want Havik to look like he did in Noob Saibot's MK9 ending.

I also partially want Noob Saibot's MK9 ending to come true, having Havik joining forces with him, so that Noob Saibot can rule the NetherRealm.
I'm sick and tired of Noob Saibot being Quan Chi's slave.

At first i really didnt understand this character until i finally read his bio.
I still think his moves are wacky and corny but storyline wise he has some serious potential.
Just give him a more serious moveset and im sold even further faster

I dug his MK9 cameo appearance and hope he keeps it