February 2nd, 2009
3:45 PM CST -
Starting this month at TRMK, we are going to start doing a new weekly feature called Mortal Movie Mondays. Every Monday we will take a look at some cool and interesting videos from the Mortal Kombat Universe. As well, we want you readers to submit us some ideas. Head on over to this thread to suggest a video to us.

This week we want to feature Retroware TV's Mortal Kombat Retrospective web-series. In this series, which was actually produced a while ago for Season 1 of their Retroware TV Web Series, the director/narrator Lance puts together what I consider one of the greatest comparisons of the various ports of Mortal Kombat through Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Lance compares everything from the common 16-bit ports of the games, to the 8-bit portable versions, and even takes a look at the later 32-bit Saturn and Playstation ports of the games. Each game is also compared for music, sound and animation completeness in comparison to the arcade version. He even offers insightful notes on the ports, like which games use the wrong music for some stages, and random tidbits.

You can watch Mortal Kombat Retrospective below.

Remember to check back next Monday, for another great Mortal Movie Monday feature. We have another great video treat ready for you!
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