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  • Damn :laugh:
    That makes me really happy to hear man. I want to end the fic cause I think its had a good run
    Want me to link you to it?
    Do you think you could write something up for MKHS, IF you have the motivation.
    See I came to a revelation the other day, I cannot write MKHS by myself. It's always been random and I could just write off of that.
    Ok Toxic I have an extremely dumb favor to ask of you
    Also how were we not friends?
    It's actually folk metal with symphonic elements. I just thought that the various orchestral instruments layered over the heavy guitars and percussion were brilliant, and that as a finale to a phenomenal album, the track blew my mind. Actually, the whole album blew my mind. I'll give yours a listen as soon as I get on my other computer. This old laptop doesn't like youtube videos.
    Listening to it now, not really feeling it. Would have loved it long ago when I was going through my 'Epic orchestral music' phase.
    Looks like you may have done something by accident. I hit 'hide user customizations' and your page went back to default from some darker shades of grey.

    Try it again and let me know if it still messes up. I checked a few other people's profiles who have customized theirs from yesterday and theirs seems to all work so maybe just something went funny with yours by accident =)
    OH HEY, Pat actually said he may have found the problem, so don't lose hope yet =) I think he is aiming to fix it within the hour, if he can. If he fixes it, I will let everyone know, so look out for a thread. If he doesn't you wont hear from me, lol.
    Pat says it looks like a bug in the code but it is nothing he can fix. He said he needs to do another update so he hopes that it will fix it. He might do the update this weekend =) Hope the update fixes it!
    I will ask Pat about it and see if he has figured out how to fix it.

    I will let you know as soon as he responds =)

    Everyone was able to do it, but, we had a forum update, and it no longer works :/ Pretty much anyone who had one before the update is forever stuck with what they have and people who don't have one can't make one.

    Not sure exactly what happened.....the update just seemed to screw that feature over :(
    Okay, I'll send you a FR once I get on Xbox in maybe an hour or so. My GT is BINO973.
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