July 1st, 2001
8:44 AM CST -
Today marks the addition of a new feature we've added to the site. We call it the MK Auction Watch, or Mortal Marketplace. For the past year, we have received a lot of requests for information on where to purchase older MK games and merchandise. We have since responded to our readership and given you what you've been asking for: all the MK stuff you could possibly want all at the click of your mouse. We're very excited about this new addition and hope it benefits everyone in the MK community.
July 4th, 2001
9:32 AM CST -
The infamous Mortal Kombat Trilogy Nitro Edition has made another appearance on Ed Boon's website, Noob.com. MKT Nitro was initially a goof put on by Ed around the days of Mortal Kombat Trilogy's release. Even though every aspect of the game was outlandishly ridiculous, people still e-mailed him asking if it was real or if their outdated system was going to be supported. For whatever reason now, the page now makes it's second appearance, perhaps due to the reaction of the latest Zebron character sketch.
July 14th, 2001
10:55 AM CST -
It's been awhile since our last Grid update, but now we have some good news to post about. Our Grid affiliate site over at GamePL.com has started up a national stats page for The Grid on their site here. Right now it only contains stats from one arcade, with one more on it's way soon. They are looking for stats from your Grid machines, so be sure to send your arcade's stats to Shiny at shiny@gamepl.com and he'll add your stats to the page.
I've also heard some good rumors since E3 about the upcoming Grid home version, so stay tuned for that bit of info coming soon.
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