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    Future of MK

    No sir. I've never owned a PS and am too old to start now. Wouldn't feel right. ;)
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    Future of MK

    Thanks @Misucra @lariat I'll keep an eye out for any announcements; curious to see what the roster's like but the time travel/multiverse thing with MK11 bored me. I bought that game cheap on sale some time after it came out; I played through story mode in one sitting to see what it was all...
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    Future of MK

    That's true, but the Series S is discless AFAIK, so I can't even use it as a DVD/Blu-ray player. Unless my XB1 literally burns out and stops working, I doubt I will upgrade consoles - I just never use the thing. The only reason I bought the XB1 to begin with was because my 360 had RROD'd and, by...
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    Future of MK

    Such as?
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    Future of MK

    Hey guys, long time no see. I heard that MK12 has been leaked via some shareholder thing, and SF6 has also been announced for June. I just wondered whether anyone thinks MK12 will be on XB1 also? I'm interested in checking out the game but have no interest in buying a new console. I only use...
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    MK11 Official Reveal Stream

    Now: Let's discuss here.
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    Who do you want in the MK11 roster?

    How's this for a rough roster? Would you be happy with this, or disappointed? Let's assume that the story is an alt. timeline continuation of MK9/MKX, covering DA and Deception -- or at least some kind of variation of that era. Blaze Bo' Rai Cho Cassie Cage D'Vorah Erron Black Frost Fujin...
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    MKX/11 Discord channel

    [Deleted by user to remove URL]
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    February 11th Kombat Kast - 'Massacre' Times: 1400 hrs PST 1600 hrs CST 1700 hrs EST 2200 hrs GMT 2300 hrs CET Thoughts? Anyone bothered? xD
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    January 24th Kombat Kast - 'The Cyber Initiative' Times: 1545 hrs PST 1745 hrs CST 1845 hrs EST 2345 hrs GMT 0045 hrs CET Tri-Borg time! :) What other surprises await us?
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    MKX DLC: what did you and will you buy?

    Let's talk about MKX DLC, and what we like and don't like. You can discuss free or paid DLC, but there's no need to list free compatibility content that everyone gets by default (i.e. klassic ninja skins, The Pit). So far I have downloaded: - Klassic Fatalities 1 & 2 - Horror pack skins - Kold...
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    Mortal Kombat XL available March 1st

    Well, that's that, then. And those skins... was that Rain, or just... ? What?
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    Invasion Boss Tanya

    B U L L S H I T Seriously. I give up.
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    If we get MK3 and MK4 fatality packs...

    ...which I suspect we will, which do you think they'll pick? We got four per pack for MK1 and MK2, and I doubt they'll give fatalities to characters who already have MK1 or MK2 ones. I mean they could, obviously, but I think they will try to hand them out evenly. What would your selection of...
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    Let's discuss Bo' Rai Cho in MKX

    So, we can more or less all agree that KP2 is awful, and apparently even Bryan Chard seems to agree. That said, I am happy to see that everybody's favourite drunken master will be getting an MKX reboot/redesign. What do you think NRS will do with him? We've seen them 'rehabilitate' older...