MK11 Official Reveal Stream

My predictions:
-8 Character reveals (unless it really was 100% confirmed to be 6)
-4 With Gameplay
-1 New, 1 not in the previous 2 games
-Teaser of secondary -ality

-I was right to a certain extent. Lui Kang and Kung Lao was seen and Kabal was teased but not named.
-I was spot on with prediction 2
-1 New Character, but none from the PS2-Era
-No secondary -ality shown
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I'm not sure what to expect. I think we'll get one new character (+ Shao Kahn), and the rest will just be MK1 folks.
Happy so far!


Did I miss anyone?
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Don't know if they were confirmed playable but I do believe I say Kung Lao and Lui Kang

There's footage of Liu Kang fighting Raiden at 31:04 on The Reveal video. It's only a few seconds but it's unmistakeably Liu wearing his Revenant costume.
There's footage of Liu Kang fighting Raiden at 31:04 on The Reveal video. It's only a few seconds but it's unmistakeably Liu wearing his Revenant costume.

Just saw Kung Lao fighting on the London stream as well. Was only a few seconds though.
Yeah ofc it was different - I think the opening segment was the same (the Ed Boon bit) but it had different hosts, devs, guests, etc.
And to add to that, there was a 3 minute "behind the scenes" segment that showed a lot of glimpses of story mode that we didn't get to see from the LA stream. Showed a lot of Liu Kang and Kung Lao (their young selves fighting their old selves in story mode, Kung Lao says "the thought that I could turn into you sickens me") showed Cassie and Kitana.
Anyone else disappointed by the MK11 reveal? My thoughts on it:

- Horrid animations. EXTREMELY STIFF

- Gameplay is severely dumbed down and slower. No run, meter gain is on a cooldown timer, lots of zoning, Fatal Blow (new xray) for free, generic wake up attacks. Jumping is really odd looking and super floaty. Confirmed that combos will be much shorter and do less damage.

- Ronda Rousey is a horrible voice actress. I wish they casted someone that was a good voice actress instead of just wanting to have a name.

- The game as a whole feels very Injustice-y. With the corny camera shots (baraka looking like he's posing for a camera). Cheesy unnecessary sparks when Baraka touches his blades together. Overemphasized arcadey "hit" effects like Tekken (those are fine in Tekken though).

- The customization seems good, but it's really weird seeing a green Scorpion.

- Bad animations aside, the game is overall pretty cinematic and the graphics are good. I like the new take on the Xray tech.

- Kabal confirmed! He's actually my number one character that I wanted.

- Tweedy looks like he smells like hot dog water scented Axe
Yeah, I agree with your general summary. I'm also disappointed with what seems to be another small roster. I was waiting until today to pre-order, but I'm not blown away by what I've seen so far. I'll wait for a few more character reveals I think.
- Horrid animations. EXTREMELY STIFF

I think that the combat in MK11 looks like by FAR the best combat animations NRS has ever done. I didn't see a single movement that made me think "that's pretty janky, a real person wouldn't move like that." If anything they over-corrected and made the special moves look too real (and thus less iconic), which I expect will rub some people the wrong way.

Do you have some examples where you thought the animations were off?