March 3rd, 2014
9:34 AM CST -
Welcome to the first issue of "The NetherReport" a little experiment we at TRMK are trying out.

There are a lot of content pertaining to NetherRealm Studios' games that we share to our Twitter and Facebook pages. But often times this content and/or our thoughts on it doesn't feel big or substantial enough for a post of their own. We will now collect this content along with our commentary in this new format.

It won't be just one person doing the writing either. We'll have others take a stab at various features as well each issue. For instance this first issue features a story about Galloping Ghost Arcade by our own Brian "RIPLIUKANG" Kita.

We're aiming to do one new issue a month, but sometimes more based upon how many stories we've collected. So when things pick up as a new game approaches you'll hopefully see these more often.

Kiefer Sutherland In Next Mortal Kombat?

Recently, IGN reported the following:

While discussing his role as Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Sutherland said, “I did Mortal Kombat, and that's such a huge game, but it’s so not like [Metal Gear Solid 5]."

Every gaming outlet listed this story as "confirmed" because of one simple statement in an interview? Why didn't the interviewer follow up with more questioning?

I don't believe it. If Kiefer was involved in a unannounced project his handler would have had any response referencing said project stricken from the record. Instead I bet he was talking about his substantial role in Call of Duty: World at War and simply confused the two "huge" franchises. So don't be too disappointed if he doesn't show up in whatever NetherRealm Studios is working on next.

Galloping Ghost Arcade Draws Big Names, Big Crowds
Written by Brian "RIPLIUKANG" Kita

It was a great day to be a Mortal Kombat fan, as fans from around Chicagoland descended upon the Galloping Ghost Arcade on January 18th to meet and greet with five former actors of the games. Over 100 people were in attendance, with several more watching the simulcast on the arcade's Twitch channel, wanting to get a chance to shake hands, receive and autograph, and snap a photo with John Parrish (Jax), Phillip Ahn (MK2 Shang Tsung), Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage, MK 1-2 Ninjas), Rich Divizio (Kano, Quan Chi, Baraka, Kabal), and Tony Marquez (Kung Lao). All the actors were in high spirits throughout the day, renewing friendships with their fellows, some of whom they haven't seen in years.

Tournaments went on throughout the night in MK1, MK2, Ultimate MK 3 and the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot. Professional and casual players alike competed for glory well into the night. GGA fighting game team member Mohammad Mansour (Moe30W) was able to secure victory in the MK2, UMK3, and 2011 MK tournaments, with the original MK compeititon going to attendee Nathan G.

The owner of the Galloping Ghost Arcade, Doc Mack, was 'gracious' to have these guests come out to the arcade, and was happy to see the fans show up in droves in appreciation. As a token of their commitment to their commitment to Mortal Kombat as a whole, Doc presented each of the actors with a plaque recognizing their contributions to the game and to the community it has created.

Below is our YouTube video playlist of the event starting with the awards ceremony and afterwards the tournament streams.

We also uploaded some photos that Brian took at the event to Flickr.

"Ultimate" Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade Hack

An intreped anonymous programmer has been playing around in the Mortal Kombat 2 ROM code and has been working on major gameplay tweaks for the over 20 year old game. Hacking of these arcade games is a lost art that requires a lot of work and time, I should know I made a simple attempt years ago, as well as some 34010 assembly knowledge. I for one thank the mysterious programmer for his/her efforts.

They also had a special early build of the update that debuted at Winter Brawl 2014 and they held a big tournament on it, so check out the footage of the tournament for even more detail. Also check the change log for the Winter Brawl version for more information of the vast changes.

In the video below courtesy of YourMKArcadeSource today you can see some of the latest changes. Changes such as: re-organized select screen layout, new character selection indicator colors, Female characters can be "low blowed" with Cage, always has a red shadow kick, some gameplay tweaks and of course you'll see Cage remove FOUR heads during his Fatality!

Source: YourMKArcadeSource, Test Your Might

MK9 Money Matches on Virgin Gaming

Think you are the best MK9 player around? Care to put money where your mouth is? You can now play Mortal Kombat 9 money matches online on Virgin Gaming. You can go sign up now on to get started. Keep in mind that this service is essentially gambling, so please play responsibility.

Tournament Results from So Cal Regions

SoCal Regionals was this past weekend, actually it's still on as I write this Sunday night. Congrats to both EGP FLK PBoard 88 took first place in Mortal Kombat and FRQ|EMPR|THEO won the Injustice tournament. Also congrats to everyone else who competed.

UFGT10:X and CEO Registration Opens

Speaking of tournaments, two majors just opened their registration doors recently. UFGT10:X will be held on May 23-25 in Chicago, IL and you can get more information and register here. CEO 2014 will be held June 27-29 in Orlando, Florida and you can get more information and register here.

Injustice's Fighting Game of The Year Awards

Injustice cleaned up on many outlet's Game of the Year awards at the end of 2013. Here's a quick recap of the more notable awards:

Spike VGX: Best Fighting Game

DICE Awards: Fighting Game of the Year

IGN - Best Fighting Game for PS3, PC and Xbox 360

You can watch Ed Boon accept the game's Spike VGX Award below:

That's it for the first issue, hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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