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  • Yes it is condescending freyith.

    You can go ahead and continue to build yourself up as some perfect little angel who doesn't condescend. But you do.

    You are saying my opinion on how society should be, is fantasy land.

    When it was infact reality not way too long ago.

    It's condescending.
    Freyith I don't know if you have a legit job atm. I know you do photography ect ect, and you do a swell job at that. But if you had 1/3rd of your money back. but you get to invest that in ways you want you wouldn't want that?

    In my case 1/3rd of my money back is 15,000 dollars a year.

    Do you realize how much GOOD I can do with that? I definitely would donate ALOT of that.

    I know probably 5,000 of that is gonna go to stuff that would've went to what the government spent on anyways, but I believe it would be more cost effecient. like Paying road tolls, Medical care. I'd probably be donating to systems, I agree with all over the place. But I'd be happy, because I chose to do it. I already donate alot. but I'd have more to work with.
    You see was that so freaking hard?

    Not once in that post did you come off condescendingly.

    I'm COOL with you debating like your last post.

    It's when you say "wake up" "fantasy land" Is where it gets "insulting"

    I have my values Freyith.

    you think I CHOSE to to like the methods I like? No.

    Something inside me wants freedom so badly.

    And I don't know what your tangent about driving 100mph has to do with what I said.

    The government has to protect people when others impede on another person's freedoms.

    you endanger lives by disobeying the speed limit.

    That's where you draw the line of freedom.

    Wanna do heroine? cool, but if you put someone else in danger you deserve punishment.
    I didn't say you must leave the country. you can achieve goals you want to achieve w/o using laws to force everyone to be a part of a system they don't agree with.

    I want my right to my money, and take responsibility for my actions. I hate the idea of force.

    Talk me into a system, and maybe I'll join. (As long as I have the option not to.)

    I'm fine with being a part of that system,

    I just don't think it's right to force me through law.
    I would gladly leave if there was a free country like US use to be.

    I find that you want to force me to spend money on things I don't agree with offensive.

    I didn't say "GTFO"

    I said some options,

    1.) Change countries
    2.) You can start a charity, and get sponsors
    3.) Spread the idea enough that you get enough people to put into a system to help people in such a case. But leave the people who don't care out.

    nice jumping to conclusions.

    nice try on trying to make me look like a dick. Fail though.
    Uh no, there are laws in place that keep insurance companies from just dropping you if you already had healthcare.
    No I understand how that works perfectly fine.

    You really think it's gonna be cheaper when government runs all the health care? Did my example of how government doesn't care about how much it spends most of the time get overlooked?

    When you go out for an X-ray because you got back problems. you get to shop around for the cheapest place to get an X-ray. Since hospitals are competiting for your care, They will lower costs to beat out other people who handle X-rays. Thus providing low costs.

    When government pays for it. You're not gonna care how much you spend, and the hospital knows that too. Thus increasing the cost.

    you personally don't take the hit. EVERYONE does. thus everyone loses more of their income to sustain it.
    lol A "Bold stance"

    Sure keep telling yourself that.

    You didn't assess me correctly. I'm not weak to opposing opinions, you're just condescending. This is the FIRST TIME, I've ever debated with anyone over politics where someone treats me like dog shit.

    I was "cool" with debating politics. I usually have fun doing so. But the way you debate is embarrassing to watch.
    If I had to find a middle ground of compromise, I'd go with The health care we already had in the past.

    But the government can take some money it spends on overseas military bases, and use some of the military budget to pay for people who can apply for "pre-existing illnesses" that can't get insurance.

    So much money in the military it's ridiculous.

    So much money in bail outs it's ridiculous.

    Yet we still think it's a swell idea to spend more. When the dollar crashes and everyone's in line waiting for their daily bowl of soup. I saw it coming. This monetary system is going to implode. and spending more money to save some pre-existing illnesses will be the least of everyone's worries. They'll be looking for that next meal.
    So majority triumph over the minority?

    Why can't people who "like lol "not so free" health care" All band up and start a system where they go in and pay to the government. only people who are apart of this system get government health care. And it doesn't discriminate.

    And let people like me opt out?

    I'd rather pay a toll on every road I ride on, than for my money to be auto taken to the government. Everything the government does with our money is extremely unneffecient.

    When we lived in okinawa as a military family. My dad paid 800 a month for rent. While everyone else there paid only 350 a month. why? Because government is willing to pay more, They don't care as much as they should. The government paid the rent, and the landowner knew it knowing he could go up to 800.

    I don't trust the government with my money. And I sure as hell don't trust people who have "free healthcare" to take care of themselves as much as they should now that they get "free" care.
    Talking condescendingly isn't really FLAMING.

    It's just a dick way of talking.

    It's like when someone goes in a debate

    "I wish you'd put that energy into something more realistic"

    What point does that comment serve? effing nothing.

    How about you instead just debate the opposing facts. If I'm so wrong you'd be able to prove it undoubtedly to me. But it's not the case.

    your first comment about not wanting to talk about politics back in the day. I see why you "lose" friends over it now.

    It's cuz your condescending.
    Um. Incase you didn't know. If people don't like it, they can go to a more socialistic society. America was SUPPOSE to be all about that freedom. what I DO CARE about is people changing the country I loved into something that already exists around most of the world.

    If people didn't like american healthcare, become a citizen of canada or something.

    It's YOU who is forcing me to pay for your bullshit. IF you guys wanna start a "help people who can't afford insurance with pre-existing health conditions'

    Everyone who agrees with you that people like that need help, can donate/contribute to that system. And let people like me OPT OUT.
    Also you didn't "even prove" anything when you say things like "Come back to reality"

    Not once did you debunk anything.
    You think I'm a cry baby? I think you're a dick.

    and I'm not the only one who has approached you about you being a condescending attacker.

    You are the only one here calling me a "cry baby"

    So IMO, It's you with the problem.
    The problem isn't you having a opposite view. I'm fine with that. The problem is with your condescending tone making my opinions sound as if they are the worse ideas imagine-able. And if you don't think you come off that way you do. I've never once read someone's comments in a debate in years and felt "attacked" the way you like to type your responses.

    I mean do you deny you come off this way? You can say grow thick skin, but that's like telling a kid getting bullied to grow some thick skin. Mental attacks can be as strong as physical ones.
    Just to add, If I had a pre-existing health issue, and I couldn't get insurance. but a vote came up for me to choose government run health insurance, or Free market health insurance. I'd choose death to pre-existing medical issue, than to vote for "free" health care.

    Freedom to me is more important than staying alive.
    I was just temorarily pissed. I hate it when people trample on my views of freedom. I just can't win with it, because most everyone's opinions are opposing to me, and I believe it's just that opinions. I just want to be Free Freyith, and I don't want to be slave to bankers/corporations. If government is small, atleast they can't use laws to force me to give them money. And I can choose to ignore a monopoly. But when a 3rd of my money goes to the government to pay off the interest. I just feel enslaved, and the only way I can rid this feeling is to live a true free life.
    It makes me wonder if there are more or less people who identify as queer with Mortal Kombat than any other fandom. I don't imagine there is anything inherently hetero-normative about blood and guts and ninjas and such. I'm hoping that the negative views toward anything non-traditional don't run people off, but seeing the comments, I wouldn't be too surprised.
    I just made the mistake of peaking into the gay marriage thread. Goddamn this forum gets intolerant when gay rights comes up. Back when the rep system was in place, I got repped down just for, I dunno... showing support for gay people? I wasn't even flaming anybody. Thanks for being decent, dude.
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