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  • I'm about to go on in a second bro :)

    And congrats to you for finally getting off probation.

    Team MBN is proud :cool:
    Wear this sig for 24 hours

    I may go out with this Cuban chick.

    Might be needing some Spanish lessons from my bro ;)
    I've been good man, just doing my own thing, going through school, working, you know, same old ******** lol.
    Hey man, yeah I know its been mad long...

    Yeah, I left because the site was becoming all about gameplay and shit like that, and I dont really discuss that kinda stuff, so I was like meh, i'll just come back when we start talking about upcoming MK stuff is coming, and then the movie was announced so I jumped back on.

    I knew the site was getting bad also, Araknyd told me about it, so I guess I'm glad I left because I probably would have went mental and gotten myself banned :P.

    And good for you brother, if you wanna get competitive at the game, all you need to do is practice. Good Luck to your training lol.
    Oh hey buddy ;)

    I'm back and I'm probably staying as well, been going strong with the posts since last night. It's good to see the usual faces again.
    your alright man,
    you rely a little too much on the same things. But atleast you took my advice and used it on Fatalityray. I saw after that 2,1,3 you did a nuetral jump kick. Although I think a punch will lead to a combo atleast you didnt' keep spamming sweep (although I really like that, it doesn't beat crossover jump lol)

    also you can use F3, overhead to make them block high(condition them to block high so you can do your low starter), then try your B3,1,2 into combo.

    I like your Xray combos and your midscreen combo that ends in the dragon kick/bicycle kick.
    oh just so you know.. that subzero that you raped wasn't me LOL. that was my roomate.

    Incase you didnt' know already lol
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