A way Kuai Liang, Bi-Han, and Noob Saibot could've all been in the same game.


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Metal Overlord said:
When Noob got kicked into the Soulnado by Nightwolf, this could've split up the consciences of Noob Saibot and Bi-Han, therefore making the two seperate entities. It may not make much sense, but that's a minor sacrifice in my eyes, as we would get human Sub-Zero back while at the same time keeping both Cyber Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot.

Screw NRS for not doing this. Besides, if people don't like CSZ's LOOKS, NRS couldbve just added some alt costumes.


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That is an awful idea. Noob Saibot is the twisted form of Bi-Han. I don't want yet another Sub-Zero variant.


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Kuai is Sub, Bi-Han is Noob. No CSZ.

Everything is perfect how it is right now
Until MK11 and...

...Cyber Rain-Saibot...




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There is absolutely no reason to restore Bi Han to what he was before changing into Noob. His character doesn't even mind that he changed into this shadow being. He's evil, he's a dick, that's a good thing.

Kuai can continue staying as Sub-Zero.

As someone said, you want to play as all three, play 2011z

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Bi-Han is evil and his actions are no better then what Scorpions actions where before he became good. In Mythologies, it been hinted that Bi-Han's heart is full of pure evil. Quan Chi knew that Scorpion killing him in MK1 would help him earn a new member of the Brotherhood of the Shadow on his side. Bi-Han also never seem to care about Scorpion when he became Noob, so there is no point on Noob trying to revenge on Scorpion. I don't think Scorpion even knows that Bi-Han was reborn as Noob.


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Noob couldn't care less about Scorpion. They never even confronted each other.

Well he took his spine out, does it count? lol but he was Sub-Zero when that happened and that lead to him being Noob so he may not care at all, in fact, he may be thankful to Scorpion because killing him made him more powerful and immortal.

Can someone tell me how Kuai Liang was "un-cyberized"?

When Sub-Zero died and went to the Netherrealm Quan Chi found him and he was like "hey this cyborg has a soul" and then took all the metal out leaving just some bones and organs and regenerated his body from those organic remains.


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That is an awful idea. Noob Saibot is the twisted form of Bi-Han. I don't want yet another Sub-Zero variant.

I wanted Bi-Han to return as the Sub-Zero in MKX, back when MK9 finished and Kuai-Liang was considered dead.
Now that NRS have chosen Kuai-Liang over Bi-Han for MKX, I have no choice but to accept it, but I guess that I'm fine with it as long as there is no Cyber Sub-Zero and we at least have A Sub-Zero back, once again.
As for Noob Saibot, even though he didn't come back as Sub-Zero (as I hoped), I still thought that it was a big middle finger from NRS to the fans to keep people in the dark about what his fate was.

Some people claim him to be dead, while others like myself believe that he could have survived the Soulnado.
NRS never answered that question and instead left people hanging.
What's worse is that the MKX story mode and intros make this even worse, given that Bi-Han is mentioned in past-tense by Sareena and in 1 dialogue intro between Sub-Zero and Kung Lao, Sub-Zero says "Noob Saibot's whereabouts are unknown" while Kung Lao replies with "He calls to you from the other side."

So, if he's dead then what happens to him?
If he's a soul (Bi-Han) infused with a wraith, when he dies do both souls go back to the NetherRealm seperately?
For those that say that Noob Saibot is just a dead reanimated being, does he even die then?
If he survived the Soulnado and his "whereabouts are unknown," did he get cleansed in the process?
There are too many questions that just went unanswered.