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  • yeah, I've boycotted every website and forum I use that is associated with Mass Effect until I beat ME3 (with the best ending).

    Also, I might be unable to accept for a while, and if I do, then I won't be able to play for a while. See, the device that connected my xbox to the internet broke, and now our new internet router is upstairs instead of downstairs
    Did you hear how the majority of the games plot was leaked through a beta?
    Lol I realized your who you were from your gamertag AFTER I deleted your friend request cause I didn't know who you were D:

    But I sent a new one to you =D
    I don't see your posts much, just came about it today in a thread. Regardless, you should read the rules, silly ;P
    Hey dude,

    You will have to resize your sig, the max limit is 500 x 200

    Scout helmet is f*cking beast.
    Also, I don't believe I've seen your name in the past 18 episodes of season nine. Are you sure you're working on project freelancer?
    MC...good deal. I wanted to do that back when it was call JO Journalist. But alast they told me there weren't any openings but when i got to boot camp there were a ton in my division that said they were pushed into MC beacuse they needed them...can u figure that?

    And that demotiv pic was awesome...prolly make that my avatar lol
    Yea...run a lot to get your cardio up. You're going to need to do the PFA (Physical Fitness Assement) a lot while in DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and in boot camp. Make sure you're phsyically prepared for it. Get your stamina up to the ability to run 2 miles easily in a fairly quick time so a mile and a half wont be anything big.

    Also, once you get to point where you want to pick your job, make sure you do research on it and make sure that the conselors at MEPS don't swindle you into doing somethign you don't want to do. If what you want isn't open, then hold out. They don't have you until you swear in. So play it smart!

    Other than that...any katty sightings lately lol
    Chapter 3 is up for my epic story starring TRMK. New characters have been introduced, more epicness has been acheived, and a new thread with lots of reservation posts has been created! Check it out here!
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