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Here's something, do you guys believe in ghosts? If ghosts do exist, I think they're lingering spirits waiting for judgement day. They have plenty of shows and stories about ghost sightings. I actually have an interesting story that my friend told me.

His mother and and her family moved into an old house. One day, she saw a form of a man made of smoke. She also saw him again later that night and it screamed "BLOODY MURDER!" at her. Her father actually ran into the room with a bat. They actually caught a picture of it, my friend saw it. I need to ask him to send it to me.

So, what do you guys think? Are ghosts paranormal or tricks of the mind?


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I do believe in the existence of ghosts (or whatever you want to call them). However, I also think that the overwhelming majority of "experiences" are cases of mistaken identity, people jumping to conclusions, or tricks of the mind. Honestly, I've only found myself becoming increasingly cynical when watching any paranormal TV shows, because there's so little evidence that couldn't be explained by something that isn't paranormal.


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Im indifferent, i believe there could be ghosts, but i think theres usually rational explanations to everything. I think people have experiences in different situations. Personally i never have the hairs on my neck stand up after watching say a comedy film. If i have watched something horrifying, i may be a little cautious and get strange thoughts in my head when i go to bed.

I used to get scarred about certain noises i hear in the night, but now to by honest i think its a thief or something, best pick up my guitar and bash some heads lol.

Alot of stories you hear in my opinion are nonsense. I think alot of things that happen to folk, if they tell the story back to you are often elaborated on and stretched quite far from the truth.


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My uncle told me a cool story on Friday.

He never believed in psychics before, he was not in to it at all, but he randomly tried it one day on his trip to California and she told him stuff she couldn't have known, so he has been in to that sort of thing since then. He ended up making friends with a few of them back home in Buffalo so he asks for a reading every now and then.

Anyway, he asked for a reading because he hadn't gotten one for some time so the guy gave him one and told him there are three women around him. He wasn't sure who they were but said one sounded like his mom (my grandma, she died in 2010) and she was asking why he stopped playing music, etc. and then asked if he noticed anything going on in his bathroom.

The bathroom story was that he has something hanging up and it kept falling, only it wasn't just falling straight down, he would hear it fall and it would be over by the window. After the second time it fell, he got nails to keep it up and he was downstairs with my aunt one day and heard it fall again, and it was over by the window.

Apparently, my grandma is the one throwing it around.

I want to meet this friend and get a reading, that would be awesome.