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This makes you wonder. Who is the announcer in MKX. Is the announcer in MKX the same announcer in MK9? If so, then who is it?

MK1: Shang Tsung

MK2: Shao Kahn

MK3/UMK3/MKT: Shao Kahn


Tanyas Husband

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I have a feeling like the announcer this time around is probably the same from MK'11, but,
If not, I'm personally hoping it's Quan Chi.


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I am hoping for MK2 announcer. I liked that version best when it comes to Fatality, along with the blood dripping splat sound.

Taj Gill

MKD and MKA was generic or it could be argued it was Onaga, not Quan Chi. Listen to the Announcer's voice in MK:DA and compare it to MK:D and MK:A.

MK9 had a generic announcer, Shao Kahn was voiced by an entirely different actor. The same announcer (Jamieson Price) has returned for MKX


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I like the MK9 announcer. Glad he is coming back for MKX.

MK2-UMK3 was the best allways thought the MK4-Armageddon sounded too over the top.