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  • I didn't read that one -_-

    It's not my intention to guilt trip anyone. You both messaged me about your respective defeats and I thought you guys were serious.

    You still playing? :U
    Violence why do you have to put so much charm in your responses that I bust out laughing at my computer screen?

    Perfectly said. I guess talent is recognized around here by how salty the opponent gets. -_-

    I wish I was there when they banned you from chat. I would've played Guile's theme.

    You know that if Smoke wants to screw with you, a whiffed port is the way in. ;)

    People say I'm ****y about how good I am. I honestly try not to be. Is it my fault that I just naturally excel? Wondering if you have the same issue.
    I gotta say, your SZ is getting damn good. Mileena legitimately has a few issues getting in. Smoke, not so much haha ;P
    You know I kid about the embarrassment part ;)

    Vio our matches (the real ones) are an absolute blast, pretty epic indeed. From now on I promise not to troll ;)

    Lmao I'm sorry you guys have to get embarrassed sometimes. And Sindel and Raiden are in charge of the Piss Off Department at 13 Industries lol.

    I only make Red Raiden rape you out of love. <3
    Hmm, I just don't get it. I NEVER get any sort of reprimanding :(

    I guess once you're on their radar, you never get off. :(

    ily Vio, hope you stick around but if not I understand. You'll always be mah friend on PSN.

    Well Criss I'm happy about, he's been asking for it for some time.

    But ugh, why are you banned this time? And what's the duration?
    That's not true Vio! Lots of people love you, and I'm sure the staff doesn't dislike you as much, just the trolling of a new user... :(

    Don't tell me that you're gonna leave forever. :(
    Yeah, im the Sektor player who was in the KOTH yesterday. Not the one who used Human Sektor tho. I wanted to use the MK3 retro Sektor but I don't think anyone had the compatibility pack downloaded.

    I mainly use him and I also use other characters too. Sektor is really fun to use.
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