January 8th, 2015
9:41 AM CST -
Warner Bros.' new digital content division, Blue Ribbon Content, recently announced that it was producing a new Mortal Kombat X related digital series, slated to debut around the release of Mortal Kombat X in April 2015. TRMK has obtained an exclusive look at the casting notice for this new production and it details some new and potentially unannounced characters featured in the next Mortal Kombat fighting game.


Some of the characters listed we've heard their names before associated with MKX, like D'Vorah. Another character, Takeda showed up in the comic released this week as the son of Kenshi and is not the Takeda mentioned in prior folklore. He is rumored by the kommunity to become a ninja known as Forrest Fox, but this is not mentioned in the bio.

On the new character front we have the familiar name Bo Rai Cho who is being mentioned for the first time in association with MKX. There are also three completely new names: Salazar, Kung Jin, Ron Tan' Cho each with some interesting bios. No relation is mentioned between Ron Tan' Cho and Bo Rai Cho, surprisingly enough given the similar names.

There is currently no way to draw conclusions between any of these characters and their playability in the MKX game, but it'd be a safe bet they'll show up along the way in the likely character deep Story Mode as at least a cameo role.

Also of note, the listed director Garrett Warren was the Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director on the MK Legacy series previously. This appears to imply that he may now be the full director of this new series and that Kevin Tancharoen is not returning to the directors chair. It also appears that the new series will begin filming this month.
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