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  • Deck your brother in the face for me :love:

    Also yeah fvcking hackers being some shitheads. I can't even use my damn netflix :mad:
    I hop they all get kicked in the dick
    El Diablo! I forgot about that beast of a weapon.

    When I fired it at the first dude I saw he went flying. It was love after that.
    But yeah man I got the Axe and Flamethrower through scavenging like a bastard through the levels
    When I got the axe it was Game of the Year to me.

    You got a plank? I got some metal to ya throat :cool:
    But upgrading the weapon too was cool too.

    Though I would have to say my favorite weapons were the rifle, flame thrower and bow and arrow.
    Hell that's what you're suppose to do.

    Also I loved fighting runners with my bare hands for some reason. I mean I always had a weapon throughout the story but those fist fights were godly
    Yeah who would've thought some scissors and some tape would help :laugh:

    Oh my God Bloaters push my shit in multiple times whenever I fvcked with them.
    I would always die at least once per chapter whenever they showed up :(.

    I just don't do well against enemies that I can't see me doing any damage to them.
    Like I was putting hella shotgun bullets into this niga and he's still coming towards me trying to get his refund check.

    Shit was mad scary :cry:
    Bloaters be kicking my shit in man :(

    Dude but I had the hardest time with Clickers.
    They were too stronk for me. Then I realized that I had to redirect they bat like hearing sense to fvck with em' :cool:

    Then when you get that Shiv Master upgrade?
    That sounded mad sexual.
    Now I'm turned on :yumum:

    Oh my God Wraith if you had a PS3 I would tell you to buy The Last Of Us and to play that shit.
    It is a goddamn masterpiece
    Shit man Wraith man shit I just woke up and my job already trying to call me into work
    He mentions it in one line. "I recovered most of the fragments"He just put it back together like it was made of Legos.

    He stabs Satan, pulls it out and Satan just falls on his face. He doesn't implode or disintegrate, just falls on his god damned face like he blacked out on Tequila.

    Then Dracula revives Alucard, Alucard asks what happens next, Dracula looks at the Mirror of Fate, then smashes it. Followed by "Who knows what fate has in store?" before walking off into an alley.

    The writers had no idea how to finish the story from the looks of it. Maybe they'll wrap it up in the dlc, but even that is shady as hell.

    I should also mention that there was no post credits cutscene either. I let the entire credits play out
    It's the real one, he got it from Zobek when he killed him.
    Which is also funny. The whole point of the game is Gabriel trying to get the Combat Cross back so he can end his curse of immortality. And at the end of the game he doesn't even acknowledge it after he kills Satan.
    Yep. And it isn't even a cool ass Satanic version of Alucard. You just fight the same Alucard you've been running around with for the past 2 hours.

    Which wouldn't have been bad at all if there was a second part to the fight. Like if he released his control and then Dracula and Alucard fight Satan in an overwhelming challenge. But nope, as soon as you land that last hit you get the trophy/achievement and realize what mercury Steam just did.

    Best part of the fight is, if you have the Void shield, there is literally no attack Alucard has that can harm you. Final boss my ass.

    And did you read the part about Maria? Hilarious dude. Did not acknowledge her whatsoever like she was some cheap ass side character.
    It killed me man. I wanted to like this game so badly.
    Never in a thousand years did I think we'd get a Castlevania game where we actually play as Dracula.

    The platforming is something I didn't like either. Some people enjoy it, but constant climbing made me sick dude. It isn't actual platforming. You just hold the control stick in one direction and just hit the jump button with no rhyme or reason. I don't know if you're ever played Darksiders II, but i had the exact same complaint with that game. Which ironically enough, was a shitty sequel to a game that was as great as LoS.

    I really want to tell you about the final boss, just so you can fully understand how lazy the shit is.

    And don't get me wrong, the cutscenes/story are awesome. There's a scene where Satan slowly rips a guys face off, it's just the content of the story near the end of the game that make it so bad.
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