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    Special TRMK Contest Thread

    I needs a new ipod skin baaaaaad. haha
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Our bad ass arcade here in Austin (TX), Pinballz Arcade, now have MK1-4. I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!
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    Favorite Album Covers

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    Whats the funnest enemy you've fought in a game?

    YES YES AND YES!!! x10,000,000,000 And this guy (Don Flamenco), Hell, nearly all the enemies from Punch-out are hilarious. I laughed the most when I found out how to beat this dude. Too awesome.
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    Jet Moto vs Road Rash

    Both Jet Moto and Road Rash have pretty much been under the radar forever now, and I'd personally like to see a triumphant return of either one. So if you had the choice to choose only 1 of these for a revival which game would you pick? Now think about this, what if there was a VS crossover...
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    The Official "MK Free-For-All" thread

    Let this be the forefront of everyone's sick and twisted little jokes/ ideas/ stories/ whatever over MK. That way, there isn't a surge of pointless threads and incalculable hatred towards them. ;-) Just think of this thread like the "Just Talk" thread in the 'off-topic forums', only purely...
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    Iconic Horror Villain Fighting Game

    In the LIU (terrible pun) of the recent Freddy Krueger DLC, some of us MK fans were a bit letdown by another guest character in MK. I, myself, was indifferent with the whole situation, but like everyone else, "shocked" to say the least. Regardless, I do enjoy how Krueger was brought to life in...
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    Game Informer Replay

    If you got the time, watch this. Especially at the end, for the Replay Roulette of the worst MK game of all time...! LOL @the Tremor joke. "Hi, I'm TREMOR!1" :-D Enjoy.
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    NRS/MK9 Roundtable Interview

    Taken from twitter and This is a good read about the roundtable interview on the thought process around NRS and MK9. Some things we've already heard and some we haven't...
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    The Angry Video Game Nerd

    Shame on this forum for not having a AVGN thread!! ;-) Jk Anybody here worship the Nerd too? I enjoy every single one of his videos, as he does review some VERY shitty games... just watch the "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties on 3DO" ep if you don't believe. If you haven't seen any, I strongly advise...
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    New TMNT movie thoughts If you aren't familiar with James Rolfe (famously known as The Angry Video Game Nerd and Board James) or Mike Matei and their videos, then I'd still say watch this anyways. Its basically thoughts/ideas on a supposed future live-action TMNT...
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Figured I finally post my ugly mug. I hate pictures, so this'll do. :)
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    Ripten interview

    w/ John Edwards and Hector Sanchez Fairly semi-old news, although I'm surprised that it hasn't been mentioned here yet. And its probably a slightly important one too. Some things we've...