Confirmed Rosters and Variations in MKX

When are we going to hear about the 3 variations that TAKASHI TAKEDA,JACQUELINE "JACQUI"BRIGGS & KUNG JIN going to have
Funny how that one little error is enough for everyone to think Takeda's name is Takashi. It's Takahashi. Shaun Himmerick confirmed it.
I wish there were more unlockable characters in MK, rather than just a boss or two. It doesn't feel like there's much of a reward for playing through the story on harder difficulties for example, even though the MK9 story mode was awesome.

I'd like it if only 8 - 12 characters were playable at the start (or if you wanted to really pay homage, the seven from MK1) and the rest were unlocked through playing various modes, and tied to achievements. I speak as a mainly SP/casual MP guy, though, so I'm not trying to piss off any of you tourney guys.

I think it would be cool, though, and put some emphasis on trying to complete everything at least once.
Update: Latest video confirms Mileena playable, thus adding color to her name. Also, both Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade are next official confirmed kombatants.
Update: Thanks to a few reliable sources on this site as well as facebook, a few more kombatants have been konfirmed for battle.

Erron Black