As long as her fighting style and look are largely unchanged from MKDA, I'd value her as DLC very highly. One of my favorite characters.
Totally one of my favs.

Seeing her in that cool primary costume, Yuan Yang stance with such nice kicks... damn, so sexy. :_wink:

I agree with deathbloomz.
I would like frost in MK9. Maybe they can make her abilities different. Like her ice ball can go all the way across the screen, but her other icing abilities and greater agility can make up for it.
Hey guys, awesome thread. I love Frost, I think she's an awesome character and should definitely be up for DLC. I would buy her in an instant. I hope they maintain her short frozen spiked hair look as well as her cool outfits. Love to see the ice daggers return as well. I really love her fighting styles together with her special moves (from MKA). Hope NRS can incorporate the best of those moves together with some new touches :)
She is Kinda of a Rip off of Sub-zero... But I know that I was excited to see a ninja suited female in the game.... I think that NRS should try to create a ninja female that has separate powers from anyone else in the game and thats where I agree with Chaos vs Order. Otherwise she is was a cool character and I would buy her as DLC. @Frosty!Toasty! according to I believe Annihilation (the second movie) Radien and Shao Khan Are from the same blood line (matching tattoo's if i remember correctly) i forgot if they are half brothers but I believe that you are correct. And @oratnik13 as for coping characters and morphing them into one another with Kintaro Sheeva, dont for get about Goro lol. How about the original MK3 robots.... all looked the same with different color pretty much..... frost may be a rip off of Sub-zero but at least she looks way different..... Now that I think about you could be made at mk3 if we are talking about rip off.... how about smoke with the spear.... That is totally a klassic and well known Scorpion moves.... so every Character is a little bit of one another.... Random thought to end with.... What about a female Nightwolf that would be interesting I think....
Yeah True the movies had some bull in them like the spear being some sort of snake out of scorpions hand hahaha... and yeah according to the game i don't remember a relation but I think the movie is were Frosty Toasty made his connection (with the matching tattoos) and I believe his anamality in that movie was suppose to be the mythological creature of the hydra (not a big fan either of that but it is what it is).
Ground ice made her hard as hell,although you think since its a better move than the regular ice ball she'd learn it 2nd. What I really thought was cool is when she'd do combos and the ice on her hair got longer and then cracked off. She's definately a cool character, but I agree with many who say that you don't need too many ice ninjas in one game, unless it's a culmination game like Armageddon. Whenever she comes back I just hope she's got some originality. Similar, but differen't from Sub-Zero. Her Deep Freeze Fatality was definately awesome.
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i love Frost not only is she fun to play with and she seems to be the one mk fem that doesn't dress all skimpy. i like her story and i see alot of potential with her. plus out of all the character added threw the MK: DA to MK: A arc. i would say she certainly is in the top 5 as one of the better adds.
Shes total babe, just like any other character you can utilize her to your advantage, and shes like sub zero so she automatically wins <3 :)
Im all for as much DLC as possible,but not that I would totally pass on Frost,there are just too many other more deserving MK characters to release WELL before Frost.just me 2 cents

I don't care for Frost. Sub-Zero is my favorite character and all, but Frost is like Mavado, Kobra, Kira, Drahmin, Ashrah, Dairou, Darrius and Nitara. To me, they just seem like drunken last-minute idea put out by the MK crew because they couldn't think of anyone as groundbreaking Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Noob, Reptile, Raiden, Liu Kang, etc.

Again. This is just my opinion. lol. I'm a pretty die hard fan of the series.
Yeah! a 3rd ice manipulator, keep the original ideas coming.

Ooo Ooo
I got an idea!!!1!! How about a guy who is not a ninja, has the ability to control ice. And he has a scar, on his left cheek. He will be an cop. with metal arms too, and he was an shoulder dash move. It will be called the cold shoulder because his arms are metal, and the metal will be cold because he can control cold

Good Idea??

I don't think Frost should come back as DLC, or really ever. She was an ok character, but just a copycat character. It might be ok if they get rid of one of the sub zeros in the next game, but then it will just feel like Sub Zero again......only with a revealing outfit and least her nipples will be hard.
Frost is awesome, if she comes i hope they keep her original dress or modify her a bit.Dont make her look as scantily clad like kitana, mileena or skarlet
Im a fan. MKDA was her first version and as you know, characters change with each new game (some more than others). There is plenty of potential to update her story of moves to really make her seperate from SZ. I can see the similarities between the two but i dont see her as a SZ rip off.

What about her ground freeze that makes opponents unable to balance themselves or just stick to the ground, or the ability to send out a flurry of ice shards.
I really like the idea of frosty breathe - similar to scorpians fire breathe but is freezes opponents.