I hope havik comes back. he was awesome and probably the only character that truly felt like a true MK character out of the PS2 era
I want Havik to look like he did in Noob Saibot's MK9 ending.

I also partially want Noob Saibot's MK9 ending to come true, having Havik joining forces with him, so that Noob Saibot can rule the NetherRealm.
I'm sick and tired of Noob Saibot being Quan Chi's slave.

Completely agree. Noob is such an evil being and makes Shinnock look like a panda. Havoc along with Kenshi were my favorites from that era and reminded me of the joker in the mk universe for obvious reasons. The fact he looks so bizarre and can manipulate his body just makes him so unique as well. I feel like there is a decent chance they'll bring him back for mkx. At least as a dlc character if not in the story.
Maybe this is just the nerd in me speaking, but whenever someone says the word "chaos", I always think about Sonic.

Whenever I hear the word chaos I think of The Joker in The Dark Knight. "I'm an agent of chaos." They need to have Havik say that in a cut scene one day. :) Hell, they should just give him this entire speech, with a few tweaks.

At first i really didnt understand this character until i finally read his bio.
I still think his moves are wacky and corny but storyline wise he has some serious potential.
Just give him a more serious moveset and im sold even further faster

I dug his MK9 cameo appearance and hope he keeps it

Pretty much how I feel about the character. One of the best of the bunch introduced in the ps2 era for sure. I also agree his special moves are a little corny. They should make them less cartoony. But I love his design, personality, and story so much it's enough to make up for the corny special moves. More of this guy in the future, please.