Your Favorite Quote in MK9

"They masquerade as dragons, but are mere toothless worms" -Shao Kahn

"To Hell with you!" - Scorpion to SubZero

"I will strip the flesh off your bones!"- Raiden

"We share blood. We are not brothers." - Noob Saibot
"And I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you out, I'm takin' you out,"
-Johnny Cage, to random kombatants, concluding with...

"and I'm taking you out...for dinner."
-to a certain future girlfriend/wife...

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Sometimes when Mileena wins
"Was it good for you?"
"Don't be mad!"
"Oohh, did that hurt?"

Story Mode
"Others pursue.... I find."-Mileena
" sad and alone. Come! Let us be a family!"-Mileena
"You are not my family! You are a monstrosity!!"-Kitana
"Is this how you show your loyalty, Jade? You follow me when I clearly wish to be alone?! I will not be scolded like some child!"-Kitana
"Come forth if you dare! I will finish what the Lin Kuei could not!"-Sindel((she sure did finish it though!!))
"You will learn respect!"-Kitana
"This will be easy."-Jade
"Ahahaha! Let us dance!"-Mileena