Cassie's X-Ray


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How could anybody here think that both Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade won't be playable?

Don't know what about you guys but I hope they will. Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden are great, but the more original MK characters we see - the better. MKX still must feel like Mortal Kombat, not just-a-new-cool-fighting.
Sonya and Cage survived not to become old and get kicked from MK storyline. They are 2 great Warriors we are following and loving since MK1 :)
Ah, sorry for offtopic:) Let's return to Cassie X-Ray.
Well, with all the previous family relationships, they were against eachother. Sindel and Kitana, until MK:D in which case they werent in the same game until Unchained, and Noob and Sub-Zero.

Plus, im just saying straight up what Ed Boon said in his giantbomb interview.

BRO! UMK3 had both kitana and Im just sayin that mother daughter fatalities have been around since the arcade days! So using
the whole theory that They both cant be in is ludicris...since when did NRS Care about that crap they always push the envolope
Johnny and Sonya survived expect them to be in the game..not having them would be retarted..they were the last two Defenders of earth LEFT!
if they make it thru alive this game is a whole different question tho


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Ironically that guy just started another thread where he claims he knows someone who is a friend of a friend, who in turn has a friend who works at NRS.


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It's good, but I thought it would be Blitz II: The League type of brutal.

Also, gas + lighter =/= Kiss of Death.
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Well i guess i have my questioned answered about Kano's faceplate. In the X-ray its clearly still a full skull when Cassie pistol whips him. But it did look slightly deformed, could be just my imagination.

Also I like how Kano cupped his cojones after they exploded. I really felt his pain lmao!


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All the characters have normal skeletons in MK9 as well, except for Baraka, Mileena and Reptile's skulls.
Jax has bones in his cybernetic arms in MK9 for the X-Rays, even though they got completely blown off by Ermac.

I think for the sake of simplicity and Fatalities, the skeletons and internal organs will generally be the same, for all characters.


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^ well that just sucks. all this talk about the power of the next gen, i want to see every thing they can do with it! just my opinion


Nrs/midway have been lazy since after mk2

just look at mk3, thing was a joke...I am hoping for more with mkx, but well see....I did notice in one vid dvorahs skull was different , like a weird jig saw with all discolourations

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It's just the video on YouTube, probably. In the official media thread, someone who demoed MKX firsthand said that watching MKX on your screen does not give the game justice as in real life, it is visually stunning.