Jet Moto vs Road Rash

Jet Moto or Road Rash?

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Both Jet Moto and Road Rash have pretty much been under the radar forever now, and I'd personally like to see a triumphant return of either one. So if you had the choice to choose only 1 of these for a revival which game would you pick?

Now think about this, what if there was a VS crossover game? Not saying it should be Bikes vs the actual Jet Motos, but more like 2 games crammed into 1. It would only share the same "driving gameplay mechanics," as in, you can beat the hell of your opponents with weapons/punches/kicks to win the race in both sides of the game. Yes, even Jet Moto. Do this while having both sides of the game stay as true to the old school as possible, respectively. And viola! Maybe it should be called "Jet Moto Road Rash?" :laugh: I don't know. What do you think?

While we're at it, lets discuss the greatness of both of these games. Favorite memories of both JM and RR? Which was your favorite Jet Moto? Favorite/least favorite Road Rash? Favorite/least favorite tracks in RR and JM? Favorite weapons in RR? So on and so forth. Discuss!