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  • First person on this planet to wish me a happy birthday, is uncle Jaundice.
    I wouldn't have it any other way :cry: + :mullet:
    Damn son, I hope your hand heals soon.

    and SSFIV:AE, I'm trying to get my hands on Blazblue sometime soon.. but other than Street fighter, nothing else.
    Sup! I rarely play MK anymore to be honest, it's not as fun anymore and I run out of XBL gold on the 18th.. We can try to get a few matches in sometime Sunday because I'll be gone on a ROTC drill meet this Friday and Saturday.
    I'm currently waiting to get Assassins creed 3. I was a construction worker, My boss wanted me to work over time for free and I told him he could go f,uc,k himself and I quit. I've have one I just haven't got around to setting up live yet. :p
    Well where to start? um. I quit my job, met a new girl, lost her number, and figured out I'm a very sexy sum bish. And you?
    Honestly, I needed a quick trip to tokyo lol (had a thing for Asian women) plus the judge said I needed to change my ways :/ Most of the jobs in the Air Force are paper pushing jobs - not joking, once you make E-6 you are behind a desk even if you are in a field job. I have been to 7 different locations but I was there to help not kill (thankfully) but that's not to say we were not attacked.
    I joined in 2004 but I plan on getting out in 2 yrs. We naw fraid a dem bumbahole babylon dem, reload ya carbine and light up ya spliff. JAH!
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